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Chamonix and the Chamonix Valley should be on your bucket list. The history of Chamonix calls out to nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts world-wide. Often referred to as the birthplace of mountaineering, it is home to the highest mountain in the Alps - Mont Blanc, and it was also the host of the first Winter Olympics in 1924. Truly, a trip to Chamonix is one that should not be missed.

We love Chamonix for so many reasons! For starters the actual town of Chamonix is picturesque and has a wide variety of accommodations to suit various needs and budgets. The streets are lined with wonderful restaurants and shops. However, if staying right in Chamonix is not an option, there are plenty of opportunities to stay at nearby towns and still have access to all the adventure and activity in the region!

The weather in Chamonix allows for year-round adventure. The ski hill remains open into April overlapping with the start of hiking season as snow melts at lower elevations. Of course, there are many opportunities for climbers here, as well as biking, and general travel.

Another popular activity in the region is the long walks or Randonnees in the area such as the Walker’s Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt or the Tour de Mont Blanc.

Finally, the gondolas and train rides are a delight in their own right. Whether you are just going for a ride or using them to skip the initial elevation climb on the way to a hike, they are a favourite way to see the area.

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