ForgetMeNot Ridge hike

Bragg Creek and Sheep River
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ForgetMeNot Ridge hike

Distance: 24.5km
Elevation: 944m
Time: 7-8h

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9.5 Overall Rating
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Great views without a ton of work? Sign me up! This walk up Forget Me Not Mountain gives great views of the surrounding peaks, the elbow river valley, and gravel fields.

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Getting there

Drive to the end of Highway 66 (about 40 minutes from Calgary). Park at ForgetMeNot Pond or the Little Elbow Campground. Note Highway #66 is closed at Elbow Falls from Dec 1st to May 15th.

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When to do

May 15 - October

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ForgetMeNot Ridge
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Route Description for ForgetMeNot Ridge hike

Setting off from the parking lot heading south, then west you will quickly cross the Little Elbow River using the Harold Chapman bridge. Come off the bridge head towards the north end of ForgetMeNot Ridge, hiking on trail (do not take the intersections heading south) until you reach the Elbow River.

As we were hiking before spring break up there was no water flowing on the surface and we easily picked up the trail on the other side of the river flats. During runoff the ford may be difficult, stop and assess your safety. A short time later, you will come across a cairn that marks the start of our trail, take a right and start up the ForgetMeNot Ridge trail. The hike up quickly gains elevation as the trail make some steep switchbacks.

The traverse towards ForgetMeNot Mountain involved losing 140m of elevation and then regaining nearly all of it, but both the descent and ascent were dead easy and the grade was very gentle.

From the summit you have two options to return to the trailhead: Retrace your steps for a great scenic descent, or drop off the ridge to the southwest, intersect the Threepoint Creek trail, follow it west to the Threepoint Mountain trail, then follow that trail out to the Elbow River and the Big Elbow trail.

If you opt for the new route, due to lack of use, the trail from the Summit to the Threepoint Creek trail may be overgrown. You should be able to see the trail from the summit and a little bushwhacking is all thats necessary. A fast walk back along the Big Elbow trail then brings you to the Little Elbow River. Follow long the river until you reach the bridge crossing and then continuing heading north until you reach the parking lot.

Insider Hints

  • Consider bringing a second set of shoes or a towel as we ford the little elbow river if not iced over.

  • The breeze can pickup coming off the river, back a wind breaker even in the summer months.


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TheTick 2 months ago

forget me not hike was great. we gained some elevation fast, the views were nice. i enjoyed it

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
Johnny T 3 months ago

Very long, perfect, no crowds. Nice scenery.

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
7h 00m Time Taken

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