Inyo National Forest
Inyo National Forest

Inyo National Forest

Region in California
Inyo National Forest Map

Inyo National Forest has an abundance of outdoor activities that one can enjoy throughout its extensive area. People flock from all over the world to mountaineer amongst its peaks and ski its renowned slopes. Cyclists bike along its scenic roadways and traverse its plentiful mountain trails, while hikers are drawn to the wilderness area due to the variety of routes it possesses for all skill levels. No matter your preferred outdoor activity, Inyo National Forest will not leave you disappointed!

A landscape characterized by imposing mountains, lush vegetation, picturesque lakes, and charming creeks, Inyo National Forest is among the most scenic environments in California. Made up of nine designated wilderness areas that together protect a staggering 800,000 acres (1,200 sq mi/3,200sq km), Inyo National Forest’s impressive scale is only surpassed by its breathtaking beauty. Boasting both the highest mountain in the contiguous United States (Mount Whitney) and the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forests - a protected area that possesses what is believed to be the oldest individual tree in the world - Inyo National Forest is a landscape that in no way lacks substance.

Nestled along the eastern boundary of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, a cornucopia of life inhabits the vast ecosystem of Inyo National Forest. Great Horned Owls wisely overlook the mountainous terrain - watching the noble American Blackbear scavenge for food throughout the expansive biome. Rainbow and Brown Trout populate its many waterways, while a seemingly endless amount of fungi varieties occupy its forests.

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