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e.c. manning provincial park

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Region in British Columbia, Canada
E.C. Manning Provincial Park Trail Map

Established in 1941 following the death of Ernest Callaway Manning, E.C. Manning Provincial Park offers 83,671 hectares of pristine British Columbia wilderness that just begs to be explored by outdoor enthusiasts of all varieties. Within a three hour drive of the Okanagan Valley and the Lower Mainland, the park is easily accessible, yet remote enough to let you leave the chaos of everyday life behind and reconnect with nature.

Located in the heart of the Cascade Mountains near the Canada-United States border, there is no shortage of beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views that can be experienced within E.C. Manning Provincial Park. With a four season approach to accessibility and a number of highlights that range from historic sites to wildlife viewing opportunities and gorgeous vistas, there is no reason to put off a trip to E.C. Manning Provincial Park.

The Greatest Hikes in E.C. Manning Provincial Park

In terms of hiking trails, E.C. Manning Provincial Park has it all. Whether you are looking for a 15-minute walk from the parking lot, a scenic lakeside stroll with the family, or a multi-day adventure through the backcountry; you had better believe that there is a trail in the park with your name on it. Rugged mountain peaks, picturesque alpine meadows, and crystal clear lakes all await in this outdoor lover’s paradise that is nestled along the southern edge of British Columbia. If you are thinking of planning your next big hiking excursion in BC, check out this list that we’ve put together of some of the best routes that can be found in E.C. Manning Provincial Park:

  • Fat Dog Trail: This 9.2mi trail is open for winter access only, but don’t let that stop you from getting out on the trails to explore the wintery landscape and surrounding mountain peaks.
  • Frosty Mountain Trail: This route is a bit on the long side; however, it will expose you to an amazing variety of terrain that includes calm forest, gorgeous meadows, and rugged peaks. One of the best hikes in the park, the Frosty Mountain Trail will provide some amazing views over the Canada-United States border.
  • Three Brothers Mountain Trail: This trail is another beautifully scenic route that will take you uphill through charming alpine meadows for some amazing summit views. A sea of wildflowers is the perfect accompaniment to the panoramic views you’ll receive at the top of this stunning trail.
  • Lightning Lake Loop: This charming forest hike is a great family-friendly option if you want a trail that isn’t too difficult, but still has some gorgeous views. Be prepared to walk through beautiful stretches of woodland terrain and a scenic lakeside setting.
  • Poland Lake Trail: Climbing uphill through meadows and forests, the Poland Lake Trail will take you to a campsite surrounded by some stunning views. As an added bonus, you can jump into the lake to cool off at the midway point of your journey, or set up camp for a fun weekend spent outdoors.
  • Lone Goat and Snow Camp Mountain Trail: This route is another lengthy trail; however, the views from the summit vantage points atop these peaks will be sure to take your breath away. With relatively easy to navigate terrain, this hike is perfect for beginner/casual hikers that are up for a long distance challenge.
  • Mount Kelly Trail: Although not as long as other hikes on this list, the Mount Kelly Trail is a fun adventure that will lead you uphill for a commanding view of the park. Here, you will enjoy a sightline overlooking the rugged peaks, dense woodlands, and stunning meadows that characterize the landscape.
  • East Skyline Trail: This lengthy hike near Lightning Lake will take you uphill along a ridge for some beautiful views of the park. Parts of the trail can be a bit demanding, but you will forget about any exhaustion after taking in the natural beauty of the surrounding terrain.
  • The Three Falls Trail: At 5.8mi, this moderate length route is great for beginner/casual hikers that want to experience some amazing highlights without too much trouble. Along the trail, you will visit three different waterfalls and take in some awesome views of the surrounding forest landscape.

When is the Best Time to Hike in E.C. Manning Provincial Park?

While E.C. Manning Provincial Park is open to the public year-round, its trails are best explored during the summer months when conditions are most favourable. Due to the remote nature of the park, many people will also spend a few days camping in the area to fully appreciate the natural beauty of the park. Whether you are looking for a simple day hike or a multi-day backcountry journey, you will find that the best time to hit the trails in E.C. Manning Provincial Park is in the May-October window.

Other Outdoor Activities in E.C. Manning Provincial Park

As an all-season paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, E.C. Manning Provincial Park provides access to several different activities that will get you out exploring the beautiful landscapes within the park. During the summertime, the most popular activities in the park include hiking its many trails, wildlife viewing, swimming, canoeing, cycling, and horseback riding. For those adventurers looking to explore the area in the winter, you will find multiple opportunities to trek across the landscape via snowshoes or cross-country skis. No matter the time of year, there will always be an exciting adventure waiting around the corner in E.C. Manning Provincial Park.

Frequently Asked Questions About E.C. Manning Provincial Park

What does E.C. Manning stand for?

The park is named after Ernest Callaway Manning, who served as the Chief Forester of British Columbia from 1936-1941. His work was instrumental in establishing a number of parks that include E.C. Manning, Tweedsmuir, Hamber, and Wells Gray.

How many campsites does E.C. Manning Provincial Park have?

During the summer, the park features 357 campsites that are spread between the Lightning Lake, Coldspring, Hampton, and Mule Deer campgrounds.

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The best hikes in E.C. Manning Provincial Park

Fat Dog Trail Map

01. Fat Dog Trail

9.2mi 2,287ft 4.5-6.5h

The Fat Dog Trail is a 9.2mi out-and-back route in E.C. Manning Provincial… Read More

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Frosty mountain

02. Frosty Mountain Trail

13.2mi 4,003ft 7-10h

The Frosty Mountain Trail is a scenic 13.2mi out-and-back hiking route in E.C.… Read More

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Three Brothers Mountain Trail

03. Three Brothers Mountain Trail

12.7mi 2,776ft 6-8.5h

The Three Brothers Mountain Trail is a 12.7mi out-and-back route that climbs gradually… Read More

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Lightning Lake Loop

04. Lightning Lake Loop

5.3mi 676ft 2-3h

The Lightning Lake Loop is a scenic woodland hike in E.C. Manning Provincial Park that… Read More

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Poland Lake Trail Map

05. Poland Lake Trail

9.0mi 2,182ft 4.5-6h

The Poland Lake Trail is a 9.0mi out-and-back hiking route in E.C. Manning… Read More

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East Skyline Trail Map

06. East Skyline Trail

12.3mi 3,865ft 6.5-9.5h

The East Skyline Trail is a 12.3mi out-and-back hiking route through the forests… Read More

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Lone Goat and Snow Camp Mountain Trail Map

07. Lone Goat and Snow Camp Mountain Trail

12.3mi 3,297ft 6.5-9h

The Lone Goat and Snow Camp Mountain Trail is a 12.3mi out-and-back hiking… Read More

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Mount Kelly Trail Map

08. Mount Kelly Trail

4.6mi 1,870ft 3-4h

The Mount Kelly Trail is a beautifully scenic 4.6mi out-and-back hiking route that… Read More

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Three Falls Trail Map

09. Three Falls Trail

5.8mi 955ft 2.5-3.5h

The Three Falls Trail is an awesome 2.4mi out-and-back hiking route in E.C.… Read More

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