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    Front Range

    Hikes in Front Range

    Region in Colorado, United States

    Hikes within the Front Range are perfectly balanced between exhilarating summit hikes and family-friendly strolls. This expansive range covers thousands of trails from southern Wyoming all the way down to southern Colorado. Spanning over 482.8 km north to south, there is no shortage of hikes. The diversity of the terrain along the Front Range necessitates assorted adventures of varying difficulties.

    Travel through alpine tundra, along grassy meadowlands, or under aspen groves. The Front Range is unique in that it includes different regions with different landscapes and climates. Adventure the Rocky Mountain National Park or the Indian Peaks Wilderness; travel along the Continental Divide or explore river canyons. There is no comparable experience to hiking the Front Range. The only way to describe the Front Range adventures is scenic, diverse, and abundant. You will just have to come see for yourself.

    Whether you are seeking a meadowland stroll or a scramble up a technical peak, the Front Range delivers. Inexperienced hikers and avid adventurers alike can enjoy the best of what Colorado has to offer. Hike amongst locals and visitors as you adventure the trails amongst the Front Range.

    The 20 Greatest Hikes in Colorado’s Front Range Region

    1. Paradise Cove Swimming Hole Trail - The Paradise Cove Swimming Hole Trail is an epic-adventure the whole family will enjoy. Hike the short, woodland path to a scenic swimming hole, nestled among the granite cliffs of the Guffey Gorge. This excursion is the perfect recovery incubator after a long journey up to Pikes Peak the day before. Veg out and relax next to the jade-colored swimming hole, and if you are feeling daring, jump off the vertigo inducing bluffs.
    2. Mount Evans via Chicago Creek Hike - Hike up to a Colorado 14er. The Mount Evans via Chicago Creek Trail may just be one of the most demanding, but picturesque hikes in the Front Range. Hike up through the postcard-worthy scenery of the Mount Evans Wilderness to the namesake’s summit. Trek past several shimmering blue-hued lakes and through the alpine tundra before ascending Mount Evans. Though challenging, the mountain top vistas are undoubtedly rewarding.
    3. Loch Lomond Trail - Hike the Loch Lomond Trail to a crystalline alpine lake hemmed by snow-dusted, craggy peaks. The Loch Lomond Trail is a shared OHV route through towering pine trees up to the mountain cirque. Hike, bike, or drive, we love this trail because of its versatility. Situated high on the Continental Divide, the lake offers panoramic views of the encompassing peaks and sights of the diverse Colorado landscape below. Don’t forget to bring your fishing rod if you have a permit!
    4. Diamond Peaks Hike - The Diamond Peaks Hike is an exciting backcountry excursion through the Colorado wilderness. Hike the steep, but scenic primitive trail up to the summit of North Diamond Peak and the Montgomery Pass. This stimulating trek will guide adventures through dense woodlands, lush meadows, through alpine tundras, and up steep trails to summit the North Diamond Peak. From atop the mountain enjoy 360-degree panoramic vistas of the surrounding mountainous landscape that flanks the lush subalpine forests below.
    5. Grizzly and Cupid Peaks Hike - Hike the Front Range to not one, but two snow-capped summits. The Grizzly and Cupid Peaks Hike is an ambitious adventure along the Continental Divide to summit the peaks. This excursion is incredibly scenic. Enjoy breathtaking vistas as you make your way along the ridge of the pass and notice the prominent Torreys and Grays Peaks in the distance. Though demanding, this venture to Grizzly and Cupid Peaks is well worth the effort.
    6. Loveland Pass Lake Trail - The Loveland Pass Lake Trail is a family-friendly nature walk nestled among the demanding summit hikes in the area. Admire shimmering alpine lakes that sit in the foreground of the encompassing snow-dusted peaks and consider having lunch in the scenic picnic area. Adventure this hike with your little ones and keep an eye out for pika, marmots and even mountain goats as you walk the path.
    7. Colorado Mines Peak Hike - Explore the Berthoud Pass Automated Weather Observing System atop Colorado Mines Peak. The Colorado Mines Peak Hike is a stimulating adventure along the Berthoud Pass up a winding service road. Navigate the seemingly endless number of switchbacks up to the summit of the Colorado Mines Peak and revel in the expansive mountainous vistas. Don’t forget to check out the weather station equipment that the Colorado Mines School uses to help aviation navigation through the Front Range.
    8. Greyrock Trail - There is no denying that the Greyrock Trail lives up to its name. Hike the meadow-cloaked trail up through an aspen grove to the summit. Explore the pile of granite rocks that structure Greyrock Mountain. Appreciate the grandeur of the surrounding Rocky Mountains and the forested river valleys below. There is no wonder why this trail is so popular, this hike features all the best environments that the Colorado wilderness has to offer.
