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    Prince George

    Hikes in Prince George

    Region in British Columbia, Canada

    The hikes in Prince George will surprise, inspire, and introduce you to the beauty cloaking BC's rugged north. Revel in wild lakes tucked into alpine scenery from atop ridgelines, circumnavigate glistening bodies of water, meander below an umbrella of trees, and pair almost any adventure with camping, fishing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, or a picnic. Hiking in Prince George is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse in an isolated, rustic setting.

    The 10 Greatest Hikes in Prince George

    Discover an eclectic collection of hikes in Prince George and the nearby area, ranging from low-elevation-gain and family-friendly lakeside and forest meanders to more heart-pumping excursions through the mountains to incredible backcountry settings and viewpoints. However, be on the lookout for bears, even when you're walking within Prince George! Bring bear spray and brush on bear safety tips before heading out on your hiking adventure.

    Choose one (or more) of the following best hikes in Prince George, lace up your boots, and off you go into the wild.

    1. Bear Lake Trail - Looking for something to do on a hot summer's day? Pack your bathing suit, hiking shoes, towel, snacks and head to Crooked River Provincial Park, where Bear Lake Trail and a 460 m stretch of pristine beach will keep you well entertained for the day. Bring your entire family along!
    2. Raven Lake and Ridge Trail - The Raven Lake and Ridge Trail is one of the more epic hikes near Prince George! Ascend to a remote lake, revelling in the scenery here, before travelling further up to the ridge, where unforgettable vistas of the valley fading into the distance will have you snapping a crazy number of photos. Bring your tent and go wild camping at Raven Lake!
    3. Greenway Trail to Shane Lake Hike - Immerse in Forest for the World, Prince George's city park. Although, there's nothing particularly "city" about this easygoing family-friendly walk. Opt to follow our route guide provided or create your own adventure by meandering along the network of trails making up this park.
    4. Teapot Mountain Trail - Don't let the short distance trick you into thinking the Teapot Mountain Trail is easy! Some steep sections will definitely get your heart rate up, making the views all the more worth it at the top, where you'll get to bask in Summit Lake glistening below!
    5. Hixon Falls Trail - The Hixon Falls Trail may be over an hour from Prince George, but nothing beats the feeling of watching a 30 m waterfall fall into a pool. During the summer, it's fun to bring your bathing suit and cool off in the water!
    6. Grizzly Den Trail - The Grizzly Den Trail takes you deep into the backcountry, past two cabins, and up to an incredible viewpoint. This walk is wild, untamed but makes for a fantastic half-day outing. Of course, you can always bring your tent and go random camping or book one of the cabins through the PGBRS website, extending your stay in the outdoors!
    7. Shane Lake Loop - The Shane Lake Loop trail is another adventure in the Forest for the World park, where 18km of paths snake through 1.5 square kilometres. This short 3.0 km loop has you circumnavigating Shane Lake, a popular fishing destination immersed in a wild setting!
    8. Ferguson Lake Interpretive Trail - The Ferguson Lake Interpretive Trail travels around a lake, unveiling a magical lakefront scenery. Revel in the umbrella of trees above while you check out the lake in front of you. Not a lot of people flock to this trail, so enjoy the isolated scenery. Bring bear spray, though.
    9. Ancient Forest Trail - Explore the boardwalk route along the Ancient Forest Trail in Ancient Forest/Chun T'oh Whudujut Provincial Park. You'll find three trails here, with the easiest one being the Ancient Forest Trail. Enjoy the historic rainforest scenery as you walk along the boardwalk!
    10. Cottonwood Island Loop Trail - The Cottonwood Island Loop Trail is an easy-going family-friendly excursion around Cottonwood Island Park. Enjoy riverfront scenery, carvings in trees, and picturesque railroad tracks on this short but rewarding adventure.

    When Is The Best Time To Walk in Prince George?

    While you can tackle most walks in Prince George year-round, particularly the excursions with lower elevation gains, we recommend trying out most of these walks during the summer months. Especially since most hikes have you circumnavigating lakes, granting the chance to enjoy a refreshing dip if need be! Plus, the longer, backcountry excursions unveil phenomenal views during the summer—the wildflowers are stunning. However, if you're okay with hiking in snow, have the appropriate equipment, and are well-versed in avalanche safety (and the trails are open), you can enjoy most of these trails year-round.

    Best Regions for Walking in the Prince George

    If you're hoping to hike around Prince George, we recommend setting up base in Prince George as it's the biggest city in the area. In addition, this grants you the chance to explore several trails surrounding the area, all within an hour or two of the city.

    Other Outdoor Activities in Prince George

    Prince George boasts a range of outdoor activities, tailor-made for almost all ages! Families can enjoy front-country camping during the summer months, while epic backcountry excursions may suit the more adventurous mind(s). You'll find a lot of random camping in the backcountry, which makes this a great place to go if you're fond of booking in advance and like to fly by the seat of your pants.

    Other excellent outdoor activities in Prince George and the surrounding area include swimming in wild lakes, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing! There are also incredible mountain biking tracks at Tabor Mountain Ski Resort in the summer.

