Canyonlands National Park
Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park

in Utah, United States
Canyonlands National Park Map

Canyonlands National Park is a popular destination for hikers, backpackers, OHV drivers and paddlers in southeastern Utah. Traditionally inhabited by the Ute, Paiute, and Pueblo peoples, this land is known for its raging rivers, incredible geology, and world-renowned human artifacts.

With massive canyons carved by the roaring waters of the Green and Colorado Rivers, Canyonlands is a treasure-trove of unique geological features. The Upheaval Dome is a dome and crater formation spanning 3.0mi across with uncertain origins in the Island in the Sky district. The Druid Arch: a 150ft-tall sandstone structure that resembles Stonehenge stands stoically at the end of Elephant Canyon. Mesa Arch, also known as Rotary Arch, is a graceful pothole arch that frames the desert sunrise perfectly. What will you find on your adventures through the winding canyons and desert terrain of this incredible park?

Long before Canyonlands became a National Park, this area was inhabited by the indigenous Ute, Paiute, and Pueblo peoples and then by wild west cowboys. You can see remnants of Indigenous culture and cowboy camps on the various trails around the park, including Horseshoe Canyon Trail and the Aztec Butte Trail. If you come across artifacts on your trips around the park, please be respectful; do not touch any petroglyphs or pictographs and appreciate ancient architecture from a distance.

Though hiking may be the primary activity in Canyonlands National Park, this area has so much to offer. The White Rim Road in the Island in the sky district is a highly popular OHV trail of moderate difficulty that leads you to some of the most scenic overlooks in the park. If your feet are sore from days of hiking, switch things up with a guided river tour down the Green or Colorado Rivers. Though these activities are limited to certain areas, horseback riding, rock climbing, and cycling are also permitted in the park. Backpacking and overnight camping are excellent ways to spend some quality time exploring this National Park. Be sure to check out campground reservation and permit information before heading out on your trip.

The best time to plan your trip to Canyonlands National Park is in the spring or the fall when the weather is predictable, and temperatures are tolerable. Canyonlands National Park is open year-round; however, the summer can be dangerously hot, and in the winter months, visitor services are often unavailable. If you would like to help plan your trip to Canyonlands National Park, we are here to help; with tours available, we can make your trip exploring this incredible part of Utah one to remember.

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