    9. Blue Lake Hike - The Blue Lake Hike is a stunning adventure through the Roosevelt National Forest. Travel along the soft, forested floor, past a babbling creek and small cascading waterfalls before ascending the rocky ridge to the blue-hued lake. The Blue Lake Trail is a charming family friendly adventure up to Blue Lake, hemmed by craggy peaks. Get an up close and personal view of Cameron Peak and vistas of Clark Mountain in the distance.
    10. Cheesman Canyon Hike - Cheesman Canyon Hike is one of our favorite adventures! Follow the curves of the South Platte River up to the Cheesman Reservoir. Walk along the river’s edge whilst enjoying the tranquility of the running river and sights of anglers fishing the picturesque waters. Thousands of fly fishermen flock to the South Platte River yearly to fish the abundant waters for trout. If you have a permit, bring your fishing rod and join them!
    11. Berthoud Pass Trail - The Berthoud Pass Trail is an unforgettable experience up the Continental Divide. This adventure will guide you up various alpine environments to the pass. Hike through the towering fir and spruce trees before ascending the exposed alpine tundra to the Divide. Trek along the ridge and feel as though you are in a movie as you walk the trail set against the picturesque Colorado backdrop. Surround yourself with the incredibly beautiful scenery and the path will reward you with a new perspective of the Colorado wilderness with every step you take.
    12. Devil’s Head Lookout Trail - Located in the Pike National Forest, the Devil’s Head Fire Lookout is the last of the original seven fire lookouts that dotted the granite peaks in the Front Range. This unique excursion up to the ranger’s cabin and historic fire overlook is an ideal family friendly adventure that kids will love. Blow off some steam as you track up 143 steps to the stunning lookout where you will be rewarded with striking views of the Rampart Ranges and the surrounding Colorado landscape.
    13. Kenosha Pass North Hike - There is no arguing that the Kenosha Pass North Trail is the best place to immerse yourself in the golden aspens in the fall. Bring the whole family on this scenic nature walk through lush aspen groves to a meadow that exposes you to expansive vistas of the encompassing Front Range peaks. Though this trail can be adventured year-round, the autumn vibrance is unforgettable.
    14. Butler Gulch Trail - The Butler Gulch Trail is a scenic expedition through the Arapaho National Forest. The diversity of this hike will astound you, travel up through towering pine and fir trees, past small waterfalls, along a babbling creek up to the alpine tundra. Ascend the timberline and the path will reveal panoramic vistas of the encompassing snow-capped peaks that hem the verdant forested valleys.
    15. Pinewood Reservoir Hike - Hike the shoreline of the Pinewood Reservoir along this family-friendly nature walk. The Pinewood Reservoir offers several outdoor activities that outdoor enthusiasts of all sorts will enjoy, hike, bike, kayak, fish, snowshoe, or canoe. Hike the woodland path around the lake’s edge and bask in the impressive vistas. The Pinewood Reservoir Trail and the surrounding recreational area is ideal for a weekend adventure into nature!
    16. Echo Lake Trail - Located near the Mount Evans Byway, the Echo Lake Park and trail is a popular spot. The Echo Lake Trail is short and sweet. Weave along the shore’s edge and through dense pine forests. This easy to navigate, well-maintained trail is perfect for hikers of all-skill levels and young kids. Adventure this path on your next trip to the Mount Evans Wilderness
    17. Horsetooth Falls Hike - Hike up to Horsetooth Falls and enjoy the ambiance of the waterfall. This adventure is a crowd-favorite in the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space. This trail is the perfect excuse to get your whole family out into nature. Trek the incredibly scenic path along plains abundant with wildflowers, through a pine forest and to a cascading waterfall. Dip your tired toes in the waterfall pool and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the cascading waterfall.
    18. Herman Gulch Trail - Hike the Herman Gulch Trail up to a crystalline alpine lake hemmed by snow-capped mountains. The Herman Gulch Trail is an unforgettable experience up a forested creek valley to unobstructed views of a crystal-clear lake hemmed by the Continental Divide. Challenge yourself as you ascend the rocky terrain to Herman Lake. Explore the lake’s shore and bask in the beautiful scenery that surrounds you.
    19. Mount Flora Hike - The Mount Flora Hike is a wonderfully scenic trail along the ridgeline of the famous Continental Divide. This adventure demands high effort, but the stakes are highly rewarding. The Mount Flora Trail is an unforgettable adventure through the diverse terrain of the Arapaho National Forest and up to the summit Mount Flora. Revel in the expansive panoramic views of the surrounding mountainous landscape from atop the summit.
    20. Chief Mountain Hike - The Chief Mountain Hike is an easily manageable summit adventure in the Front Range region. This excursion ascends the woodlands up to the rocky summit. Navigate the switchbacks up to the peak where you will be rewarded with views of the Mount Evans Wilderness and the dozens of peaks that dot the Colorado landscape below.