    Adventure Tours near Prince George

    Not feeling like planning your own adventure? We've got you covered! You can check out some fantastic adventure tours in BC. Unfortunately, at the moment, we don't offer tours super close to Prince George, but stay tuned.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you go wild camping in Prince George?

    Yes! You'll find a lot of random camping spots in Prince George's backyard. A great spot to go for wild camping is Raven Lake.

    Are most trails dog-friendly in Prince George?

    While most trails are dog-friendly, some lakefront destinations don't allow dogs in their day-use areas, so we recommend double-checking all information before you head out with your furry friend.

    Is it worth visiting Prince George?

    Yes! The rugged scenery grants a fantastic opportunity to escape everyday life. Plus, as of now, Prince George is more of a remote tourist destination, helping to keep away the congestion often experienced in other BC tourist hotspots.

    What can you do in winter in Prince George?

    Some activities you can do in winter in Prince George are hiking, snowshoeing, going to the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club (15 minutes from Prince George), ice fishing, skiing at Tabor Mountain Ski Resort (17 minutes from Prince George), and the list goes on!

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    Best Hikes in Prince George

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      Open details for Grizzly Den Trail

      Grizzly Den Trail

      11.9 km
      696 m

      The Grizzly Den Trail immerses you in the ultimate backcountry setting, where wild, untamed scenery transports you to another world that magically keeps out the stress and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This walk is moderately challenging and takes you past two cabins; both are available for booking through the PGBRS website—and it’s super inexpensive to stay in one of these cabins for a night.

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      Open details for Ferguson Lake Interpretive Trail

      Ferguson Lake Interpretive Trail

      Very Easy
      2.4 km
      40 m

      The Ferguson Lake Interpretive Trail circumnavigates a calm lake flanked by a scenic, wild setting! Enjoy walking under canopies of trees while you soak in lakefront views. This walk remains relatively quiet, making it an easy outdoorsy escape.

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      Open details for Bear Lake Trail

      Bear Lake Trail

      Very Easy
      2.9 km
      49 m

      The ​​Bear Lake Trail makes for the ultimate summer-ready, family-friendly adventure. On a sizzling summer day, head to this short but sweet trail and circumnavigate a wild lake before picking a spot on the 460 m stretch of sandy beach to spend the rest of the day. Enjoy the picnic tables, firepits, and motorboat-free water.

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      Open details for Hixon Falls Trail

      Hixon Falls Trail

      Very Easy
      1.8 km
      69 m

      Gather the entire family, hop in the car, and make the worthwhile road trip to Hixon Falls, where an incredible, 30 m waterfall tumbles into a deep pool below. In the summer, bring your bathing suit and spend some time relaxing in the water! The Hixon Falls Trail is definitely a fun, memorable outdoorsy adventure.

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      Open details for Cottonwood Island Loop Trail

      Cottonwood Island Loop Trail

      Very Easy
      2.9 km
      61 m

      The Cottonwood Island Loop Trail is a lighthearted family-friendly adventure that takes you around Cottonwood Island Park, passing along soothing riverside views, tree carvings, and a scenic railroad track!

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      Open details for Teapot Mountain Trail

      Teapot Mountain Trail

      2.8 km
      177 m

      The Teapot Mountain Trail may be short, but some steep sections elevate its ranking from easy to moderate. However, the huffing and puffing comes with a remarkable reward! Revel in stunning views of Summit Lake shimmering below once you reach the top.

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      Open details for Raven Lake and Ridge Trail

      Raven Lake and Ridge Trail

      13.8 km
      805 m

      Craving an epic hike near Prince George? Look no further than the incredible Raven Lake and Ridge Trail, which immerses you in a wildly scenic, featuring a remote lake and a phenomenal ridge walk, where stunning views of the valley fading in the horizon await.

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      Open details for Ancient Forest Trail

      Ancient Forest Trail

      3.5 km
      150 m

      The Ancient Forest Trail is a boardwalk route granting up-close views of a historic rainforest in BC's Ancient Forest/Chun T'oh Whudujut Provincial Park. This new BC park boasts three trails, with two easier trails, Ancient Forest Trail (or Ancient Forest Boardwalk Trail) and Universal Access Trail, a wheelchair-accessible route, and one challenging 15.5 km route Driscoll Ridge Trail. The Ancient Forest Trail may be open year-round, but double-check this information for possible closures or unsafe conditions before travelling here during winter.

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      Open details for Shane Lake Loop

      Shane Lake Loop

      Very Easy
      3.0 km
      33 m

      The Shane Lake Loop is one of the many adventures in Prince George’s Forest for the World park, where 18.0 km of trails carve through 1.5 square kilometres, making it easy to extend your walk and create your own exploration!

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      Open details for Greenway Trail to Shane Lake Hike

      Greenway Trail to Shane Lake Hike

      Very Easy
      4.1 km
      59 m

      The Greenway Trail to Shane Lake Hike is an easygoing lollipop-styled route in Prince George’s Forests for the World. Here, you can find 18.0 km of trails, making it fun to get “lost” and spend a whole day exploring the area. Or, if you aren’t in the mood to veer from a route guide, you can follow our GPS and revel in stunning views of Shane Lake and beyond!

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