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Williamsburg Walking Tour

New York City
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Williamsburg Walking Tour

Distance: 3.2mi
Elevation: 141ft
Time: 1.5 - 2h

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9 Overall Rating
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This great New York City walk explores the East Bank of the East River, across from Manhattan. Starting in Williamsburg, we begin our tour at McCarren Park before checking out the streets of Williamsburg. Halfway through the walk we hop on the East River Ferry for a quick cruise, before exploring the sights and sounds of Brooklyn Heights.

Williamsburg Walking Tour Map

Getting there

Begin this route at the Bedford Avenue subway station (the first stop on the L line into Brooklyn).

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Great views

Great views of East River on the East River Ferry, Views of Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Family Fun

McCarren Park Pool and Play Center, Brooklyn Bowl


Street Vendors on Bedford Street, Smorgasborg (On Saturdays)


East River Ferry

Food and Drink

Meatball Shop, Drinks at Juliette, German Biergarten, Brooklyn Brewery

Architectural Gems

Historic Gems on Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

Parks and Greenspaces

McCarren Park, Bushwick Inlet Park

When to do

Best spring through Autumn

Pets allowed

Yes - On Leash

Family friendly


Crowd Levels


Route Type

One Way

Elevation Graph

Route Description for Williamsburg

This route is one of transformation. We begin in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – a neighborhood that has undergone a radical shift over the past 15 years. While it was once a heavily industrial area populated mostly by Hassidic Jews, Irish, Italian, Polish, German, and Puerto Rican immigrants today it has changed dramatically.

In the 90s, artists moved here, beginning the development of the neighborhood’s now world-famous creativity scene. Gentrification has been pushing them (and the original residents) out due to rising rents, but the cultural vibe still stands strong and there is a lot to see here. We’ll then continue onto the East River Ferry, offering spectacular skyline views, and end at the historic Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

Begin this route at the Bedford Avenue subway station (the first stop on the L line into Brooklyn). When exiting the station go towards the Driggs Avenue exit, rather than the Bedford Avenue one. Once you exit the station head towards the left on Driggs Avenue in the direction of 8th Street. After about 984ft, you’ll run into McCarren Park.

Creating a border between the neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, McCarren Park is a true Brooklyn treasure. During the weekends and warm days, this 35-acre park is bursting with activity – soccer, baseball, bocce, football, tennis – you name it. The park is also home to the recently opened McCarren Park Pool and Play Center (and it’s totally free!). There’s also a large dog park, track, and tons of grassy areas to sit and relax. Spend some time walking around the park. If you’re here on a weekday during work hours, it’s likely to be a little quieter – but lovely and tranquil nonetheless.

Exit McCarren Park on the same side (North 12th Street) where you came in, but one street over, on Bedford Avenue. You should now be on the corner of North 12th Street and Bedford Avenue. Head down Bedford away from the park. This is one of the main streets in Williamsburg, bustling with trendy hipsters, art and culture, vintage shops, delicious restaurants and eclectic bars throughout the day and night. This first section is a bit quiet, but don’t worry it will wake up soon!

After about 984ft, the Meatball Shop will be on your right-hand side. This is a pretty famous place – offering a wide variety of vegetarian and meat, well, meatballs. Stop in here to test them out or continue on, we’ve got a few other food options on this route that definitely won’t disappoint!

As you continue on Bedford, simply take in your surroundings. Especially on the weekends, these streets are absolutely buzzing. You may find people selling homemade goods – such as jewelry, artwork, clothes, and maybe even a man selling poems. (Yes, really, he’s pretty well known. He’ll write you a poem on the spot on a vintage typewriter.) There are also tons of shops, mostly more upscale vintage, but lately brand names have been creeping into the neighborhood (much to the disappointment of the locals).

Continue on Bedford for another 656ft or so until you reach North 5th Street. If it’s a nice day and you’re interested in great atmosphere take a right here and go into the restaurant called Juliette, 33ft or so on the right hand side. They have a rooftop bar (that also serves food if you’re hungry). It’s a little pricey, as are most things in this neighborhood, but it’s really nice to sit up there and relax on a sunny day.

Keep going another 492ft on Bedford and turn right onto North 3rd Street. After about 328ft a famous German biergarten is on your right. This is a nice place to grab a brew if you’re interested. If not, continue on, we’re headed to the river! Stay on North 3rd for roughly 656ft and take a right onto Wythe Avenue.

You may notice a lot of construction here, as the area by the water is still undergoing a massive development project. This definitely isn’t the most scenic section of our route, but don’t worry, it will get better soon.

