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Slovakia is an amazing small country in central Europe. It has everything - beautiful nature, friendly people, deep traditions, folk culture and hearty unique cuisine. Every year more and more travellers from abroad visit Slovakia and the country has adapted to the increased tourism very well - infrastructure for adventure traveling is one of the highest in Europe.

For us, the greatest thing about Slovakia is its amazing nature and lots of activities for adventure lovers. The country has 36 modern resorts that attract lots of local and foreign winter sports enthusiasts. Also, there are several beautiful national parks that have great hiking trail systems and tourism infrastructure. Dramatic peaks, emerald lakes, well maintained hiking trails - what more can you ask for? And, compared to neighbouring central Europe, it's quite cheap!

To help you plan your adventure holiday in Slovakia we have prepared a trip guide. It includes helpful tips, the best places to stay and eat and our favourite hikes in the amazing High Tatras Mountains.

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