Ghost River

Hikes in Ghost River

Region in Alberta, Canada

Tap into your wild, outdoorsy side and escape the crowds on hikes in the Ghost River Region, which range from moderate to challenging, making this a better spot for experienced hikers looking to escape the crowds. You may not encounter many people when hiking in Ghost, but bring bear spray as wildlife is known to frequent the area. Families looking for unreal hikes may want to look for routes within Banff National Park.

When Is The Best Time To Hike in the Ghost River Region?

While some hikes are available year-round, it’s safest to explore the trails by foot after the snow melts and the paths dry up. If you’re hiking in winter, make sure you know your avalanche safety tips and have the right equipment before heading here for a snowy walking adventure. Check for information online before you go in the winter months!

Best Regions for Hiking in the Ghost River Region

The Ghost River Region can be confusing as it has blocks of land sprawling across the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies rather than just one designated area. In general, it may be best to seek out a single hike and tackle that rather than looking for a particular region in Ghost to hike!

Families should look to Banff National Park for easier, less rugged excursions.

Other Outdoor Activities in the Ghost River Region

Other popular outdoor activities in the Ghost River Region include random camping. Before 2021, you could go random camping for free, but now you’re required to purchase a Public Land Camping Pass worth $30 per person annually. Remember that random camping here comes with no developed facilities, so bring your shovel and prepare to tap into your wild side by digging out some bathroom holes in the dirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the Kananaskis Conservation Pass to camp and hike here?

You will need the Public Lands Camping Pass for random camping in any public land along the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies, which costs $30 per person per year. You won’t need the Kananaskis Conservation Pass for Ghost! You can check this map here to find out where you need the pass.

Are there bears in the area?

Yes, there are bears, so be sure to bring bear spray along and brush up on bear safety tips before you go.

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Best Hikes in Ghost River

Open details for Black Rock Mountain

Black Rock Mountain

Very Hard
10.3 km
835 m

While Black Rock Mountain offers gratifying views, reaching the summit comes with its fair share of challenges, such as finding the trailhead and rockfall in some sections as you ascend. But, after your heart rate settles at the top, peaks stretching into the horizon and cradling the valley emulating a quintessential image of the wild below will force you to forget about any of the challenges along this route. The abandoned fire hall at the top adds a cool look to the already-epic scenery!

User Ratings
Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Easy (Circle)
Suitable for beginners, families, young children, and those looking for a casual adventure.
Physical Difficulty
Advanced (Diamond)
Suitable for advanced experience level looking for a solid adventure.

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