Okanagan Valley Cycling
Okanagan Valley Cycling

Road Biking Routes in Okanagan Valley

Region in British Columbia, Canada
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Featuring 50 lakes, countless vineyards, and a picturesque mountain backdrop, the Okanagan Valley is the perfect destination in British COlumbia for a fun summertime adventure. So many Canadians and foreign tourists come here every year to experience this beautiful part of the country and it is for good reason, as there are so many different activities and stunning locales to explore.

In terms of cycling, the Okanagan Valley offers some of the best terrain that can be found in Canada, with many road and mountain bike enthusiasts flocking to the region to traverse its picturesque mountain passes and pristine lakeside settings. Areas like Kelowna and Penticton will be familiar to experienced endurance riders, as well-known events like the Iron Man Canada pass through the valley and make use of its rugged, yet beautifully scenic terrain. If you are after some epic rides with easy access to beautiful scenery and fantastic accommodation, then try planning your next cycling adventure in the Okanagan Valley.

7 Awesome Cycling Routes In the Okanagan Valley

Whether you are new to cycling or are on a search for your next big endurance ride, a trip to the Okanagan Valley will be sure to meet all of your needs. Long and challenging routes like the one through Richter Pass will provide the sense of competing in the world-famous Iron Man Challenge, while a more laid back adventure along Black Sage Road will allow you to explore some of the region’s most renowned and picturesque vineyards. No matter your age or skill level, the beautiful landscapes of the Okanagan Valley make road cycling easily accessible, so why not check out this fantastic list of 7 different road cycling routes that we’ve put together below:

  • Giant's Head Climb: This is a beautifully scenic route that will take you to an epic viewpoint overlooking Okanagan Lake. Along the way, you will cycle through the charming fruit orchards and picturesque vineyards that characterize the landscape, making for an amazing day of cycling in the Okanagan Valley.
  • Oliver to Okanagan Falls: Beautiful vistas and a healthy amount of exercise await on this amazing journey through the Okanagan Valley. Climbing uphill through the rural landscape, you will pass by several of the lovely lakes that make the landscape here so beautiful. Be prepared for a number of ups and downs along this route.
  • Richter Pass and the Rollers: Famously known for being a part of the Iron Man Canada Challenge, this route will take you uphill through the mountainous terrain of Richter Pass, before traversing a series of rolling hills. Physically demanding and beautifully scenic, this route is one that you won’t forget any time soon.
  • Naramata Bench Road Cycle: This lengthy trail sets out from Penticton and will lead you along the scenic shores of Okanagan Lake for some truly wonderful views. After passing by several picturesque wineries, you will make your return along the gravel expanse of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail, so make sure that your bike is suitable for the conditions.
  • Osoyoos to Jackson Triggs Winery via Black Sage Road: Arguably one of the best rides in the Okanagan Valley, this route is not one to miss if you enjoy cycling through picturesque vineyards. While making your way along Black Sage Road, you will pass by several of the valley’s most-renowned wine producers, including Jackson Triggs, Black Hills Estate Winery, and Le Vieux Pin.
  • Anarchist Mountain: This beautiful trail from Osoyoos will see you climb uphill through vineyards and forests for some exceptional views overlooking Osoyoos Lake. Although the route will require a fair amount of physical effort, the stunning views and exhilarating downhill ride will be well worth it.
  • Skaha/Green Lake Road: Cycling this stunning route will see you leave the town of Penticton behind to experience some wonderfully scenic views of the Okanagan Valley. While out on the trail, you will pass by the charming shores of the Skaha, Green, and Mahoney lakes, all while taking in the exceptional scenery that surrounds you, including lovely vineyards and rugged mountain peaks.

When is the Best Time to Cycle in the Okanagan Valley?

Planning a cycling trip in the Okanagan Valley largely depends on your tolerance for temperature, whether hot or cold. The most favourable time for outdoor activities is in the June to September window, as weather during this period is hot and dry; however, this could also mean cycling during periods of high temperatures that are in excess of 30 ℃. If you are looking for a bit of a cooler experience and don’t mind a few periods of rain, try planning your adventure between April/June or September/October, when temperatures are a fair amount cooler.

Other Outdoor Activities in the Okanagan Valley

In addition to cycling, the Okanagan Valley is a wonderful place to explore the natural beauty of British Columbia through a variety of other activities. Winding rivers and vast lakes offer the opportunity for a number of different paddle sports, fishing, and swimming through the region’s many waterways, and countless hiking trails provide the chance to explore the mountains, forests, and picturesque vineyards that characterize the landscape here. During the winter, snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding are the most popular activities, with several resorts offering some amazing slopes to explore. Whether you are looking to check out Okanagan in the summer or winter, you can rest assured that you won’t get bored on your next big adventure here.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Okanagan Valley

What is considered the Okanagan Valley?

Stretching approximately 124.3mi to the north from the American border, the Okanagan Valley is a roughly 12.4mi wide tract of land that lies between the Cascade and Columbia mountain ranges. The main cities in the area are Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, and Summerland.

How far is the Okanagan Valley from Vancouver?

Anyone looking to make the drive out to the Okanagan Valley from Vancouver can expect to cover about 236.1mi, which equates to about a 4-5h drive.

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The best Road Biking Routes in Okanagan Valley

Giant’s Head Drive

01. Giant’s Head Drive

13.5mi 1,952ft 2.5-3h

The Giant’s Head Climb is a beautifully scenic cycling route in the Okanagan Valley that… Read More

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Oliver to Okanagan Falls

02. Oliver to Okanagan Falls Trail

35.5mi 2,260ft 3-4h

Cycling from Oliver to Okanagan Falls is a great excursion that will allow you to… Read More

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Richter Pass and the Rollers

03. Richter Pass and the Rollers

57.3mi 4,390ft 5-6h

Cycling Richter Pass and the Rollers is a lengthy adventure in the Okanagan Valley that… Read More

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Naramata Bench Road Cycle

04. Naramata Bench Road Cycle

45.6mi 4,390ft 4-6h

The Naramata Bench Road Cycle is an amazing long distance cycling route that will lead… Read More

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Osoyoos to Jackson Triggs Winery via Black Sage Road

05. Osoyoos to Jackson Triggs Winery via Black Sage Road

35.9mi 1,535ft 3-3.5h

The ride from Osoyoos to Jackson Triggs Winery is a pleasant cycling adventure that will… Read More

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Anarchist Mountain

06. Anarchist Mountain Trail

24.3mi 2,467ft 3-3.5h

Cycling Anarchist Mountain is a great adventure that will take you uphill from Osoyoos for… Read More

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Penticton to Skaha and Green Lakes

07. Penticton to Skaha and Green Lakes Trail

35.2mi 1,483ft 3-4h

Penticton to Skaha and Green Lakes is an amazing cycling route that will expose you… Read More

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