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From jagged mountain peaks to wide open plains, Idaho features a diverse landscape that is perfectly suited to outdoor exploration. The state bridges two time zones and makes up much of the western side of the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains, encompassing a large swathe of territory that in turn welcomes over 20 million tourists each year.

The northern part of Idaho, known as the panhandle, is made up of rugged mountains, vibrant green hills, and countless lakes. As you move to the interior the landscape becomes even more dramatic, featuring a collection of mountains that make up impressive ranges, such as the Lost River Range and Lemhi Range. Further south, the terrain of the state flattens out into the fertile plains most often associated with Idaho’s prominent agriculture industry.

No matter where in Idaho you decide to set out exploring, there will always be an exciting adventure waiting around the corner. Whether you prefer to hike, bike, paddle, climb, or ride, you will find an endless amount of possibilities that highlight the natural beauty of the “Gem State”.

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