Wells Gray Provincial Park
Wells Gray Provincial Park

Wells Gray Provincial Park

Region in British Columbia, Canada
Wells Gray Provincial Park Map

Established back in 1939, Wells Gray Provincial Park offers visitors 541,516 hectares of pristine wilderness to explore, making it the fourth largest park in British Columbia. Located in the east-central part of the province, the park encompasses the southern portion of the Cariboo Mountains, meaning it also protects the range’s highest and most rugged peaks. A diversity of terrain that includes dramatic peaks, lush alpine meadows, and vibrant stretches of woodland all make this beautiful park the perfect place to explore the wilds of BC.

When planning a visit to Wells Gray Provincial Park, a number of amazing outdoor excursions spring to mind that will fully immerse you in the picturesque landscapes of this beautiful region. Countless trails that range from easy waterfall walks to multi-day backcountry expeditions will satiate your desire to explore the historic terrain that was settled by early homesteaders and prospectors, while the many lakes and rivers in the area will provide the opportunity to fish, kayak, and canoe to your heart’s content. No matter your interests, there is no reason not to make Wells Gray Provincial Park the destination of your next big adventure in British Columbia.

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