Road Biking Routes in Victoria

Region in British Columbia, Canada

Victoria, BC is truly a cyclist paradise. Many of the streets offer dedicated biking lanes, making getting around town, or getting in a good sweat, easy and convenient. Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, and located on Vancouver Island. It is known for its high biking participation rate-meaning biking is actually the preferred mode of transportation by the locals! Explore the city on two wheels to experience the vibrant neighbourhoods, salty wharf and protected nature reserves.

The city itself offers 450 unique cycling routes, which thankfully, are mostly flat or downhill! Victoria is the perfect city for beginner bike-riders or those looking for a fun, family adventure. While the paths can get busy during the height of summer, its always worth setting out by bike to get a real feel for Victoria and all its charm. Whether you’ve been to Victoria countless times, are a local, or it’s your first time—there is nothing like biking around the city to make for a memorable experience.

Need help getting started? Not to fret, we share all our local insider’s knowledge below in our Victoria Road Biking Route Guide. Whether you want to peddle along the waterfront or through a lush forest, there’s a trail for that.

The 10 Greatest Biking Routes in Victoria

With so many great biking options, it can be hard to narrow it down to Victoria’s 10 greatest biking routes—but we think we nailed it. The Seaside Loop takes cyclers through picturesque fishing villages, past scenic parks, with plenty of options for a caffeine break. To explore the edges of a secret lake, hop on the Galloping Goose to Thetis Lake trail. Or, for an adventure with the little ones, try the Colquitz River Trail, where you peddle past the Panama Flats and end with a snack at the famed Red Barn Market.

  • Biking the Seaside Loop: Embark on an incredibly scenic bike ride on the Seaside Loop in Victoria, British Columbia. Pass colourful harbours, lush parks and quaint cafes on this beautiful ride.
  • Biking the Lochside Trail to Sidney: Peddle from town to town via. scenic waterways on the Lochside Trail to Sidney bike ride. Cycle past peaceful farmland and pretty inlets before arrive back into the urban jungle.
  • Biking Galloping Goose to Thetis Lake: Follow the popular trail running across most of the city on the Galloping Goose to Thetis Lake bike ride. Stop in for quick coffee breaks, then arrive at the stunning Thetis Lake for a dip.
  • Biking the Peninsula Loop: Bike to the furthest tip of mainland Victoria to look out over the beautiful San Juan Islands on the Peninsula Loop bike ride. Hug the shore as you peddle along, looking for orcas.
  • Biking the Cowichan Valley Loop from Mill Bay: Glide past rolling farm land and vineyards on the Cowichan Valley biking loop from Mill Bay. Stop for a glass or two at one of the lauded wineries, then explore the coastal towns.
  • Biking Goose to Sooke Potholes: Explore multiple national parks on the Goose to Sooke Potholes bike ride. Peddle past glistening lakes on your way to the natural pools that await in Sooke Provincial Park.
  • Biking the Metchosin Loop: Set out on a challenging ride on the Metchosin Loop bike route, keeping eyes out towards the scenic waterways and the charming Fisgaurd Lighthouse.
  • Biking Cowichan Valley Trail to Kinsol Tressle: Get the whole family on two wheels for the Cowichan Valley Trail to Kinsol Tressle bike ride. Perfect for beginners or little ones, this gentle path takes you to the quirky Kinsol Tressle.
  • Biking the Colquitz River Trail: Cycle along the serene Colquitz River on the Colquitz River Trail bike ride. Explore the Panama Flats, then peddle past small lakes and parks to arrive at the Red Barn Market.
  • Biking the Munns Road Loop: For an uphill urban ride, try the Munns Road Loop biking trail. Perfect for those who want to train on tough hills or test their endurance—this trek will get you sweating.

Other Outdoor Activities in Victoria

Considering Victoria is one of the most-loved cities in British Columbia, it’s not hard to see why once you discover Victoria has to offer. Perhaps most notably, its diverse hiking trails. Not only does Victoria have some of the best architecture in Canada (which definitely makes for charming town walks), but it is also home to an abundance of parks, exploding with trails.

How to Plan A Trip To Victoria

If you’re thinking of making Victoria your next biking adventure, we’ve got the inside track on the area. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to planning a trip to Victoria with local’s recommendations on where to stay, where to eat, the best activities and of course, the best road biking trails. We’ve taken all the guess work out, so you don’t have to!

If you want somebody else to do the planning for your next big adventure, then make sure check out these incredible adventure tours on Vancouver Island, or these adventure tours in BC.

Frequently-Asked-Questions About Biking in Victoria

Can you bike on the sidewalks in Victoria?
The city has ensured there are plenty of bike paths throughout the city, so there is no need to ever ride on the sidewalk. It is considered illegal to side on the sidewalk over the age of 16-years-old and there can be a big fine if caught, so stick to the bike lanes!