    Scroll down to see all of the hiking trailers in the Front Range.

    When Is the Best Time to Visit the Front Range?

    As Coloradans often preach, the state has the best weather all the time. This answer isn’t wrong per se, but it isn’t exactly true. Like the state of Colorado, the Front Range has two major tourist seasons- the winter months and the summer. Each season attracts a different type of adventurer, so depending on what you intend on doing, dictates the best time of year to visit.

    The Front Range can be enjoyed year-round, but if you are hoping to backpack, camp, bike, or hike, consider heading out to the mountain range in the summer. Summers in the Front Range region see vibrant wildflowers, verdant vegetation and optimal fishing or swimming weather. It is worth noting that along with the warm air and lush greenery presents the increased possibility of getting caught in an afternoon thunder and lightning storm. These afternoon occurrences are notorious among the sky-scraping peaks in the Front Range.

    Our favorite month to visit the Front Range might just be autumn. The thinning crowds and the crispness of the fall air appeals to us. Enjoy the sights of the vibrant aspen trees and trek along the crispy leaves that line the paths. Note that the autumn at high elevation warrants snowfall so though it may be warm at the trailhead, an autumn summit hike will usually culminate on a snow-dusted peak.

    The winter months are equally as busy as the summer months in the Front Range. Adventurers trade their hiking boots for snowshoes or skis as they explore the snowy mountain range. There are plenty of ski resorts that litter the Front Range region and intrepid adventurers can even backcountry ski down the impressive peaks. The Colorado Front Range is a crowd-favorite for a reason, and the versatility of its peaks attract adventurous spirits year-round.

    Other Outdoor Activities in the Front Range

    The Front Range offers much more than just breathtaking wilderness hikes and summit treks. There are outdoor activities to satisfy all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts, and hiking is just one. There are plenty of exciting opportunities to participate in, like off-roading up one of many certified OHV summit trails, backcountry skiing down the Berthoud Pass or snowshoeing through Homestead Meadows.

    There are also many reservoirs, alpine lakes, and rivers perfect for fishing! The Cheesman Canyon is not only an awesome hike, but a renowned fishing destination. Like we said, this region has it all and will please all sorts of adventurous spirits.

    Frequently-Asked-Questions About the Front Range

    How long is the Front Range?

    The Front Range is approximately 482.8 km long. The Front Range spans from Casper, Wyoming all the way down to Pueblo, Colorado.

    How many peaks are there in the Front Range?

    There are 917 named mountains in the Front Range.

    What is the highest peak in the Front Range?

    Grays Peak is the highest mountain in the Front Range that stands at about 4,352 m in elevation. Grays Peak is also the highest summit along the Continental Divide.

    What is considered the Front Range?

    The Front Range includes the Rocky Mountain National Park, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Medicine Bow, Laramie Mountains, Pikes Peak, Mummy Range, and more. The expansive mountain range also borders the cities of Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, and Colorado Springs.

    Is Breckenridge the Front Range?

    Yes, Breckenridge Mountain is located within the Front Range region. The Breckenridge Ski Resort’s highest summit peaks at 3,962 m, awarding it the title of the highest ski resort on the Front Range.

    Adventures Tours in Colorado

    Bummer, we have yet to create a Front Range adventure package…ensure to keep an eye out as we are working to add more tours in the area! Until then, take a look at our other epic Colorado Adventure Tours, like the Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking Tour.

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    Best Hikes in Front Range

    Showing 101 to 120 of 203
      Open details for Mason Creek Trail

      Mason Creek Trail

      14.5 km
      422 m

      The Mason Creek Trail is an awesome day-hike through Staunton State Park. If you are anything like us and love a trail with diverse terrain and stimulating sights, then you will love the Mason Creek Hike. With every step you take along this trail you will be rewarded with new scenery as you travel around the loop.

      User Ratings
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      Open details for Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass via the Colorado Trail

      Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass via the Colorado Trail

      18.7 km
      865 m

      Hike across the Colorado Wilderness as you travel along the Colorado Trail from Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass. This adventure is not for the faint of heart, but those who do conquer this trail are rewarded with stunning scenery and awe-inspiring Front Range vistas.

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      Open details for Bristlecone Loop Trail

      Bristlecone Loop Trail

      Very Easy
      0.5 km
      8 m

      The Bristlecone Loop Trail is a wonderful family-friendly adventure in the Mount Goliath Natural Area. Hop out of the car and stretch your legs as you trek around the short loop. Learn more about the Colorado wilderness and the bristlecone trees from the interpretive signs that dot the path.

