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New York City - little introduction is needed for this world-renowned center of commerce, finance, and culture. It is one of the oldest cities in the USA, the tallest, the most populated, it has the most museums, and it is the most expensive to live in. It also has a long and important history that shaped the epicenter it has become today. It is impossible to fit in everything the city has to offer in one trip, but we have found the best NYC City Walks to pack in as much as possible!

Best Walks in New York City

  1. The Best of Midtown (3.3mi, 735ft, 1.5 - 2 h): Midtown is the area between 34th street and 59th street in Manhattan and home to many of NYC’s most iconic buildings. This NYC walk takes you through all the New York City biggies – from the theaters of Broadway to the bright lights of Times Square, up to the iconic Grand Central Terminal and over to the world-famous Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall and beyond. Pack some water and prepare for sensory overload!
  2. Highline, Greenwich Village, and Soho (4.2mi, 387ft, 1.5 - 2 h): The Highline, Greenwich Village, and Soho route will take you through some highlights of New York City – from the redeveloped High Line, to the mouthwatering Mamouns falafel, the tranquil Washington Square Park, and the world-famous Comedy Cellar. It is a great day out in NYC!
  3. Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, Statue of Liberty (4.0mi, 965ft, 1.5 - 2 h): The Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, Statue of Liberty route will take you through some highlights of New York City’s history. Begin at the Brooklyn Bridge, head through City Hall, pay homage at the World Trade Center memorial site, venture deep into the financial hub of Wall Street, check out the birthplace of the American government at Federal Hall and finish at Battery Park – the place where it all began. Make sure to pay attention to the details here – from the intricate architecture to the expertly crafted Charging Bull.
  4. Central Park and The Museums (5.8mi, 912ft, 2.5 - 3 h): Dating back more than 150 years, New York’s Central Park is the most visited urban park in the US and a National Historic Landmark since 1962. With extensive walking paths, lush grassy areas, and several picturesque ponds and lakes, the Park provides the perfect respite from the city’s daunting skyscrapers and constant buzz of activity. Combine that with stops at some of the best museums on earth, including the Met, the Guggenheim, and the American Museum of Natural History and it is one great day in NYC!
  5. Grand Central, Empire State, Greenwich Village (3.6mi, 912ft, 1.5 - 2 h): The Grand Central to Greenwich Village walk takes you through some of the city’s most iconic landmarks – from the bustling Grand Central Terminal to the towering Empire State Building. See the world’s biggest store en route and indulge in a 30-day cured pastrami sandwich from one of the city’s most famous Jewish delis.
  6. Foodies Walk (2.4mi, 279ft, 1 - 1.5 h): This route is all about the journey – not the destination. We’ll take you down into Greenwich Village, through SoHo, Chinatown and Little Italy. You won’t see many of the “big city sights here”, but rather great atmosphere, pleasant brick streets, beautiful architecture and a quick glimpse into the vast diversity of NYC’s residents. Make sure to pack your appetite because there are more than enough mouthwatering places along this route – from authentic NY style pizza to fresh vegan sweets, fragrant fried dumplings, and insanely scrumptious cannoli’s.
  7. Williamsburg (3.2mi, 141ft, 1.5 - 2 h): We explore the East Bank of the East River across from Manhattan in this great walk. Starting in Williamsburg, we start our tour at McCarren Park before checking out the streets of Williamsburg. Halfway through the walk we hop on the East River Ferry for a quick cruise, before exploring the sights and sounds of Brooklyn Heights.
  8. Upper East Side (6.9mi, 157ft, 3 - 3.5 h): The Upper East Side Route will go through one of NYC’s most exclusive neighborhoods – the Upper East Side. This area is home to the city’s top museums, many of which are conveniently located on Museum Mile, as well as more shopping than one could do in a year – from luxury upscale shops on Madison Avenue to brand name budget chains and secondhand shops specializing in designer digs. You’ll find a vast variety of eating here – from the world’s most expensive dessert to a quick burger to go. We’ll also take you through some lovely respites from the hectic city life such as Gracie Mansion and the FDR Four Freedoms Park – topped off with a tram ride over the East River and stunning skyline views.
  9. Upper West Side (4.2mi, 26ft, 1.5 - 2 h): If you’ve ever seen a residential NYC neighborhood in movies or TV, there’s a good chance it was the Upper West Side. This area has it all – from delicious food, iconic stages, beautiful parks, ornate architecture and more. This is a long route – beginning at the world-famous Columbia University, heading straight down tree lined (and less flashy) Broadway, and finishing right at Central Park. Stops include the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Columbus Circle, The Lincoln Center, and Central Park.
  10. Brooklyn Park Slope (4.1mi, 364ft, 1.5 - 2 h): This route will take you through Brooklyn’s Park Slope and Prospect Park. Don’t expect hordes of tourists here – simply beautiful brownstones, quiet residential streets and a glimpse into the life as a local. This is the perfect route to mix in between big sightseeing as it offers ample opportunities to relax and unwind in the expansive Prospect Park.
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