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View of Butser hill on a hike in South Downs, England

South Downs

Region in England, United Kingdom
South Downs Map

Located in SE England, a holiday to the South Downs National Park is truly delightful. This beautiful stretch of countryside will surprise visitors, not expecting the rolling hills, seaside walks or history of an area so close to one of the most vibrant capital cities on earth – London. Mostly visited by locals and day-trippers from the bustling metropolis, a weekend trip to the South Downs makes a wonderful weekend away.

The South Downs are a beautiful stretch of countryside between London and the coast. You may know it for the beautiful Chalk Hills, covering 260 square miles, often pictured as cliffs along the coast like at Seven Sisters near Eastbourne. The Chalk Downs form rolling hills which are met by rugged coastline in the south and three wealds on the other sides. Weald once referred to the woodland covering these areas, however today the land is dotted with farms and villages that still use the term in their names.

A trip to the South Downs is going to be full of walks and bike riding. The area is well known for the many trails and scenic views. The South Downs Way, a long-distance walk that we love, stretches 100.0mi between Winchester. It is certainly an ideal way to see all that the South Downs has to offer.

Although the landscape is incredible, it is not the only draw! The land here has been used for over 6,000 years by various cultures and peoples. There are thousands of historical sites across the South Downs, over 150 historical buildings within the towns, and many museums throughout the country side.

Whether you prefer a longer walking holiday or day trips here and there, you will find charming villages all over the South Downs. Lesser known than the Chalk Hills is the regions more up and coming status as a foodie destination. We don’t think it gets much better than a day outdoors combined with some history, finished up with an amazing meal in a quaint little village – from our perspective the South Downs is a great holiday any day!

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