Hiking in Montana, USA
Piegan Pass hike is one of 10 best hikes in Glacier National Park, Montana

hikes in Montana

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Montana Trail Map

Montana is a state of big mountains, abundant game, clean rivers and incredible lakes. For travellers who make the journey, it is also a place to find solitude, as much of the state is still in the same condition it was 100 years ago, before it was heavily settled. We love Montana, and exploring the mountains on foot or ski, the lakes in canoe, and the rivers by kayak, is the best way to explore this state.

Montana is full of so much nature to discover – and you’ll definitely feel like an explorer, as there are lots of places that aren’t crowded, and a hiker or biker can simply get away from the maddening crowds.

In winter, Big Sky and Whitefish offer world-class skiing, and midweek you’ll have the ski runs mostly to yourself. Winter is also a great time to explore Montana on XC skis or snowshoes and fall in love in the tranquility of a Montana winter.

Summer in Montana is more crowded, as campgrounds fill up and tourists flock to the cabins that fringe the great lakes that you can find throughout the state. There is still plenty of space to hike in the Rocky Mountains, ride your bike on beautiful, quiet roads or backpack. Glacier National Park is a highlight of the state, but not the only place to spend your time.

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