Do I need to wear a helmet in Victoria?
Yes. All bike and scooter riders are required to wear a bike helmet in Victoria. This applies when riding on bike and shared paths. Also of note, your bicycle must be equipped with a front white headlight and a rear red light/reflector.

We hope this guide will help you find a great road-biking adventure. You can also check out our tour marketplace to find some spectacular Vancouver Island bike tours.

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Best Road Biking Routes in Victoria

Open details for Seaside Loop

Seaside Loop

40.8 km
320 m

The Seaside Biking loop is one of the most scenic rides in all of Victoria, travelling along the beautiful bays of Victoria’s Inner Harbour and surrounding area. Stop to smell the salty sea air and take in the picturesque fishing villages lining the trail.

User Ratings
Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Intermediate (Square)
Suitable for intermediates who are ready for a little bit more adventure.
Physical Difficulty
Advanced (Diamond)
Suitable for advanced experience level looking for a solid adventure.
Open details for Lochside Trail to Sidney

Lochside Trail to Sidney

62.0 km
130 m

Enjoy a truly picturesque bike ride along the waterfront while biking the Lochside Trail to Sidney bike route. With the perfect blend of nature and urban settings, this bike ride will take you pass farmland, next to small inlets and spit you back out into the city, where the option for a coffee break is never too far away.

User Ratings
Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Easy (Circle)
Suitable for beginners, families, young children, and those looking for a casual adventure.
Physical Difficulty
Intermediate (Square)
Suitable for intermediates who are ready for a little bit more adventure.
Open details for Galloping Goose to Thetis Lake

Galloping Goose to Thetis Lake

25.5 km
163 m

Set out on the Galloping Goose to Thetis Lake bike ride to explore picturesque seaside towns and peaceful glistening lakes. Follow along dedicated bike lanes through the city into Saanich, get your heart rate pumping as you follow the trail over the TransCanada Highway and finally, explore the scenic views at Thetis Lake Regional Park.

User Ratings
No Reviews
Open details for Peninsula Loop

Peninsula Loop

53.6 km
402 m

Set off on the aptly named Peninsula Loop for a bike ride that is popular among riding enthusiasts. Explore a large peninsula, overlooking Haro Strait to the east and the Saanich Inlet to the west. While not overly challenging in terrain, the trail offers shore-hugging lanes, a peak at the far of volcanic Mt. Baker and if you’re lucky, orcas playing in the waves.

User Ratings
No Reviews
Open details for Cowichan Valley Loop from Mill Bay

Cowichan Valley Loop from Mill Bay

48.3 km
461 m

The Cowichan Valley biking loop is a serene trail that winds past farm land and rolling vineyards, making it the perfect sip and peddle route. With cute shops and restaurants dotting the trail, the Cowichan Valley loop is an ideal half-day bike around the coastal towns.

User Ratings
No Reviews
Open details for Goose to Sooke Potholes

Goose to Sooke Potholes

33.6 km
274 m

On the Goose to Sooke Potholes biking route, explore multiple, stunning national parks: Lake Regional Park, Roche Cove Regional Park, then head right along Sooke Basin. There is a campground in Sooke Potholes, so you could do this as part of a bike tour and camp overnight before returning back to Victoria for an overall epic adventure.

User Ratings
No Reviews
Open details for Metchosin Loop

Metchosin Loop

66.1 km
599 m

The Metchosin Loop bike ride takes in scenic waterside views, weaving through the inner suburbs of Victoria. This moderately challenging ride will take you past the picturesque Fisgaurd Lighthouse, then to the stunning natural Esquimalt Lagoon, where birdlife is abundant.

User Ratings
No Reviews
Open details for Cowichan Valley Trail to Kinsol Trestle

Cowichan Valley Trail to Kinsol Trestle

31.3 km
422 m

Bring the whole family on the Cowichan Valley Trail to Kinsol Trestle trail for an epic bike ride! Pass over a smaller trestle on the way to the main attraction, the Kinsol Trestle. From here, take in incredible views over the Koksilah River and prepare for a steep ride back.

User Ratings
No Reviews
Open details for Colquitz River Trail

Colquitz River Trail

Very Easy
10.3 km
111 m

The Colquitz River Trail is a great little ride, perfect for the entire family. Pass through multiple parks (and playgrounds!), following directly beside the Colquitz River at times. End the ride at the Red Barn Market, where an indulgent lunch awaits.

User Ratings
No Reviews
Open details for Munns Road Loop

Munns Road Loop

46.9 km
561 m

Those looking for a challenging ride in an urban setting will be thrilled to have discovered the Munns Road Loop. Prepare for lots of steady climbs and descents on Munns Road and you’ll be rewarded with fantastic ocean views. If you want to test your endurance, stop by the Mount Work area where you can throw in a hike between peddling sessions.

User Ratings
No Reviews

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