Northumberland National Park
Northumberland National Park

Northumberland National Park

Region in England, United Kingdom
Northumberland National Park Map

The most northerly of the English counties, Northumberland (meaning ‘the place of those living north of the Humber’) is a historic region that is filled with wild terrain and characterized by a complicated past. As the county shares its northern border with Scotland, this area was often seen as the first line of defence against the raiding Scots that were constantly embroiled in conflict during the Middle Ages. Indeed, Northumberland’s status as a frontier region stretches even further back to the period of Roman occupation, when the impressive fortification known as Hadrian’s Wall was constructed in 122 CE to protect the province from the Pictish people to the north. This complex past has resulted in quite a high number of castles and border fortifications that can often be seen when out walking, making Northumberland a great place to explore for those interested in history.

While Northumberland may be chock full of fascinating historical sites waiting to be explored, the natural terrain of the region is equally as impressive. From the low-lying sandy east coast that looks out onto the vast North Sea, to the expansive coastal plains and rugged upland areas of the Cheviot Hills, there is no shortage of dramatic landscapes that are perfectly suited to outdoor enthusiasts of all varieties. If you are looking for a new destination in the United Kingdom that features breathtaking scenery and a rich historical past, then why not make Northumberland the focus of your next amazing adventure.

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