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Why the Outdoors is the Best Way to Get Physically Healthy

There's something incredible about exploring the outside world—and guess what? You get to reap a range of benefits when you take your workout outside, no matter how chill or intense [...]

Adventure Health By Kelsey Krahn April 23, 2022

Backpacking 101: How To Plan For Your Trip

There's something magical about the whispers of the woods when the stars colour the sky, a crackling fire propels late-night stories, and the trees house and hide wildlife from the [...]

Backcountry By Kelsey Krahn April 19, 2022

A Comprehensive Travel Guide to India: Start Planning Your Trip For 2022

Our goal for this ultimate travel guide to India is to highlight where to stay, go, and what to do. Basically, wherever you go, adventure awaits. It doesn't matter if [...]

Trip Guides By Kelsey Krahn April 16, 2022

Jackery Portable Power Station Gear Review

The Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station and the Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel combine to elevate the typical car camping experience. These game-changing products work to charge your laptop, [...]

Gear Reviews By Kelsey Krahn April 14, 2022

Earth Day How Can We Reduce Our Impact While Travelling and Exploring

Close your eyes and think of your city before skyscrapers, hums of traffic, and houses. Imagine the sweet, natural air swirling through the trees, the rivers echoing off the mountain [...]

General By Kelsey Krahn April 11, 2022

Why we should keep outdoors wild

The outdoors act as natural escapism—mountainscapes become a wall against stress, and moody woodlands transition us into another world. Exploring outside mimics the feeling of reading a good book, which [...]

General By Kelsey Krahn April 8, 2022

Winter Family Adventure in the Canadian Rockies

Disclosure: This review was created in partnership with Mount Engadine Lodge.

How Long Does It Take To Hike the Tour du Mont Blanc?

Most trekkers complete the Tour du Mont Blanc somewhere between 8 and 11 days. We could sign off, stop typing, and end our blog post at that note, but that's [...]

Destinations By Kelsey Krahn April 4, 2022

How Hard is it to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The tallest peak in Africa also happens to be the highest free-standing mountain in the world, so just how hard is it to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? Well, successfully reaching the [...]

Destinations By AlexTodd April 1, 2022

An Extensive Travel Guide to Switzerland

Let our travel tips for your Switzerland adventure guide you exactly where you want to be, whether exploring the thick of the Alps, revelling in quintessential alpine traditions, or discovering [...]

Trip Guides By Kelsey Krahn March 30, 2022