Stay on Wythe for about 2625ft until you hit North 11th Street. This is where the Brooklyn Brewery is located. Since opening in 1984, this locally owned brewery has taken off, and you can find their hoppy brews in bars and shops all over the world. Today, you can still take a tour of the brewery Saturdays from noon-8pm (with free tours on the half hour from 1–5pm) and Sundays from noon-6pm (with free tours on the half hour from 1-4pm).

When you finish at the Brewery, get back onto North 11th Street in the direction you were going previously. You’ll quickly see the Brooklyn Bowl on your right-hand side. This is a truly unique place, half bowling alley, half concert hall. You can bowl late into the night every night of the week (if you’re over 21 that is), plus they’ve got a full bar and menu. If you’re staying in the neighborhood at night, check out their upcoming shows; it’s an absolutely epic experience!

Take your next left onto North 12th Street and then your first left onto Kent Avenue. After about 492ft the entrance to Bushwick Inlet Park will be on your right. Going right to the water’s edge, this is one of the city’s nicest small parks. Take a stroll here and enjoy the beautiful skyline views just across the river. The park also features some sustainability elements such as a green roof with solar panels and a rainwater collection system.

If you’re here on a Saturday during the spring and summer consider yourself very lucky. The weekly Smorgasborg market is here each Saturday from 11am to 6pm. It’s the largest weekly open-air food market in the US, with roughly 20,000-30,000 people showing up each week to sample every food you could imagine from 100 local vendors.

Exit the park where you entered and continue down Kent Avenue. After about 328ft take a right onto North 5th Street towards the water. Keep going until you get to the ferry stop North 6th Street/North Williamsburg. From here we’re going to hop on the East River Ferry for a short ride to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. The ride is just about 15 minutes, but you’ll have to purchase a ticket ($4 on weekdays and $6 on weekends).

It’s typically pretty windy on the ferry, so we recommend bringing a jacket or sweater. Try to stay on the outer decks, as the views of the city skyline, the Williamsburg Bridge, and the Brooklyn Bridge are excellent. Get off the ferry at the Brooklyn Bridge Park/DUMBO stop (it should be the second stop after Schaefer Landing/South Williamsburg).

When you get off the ferry, head to the left, away from the water. Continue about 328ft, until you reach Old Fulton Street. Head up roughly 164ft (the Brooklyn Bridge should be on your left) and then take a right onto Everit Street.

Follow Everit (which then turns into Columbus Heights) for about 1312ft, until you see a pedestrian route to the slight right. Enter here, going in the direction of the now visible Manhattan skyline. Now you’ve officially reached the beautiful Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

This historic stretch is one of the city’s nicest, and also part of Brooklyn’s first Historic Preservation District. It stretches roughly 0.3mi (one third of a mile) with unobstructed views of the Statue of Liberty, the striking skyscrapers across the Hudson and the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a favorite spot for walkers, joggers, families, and couples alike.

As you walk down the promenade, you’ll notice grandiose townhouses and mansions that border it on the left-hand side. This neighborhood is full of history dating all the way back to New York’s colonial past. During the 1800s, as New York City and Brooklyn grew at rapid rates, the city’s wealthiest investors found home in Brooklyn Heights. The promenade you’re walking on was first opened to the public in 1950 and is a true neighborhood treasure.

Continue here, taking in the spectacular views until you reach the end (roughly 2461ft). There should be a path coming off the left-hand side here. Exit here and take your first left onto Montague Terrace. Now we’re entering the heart of historic Brooklyn Heights. These streets are mostly just quiet, residential passageways, but are a great way to get a better feel for colonial New York City life. Continue on Montague for about 328ft. Take a slight left onto Pierrepoint Street then right on Columbia Heights.

Stay on this street for about 1312ft, enjoying the beautiful architecture and relaxed scenery. Take a right onto Orange Street and then your first right on Willow Street (you’ll be going back in the same direction you just came from. Follow Willow for another 1312ft, and then turn left onto Pierrepoint Street. After about 164ft, take a right onto Hicks Street. Then after 328ft take a left onto Remsen Street. This is often considered one of the most beautiful streets in Brooklyn Heights. Follow Remsen for about 1312ft until you reach Brooklyn Borough Hall. You can continue onto our Brooklyn Bridge route or hop on the subway here at the Borough Hall subway station (serving lines 4 and 5).

Insider Hints

  • Pack an appetite and go slow. There are tons of great bars, restaurants and maybe even the world-famous Smorgasborg market on this route!

  • This route is all about scenery – from the beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline to the tranquility of the neighborhood parks.

  • Make sure to pack a light jacket or sweater; the ferry can be very windy.


Stan not lee 2 years ago

The view of the city from the ferry ride is amazing.

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
2h 00m Time Taken
malcolmk. 3 years ago

Great tour around the Brooklyn Heights! I highly recommend this tour.

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
breezylove 3 years ago

Incredible area! Had a great time visiting the Smorgasborg market!

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty

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