Lassen Volcanic National Park
Lassen Volcanic National Park


Region in California
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Lassen Volcanic National Park (and the adjacent and associated Lassen National Forest) is a geologically magnificent wilderness area that speaks to the power of the earth's natural processes. Located in northeastern California, the protected wilderness area is characterized by glacial valleys, picturesque lakes, large mountains, coniferous forests and of course, unrelenting volcanic activity. Containing all four types of volcanoes found throughout the world, Lassen Volcanic National Park is an ever-changing testament to the geological mechanisms that shape the world around us.

In addition to its mesmerizing geological activity, Lassen Volcanic National Park boasts an expansive catalog of wildlife. Home to imposing predators like the American Black Bear and Mountain Lions, the National Park is an excellent location to view these eminent keystone species. An abundance of bird varieties also inhabit the massive wilderness area - Pileated Woodpeckers chisel their beaks into the bark of trees in search of bugs to eat, while the noble Mountain Chickadee sings its merry song whilst overlooking the incredible alpine terrain.

At a grand scale of 106,452 acres, hundreds of thousands of visitors travel annually to Lassen Volcanic National Park to take part in the abundant activities that can be enjoyed throughout the park. In the summer months, people hike, ride horses, and cycle along its mountainous terrain, while the wilderness area’s many creeks, rivers, and lakes attract fishing enthusiasts. As the summer weather turns cold, and winter arrives, snowshoeing and backcountry skiing are considered to be excellent ways to experience the imposing beauty of the vast wilderness area. No matter your interests or the time of year you choose to visit, Lassen Volcanic National Park has something for you to be excited about!

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