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    Livsn Flex Canvas Pants

    LIVSN Flex Canvas Pants

    By Kristin L.Gear Reviews

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    Are you searching for that perfect pair of multi-purpose outdoor pants? The LIVSN Flex Canvas Pants are super versatile: you can wear them on your cycling commute, at work—from casual office to construction—and on your outdoor adventures. These pants are comfortable and durable, a good choice for anyone in the market for one pair of pants that can do it all.

    Quick look

    Product: LIVSN Flex Canvas Pants
    Price: $99.00 USD
    Pros: Durable, flexible, stylish, eco-conscious, great for cooler weather
    Cons: Too heavy for summer, pricey
    Worth it? Yes, if it's in your budget

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    Livsn Flex Canvas Pants

    LIVSN Flex Canvas Pants: The Verdict

    These form-fitting, durable, multipurpose pants are designed to withstand harsh conditions. The specific details make them tough without compromising comfort and flexibility. We took the LIVSN Flex Canvas Pants out for a test hike and think these are worth considering if you’re looking for a higher-end multipurpose pair of pants.

    Livsn Flex Canvas Pants

    Overview of LIVSN Flex Canvas Pants

    Fashion and function meld seamlessly in this pair of pants. Built for the outdoors but also suitable for the worksite or around town, the LIVSN Flex Canvas Pants are thoughtfully designed—each stitch has a purpose. Many subtly integrated functions provide durability, breathability, and day-use storage, among other things. This company has created an eco-aware product for those looking to lessen their carbon footprint—the fabric combines organic cotton with recycled polyester. And you only need one pair, which reduces the need to purchase more.

    Livsn Flex Canvas Pants

    When to use

    Versatility is the claim-to-fame for these pants. They’re made to be your everyday pants, from worksite to recreation site. Weather-wise, though, these pants won’t be our choice in the summer. The Flex Canvas Pants are built to last in harsh conditions, so they are best worn in spring or fall in colder weather. They’ll protect you in dicey settings, and keep you warm and stylish. Even though we found them to be a bit heavy in the summer heat, that shows their strength for higher altitudes and unpredictable mountain weather.


    The Flex Canvas Pants hit the mid-weight category for outdoor clothing. The fabric weighs 248 gsm / 7.3 oz. They’re great for day use in unpredictable weather and easy to pack if you need to change into shorts.


    Built to last. The EcoFlex Canvas fabric used for the Flex Canvas Pants passes the toughness test. You don’t have to worry about ripping or tearing these pants if you’re hiking through thicker brush or putting screwdrivers in your pockets.

    Super comfy. These pants move with you. Certain spots have been articulated in the design to ensure a decent range of motion. They’re comfortable enough to lounge in after a long day in the mountains.

    Casual style for day-to-day wear. There’s no need to change when you stop to stock up for your trip. The Flex Canvas Pants look as slick in the city as they do in the mountains.

    Great for cool weather. With their reinforced layers, you can rest assured that cool breezes will be blocked when you’re rocking these pants. Pair them with the Arc’teryx Squamish Hoody for a fully-windproof outfit.

    Livsn Flex Canvas Pants


    Too heavy for summer adventures. These pants are super durable, but that makes them a bit hefty for hiking, climbing, or biking in the summer. The pants are best for spring, fall, and higher altitudes with cooler weather, or lower output activities.

    Pricey. It’s hard to bite the bullet on expensive gear, and these are at the higher end of the price spectrum for similar products. That said, these feel really well built, so we expect them to last a long time.

    Livsn Flex Canvas Pants

    EcoFlex Canvas Fabric

    The Flex Canvas Pants help you maintain your responsible consumer status by making an eco-friendly choice. The pants are fashioned out of EcoFlex Canvas, a 7.3 oz duck canvas made with 58% Certified Organic Cotton, 40% Recycled Polyester, and 2% spandex. The cotton gives a soft hand-feel, the recycled polyester brings the muscle, and a small amount of spandex mitigates stiffness. And you don’t have to worry about special care: between wears, you can wash and dry these pants as usual. For stylish guys with colour preferences, four options are available: olive, brown, caramel, and charcoal.

    Livsn Flex Canvas Pants

    Integrated functions

    Cyclists and climbers, rejoice! These pants come equipped with a built-in roll-up leg system. Roll your pants up and fasten the 3M reflective straps to the button on the outside seam of each leg. If you’re not a cyclist or a climber, use this function to cool off when the heat rises. The knees are articulated for range of motion while walking, pedaling, and flagging on those crags.

    Let’s talk about pockets. As mentioned above, these pants may not be the best option if you need lots of storage on a thru-hike or cycle tour. That said, LIVSN has integrated several sneaky pockets into these pants that enhance their daily functionality. Slip your phone into the internal phone sleeves in the front pocket, and your small valuables in the hidden security pocket in the left front pocket. Each thigh has an integrated knife pocket. Fabric reinforcement keeps everything secure: the top of the rear pockets have extra fabric integrated to delay wear, and the entire pocket is lined with StrongMesh for ventilation and strength. The bottom half of the back pockets are also reinforced with extra fabric.

    Livsn Flex Canvas Pants

    Flattering design

    One of the selling features of these pants is their flattering style. The design has been thought-out to provide fashion and function in one pair of pants. These pants are fashioned with a slim, straight leg that tapers down nicely and looks tailored. Our only concern is that this may not be comfortable for those with larger physiques as the slim fit of the pants might be too tight. The waistband contours to the body, and the rear pockets are large and wide-set, which compliments the backside. A common complaint with outdoor pants is blowouts in the crotch area, but the gusseted diamond design prevents this mishap. All seams and cuffs are reinforced with double-needle stitching, combining strength and style. And no fussy button flies here—this one zips up to the single top button.

    Livsn Flex Canvas Pants

    Should you buy the LIVSN Flex Canvas Pants?

    In our opinion, these pants are worth trying because they may be a perfect fit for you. LIVSN offers a fair return policy if you’re not satisfied. Their higher price point puts them out of reach for some budgets, but if that’s not a concern, and you’re looking for multipurpose outdoor pants outdoor, the Flex Canvas Pants are worth considering. You’ll get durable, functional pants you can wear for any cooler-weather activity, and you’ll look good doing it!




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