Sawatch Mountain Range
Sawatch Mountain Range

Sawatch Mountain Range

Region in Colorado, United States
Sawatch Mountain Range Trail Map

The Sawatch Mountain Range is an adventure travelers haven located in central Colorado. An impressive collection of snow-capped peaks that form the Continental Divide, the Sawatch Mountain Range is a dramatic section of the southern Rocky Mountains. Spanning over 100 miles southeastward from Eagle River to the city of Saguache, the high-country offers endless adventure opportunities to satisfy every type of outdoor enthusiast.

Possessing the highest concentration of fourteeners (peaks that exceed 14,000ft) in Colorado, there is no shortage of alpine adventures! The Sawatch Mountain Range is home to 15 of Colorado’s 58 fourteeners, including Mount Elbert, the tallest-ranking peak in the state at 4,401m (14, 440ft). Other remarkable summits include Mount Massive, Mount of the Holy Cross, La Plata Peak, and the famous Collegiate Peaks. Boasting sweeping vistas of the Rocky Mountains, the Sawatch Mountain Range also offers a diverse repertoire of outdoor activities.

Dominating the skyline with massive snow-dusted peaks, the Sawatch Mountain Range provides some of the most accessible and most arduous Colorado fourteener summit treks. Whether you are an intrepid explorer or novice adventurer, this majestic mountain range has something to offer everyone. Summer excursions present awesome hiking, trekking, rock climbing, and mountain biking opportunities which demonstrate the intensity of the altitude as hikers climb through warm evergreen forests up to snow-clocked alpine terrain. Winter expeditions into the Sawatch Mountain Range are more technical but equally as exciting! The rugged peaks offer backcountry skiing, mountaineering, snowshoeing, and even cross-country skiing adventures at the sub-alpine level.

Bounded by the Elk Mountain Range in the west and the Front Range in the east, this impressive range exhibits the beauty of Colorado’s mountainous wilderness. Seeking a challenge? Why not attempt summiting Colorado’s highest peak on the North Mount Elbert Trail or hike up to the Mount of the Holy Cross which displays a unique picture etched into the snowfield on the mountain’s flank. Whether you come to the Sawatch Range to ascend a fourteener or simply to enjoy relaxing alpine lake nature walks, the area’s striking scenery is sure to take your breath away.

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