Region in British Columbia, Canada
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Known as “The Harbour City”, Nanaimo is a beautiful city that sits along the east coast of Vancouver Island and is roughly 70.2mi north of Victoria. A popular destination on the island for people visiting from Vancouver, the two cities are connected via the Horseshoe Bay ferry, making it an easily-accessible gateway to some of the more remote parts of the island. Terrain here is dominated by the beautifully rugged coastline, as well as the Nanaimo River Estuary - Vancouver Island’s largest - that flows out into the harbour.

Whether you decide to explore Nanaimo for its stunning coastal landscapes, surrounding temperate rainforests, or vibrant city life, there is so much to do and see in this wonderful corner of British Columbia. In terms of outdoor adventure, boating and water-based activities dominate many personal agendas; however, there are also a good amount of stunning hiking and mountain bike trails that will allow you to fully explore the natural beauty that can not only be found along the coast, but further inland as well. With plenty of options to experience a unique city culture and stunningly beautiful scenery, there is no reason that Nanaimo shouldn’t be your next adventure destination on Vancouver Island.

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