Ghost River
Ghost River

Ghost River

Region in Alberta, Canada
Ghost River Map

The Ghost River Region is an outdoor wonderland for locals. The rugged, unruly scenery provides a perfect setting for a remote getaway, where you shouldn't expect many facilities. Bring a shovel, toilet paper, and sanitizer! The freedom to random camp gives locals in Calgary and nearby towns, such as Cochrane and Canmore, a chance to escape to the wild without worrying about dealing with the crowds flocking to Banff National Park.

Not many visitors and tourists stopping in Alberta know of the untouched natural wonders stretching across the Ghost River Region: nothing beats revelling in the imposing front ranges of the Canadian Rockies, with the potential of spotting bears, elk, mountain goats, wolves in a secluded, spacious, uncongested environment.

If you're in Calgary and looking for not-so-frequented hikes, random camping spots, backcountry roads to drive your 4x4 while the Canadian Rockies paint a dramatic backdrop, the Ghost River region is your go-to spot. However, there are some random camping restrictions, so be sure to check out all the information, depending on which area you're going to in the Ghost area—near Waiparous is usually a safe bet for random camping

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