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Calling all adventurers! Nepal is the ultimate destination for travelers who love the Great Outdoors, as it operates as the gateway to some of the most accessible and spectacular parts of the Himalayas. Best known for high-altitude hiking trails, this small country really packs a punch when it comes to adventure holidays, and the Nepalese Himalayas are a bucket list destination for most keen trekkers. However, a trip to Nepal isn’t just about the mountains – whether you want to climb to the top of the world or dive into the lush jungle of the south, this diverse and beautiful country has it all!

Nepal’s major natural attraction is the Himalayan mountain range, which looms large over its northern border. You’ll find some of the most accessible trails in the whole of the Himalayas, with tourism and hiking infrastructure designed to cope with large numbers of visitors. The trails here are destined to take your breath away, whether you opt for multi-day backpacking trips around the Annapurna circuit, or shorter day hikes from Pokhara. Adrenaline junkies will be well served, with canyoning, climbing, mountain biking and kayaking all on offer, set against the stunning Himalayan backdrop.

Further south, the mountains fade into the distance and the landscape opens up in a series of wild natural parks, covered with lush jungle. Nepal’s biodiversity is remarkable, and here you’ll find rare species of birds, tigers, crocodiles, and even rhinos. This is the perfect place for a wildlife safari, sleeping in treetop cabins, and wandering through the forest canopy on specially designed elevated trails. What’s more, Nepal’s culture and heritage is as diverse as its wildlife, and you’ll encounter crumbling temples, ancient stupas, and fabulous palaces throughout the country. A trip here is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Nepalese history, culture and religions, and you’re bound to leave feeling exhilarated and enriched.

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