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      Open details for Citadel Mountain Hike

      Citadel Mountain Hike

      14.3 km
      999 m

      Hike the Citadel Mountain Trail on your next journey into the Arapaho National Forest. This exciting adventure is reserved for intrepid outdoor enthusiasts who don’t mind off-roading. Hike the primitive trail up to the summit of Citadel Mountain, where dumbfounding vistas of the mountainous landscape await.

      User Ratings
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      Open details for Signal Mountain Hike

      Signal Mountain Hike

      Very Hard
      24.0 km
      1,158 m

      The Signal Mountain Hike is one of the most beautiful adventures through the Front Range. Though this trail borders on one of the most popular Colorado destinations, the Signal Mountain Trail is secluded and quiet. Hike through meadowlands, beside babbling streams, and up to an incredible overlook. Get your steps in along this impressive alpine trail.

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      Open details for Lower Dadd Gulch Trail

      Lower Dadd Gulch Trail

      11.3 km
      452 m

      Hidden amongst the Front Range wilderness, the Lower Dadd Gulch Trail is a scenic and secluded adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. With a gradual grade and easy-to-navigate terrain, this hike is optimal for those looking for a relaxing walk or families with older children.

      User Ratings
      No Reviews
      Open details for Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park Trail

      Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park Trail

      Very Easy
      1.6 km
      14 m

      Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park Trail is a scenic, but short adventure over the Big Thompson River and through the surrounding wilderness and historic artifacts. The Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park Trail is a perfect excuse to get the family into nature. Trek along the path and learn from the interpretive signs that line the trail.

      User Ratings
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      Open details for Lincoln Lake Hike

      Lincoln Lake Hike

      17.7 km
      670 m

      The Lincoln Lake Trail is a stunning nature walk through the woodlands. Hike up through the dense forest before the trail guides you through an eerie burn area. Shortly after, you’ll reach the alpine lake. At the lake, you will be rewarded with breathtaking mountain views over the shimmering waters.

      User Ratings
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      Open details for Watrous Gulch Trail

      Watrous Gulch Trail

      9.0 km
      688 m

      The Watrous Gulch trail is a demanding adventure through the Arapaho National Forest. With the perfect balance between strenuous and scenic, this is perfect for adventurous spirits seeking a challenge. Get a workout in as you ascend the steep rocky terrain to a stunning overlook.

      User Ratings
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      Open details for Ruby Gulch Trail

      Ruby Gulch Trail

      8.5 km
      464 m

      Escape the city and head out into the Colorado wilderness. The Ruby Gulch Trail is an unforgettable hike in the Arapaho National Forest. Hike through the forested valley and intersect with several alpine creeks. If you enjoy woodland hikes, then you have found your match.

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      Open details for Payne Creek Trail

      Payne Creek Trail

      21.7 km
      957 m

      Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and escape into the Lost Creek Wilderness. The Payne Creek Trail is an epic adventure for avid hikers through the quintessential Colorado terrains. Hike through meadowlands, along creeks, up ridges and through aspen groves all the while enjoying views of the encompassing mountainous landscape.

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      Open details for Kelso Mountain Hike

      Kelso Mountain Hike

      9.5 km
      708 m

      The Kelso Mountain Hike is an awesome introductory summit hike in the Front Range. Short, sweet, but steep, this path is a real leg-burner. Leave the city and its stressors in the rear-view mirror and head out into the wilderness. Explore the quintessential Colorado terrain and revel in the stunning vistas.

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      Open details for Young Gulch Trail

      Young Gulch Trail

      16.7 km
      406 m

      The Young Gulch Trail is an incredibly scenic adventure through diverse Colorado terrains. Cross dozens of streams, trek through meadowlands, and under tree cover all the while enjoying the 360-degree views. This excursion is a wonderful day-hike in the Roosevelt National Forest.

      User Ratings
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      Open details for Comanche Reservoir Trail

      Comanche Reservoir Trail

      17.1 km
      596 m

      The Comanche Reservoir Trail is a beautiful, forested hike through the Comanche Peak Wilderness. Trek this path as a lengthy day-hike or an epic overnight adventure. Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the expansive views of the Rocky Mountain National Park on the horizon.

      User Ratings
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      Open details for Lady Moon Trail

      Lady Moon Trail

      10.5 km
      259 m

      Lace up those hiking shoes and head out along the Lady Moon Trail in the Roosevelt National Forest. Hike the loop trail through diverse Colorado scenery and to stunning overlooks. This path offers a unique experience as you hike amongst grazing cattle. Kids and adults alike will love this stimulating adventure through the wilderness.

      User Ratings
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      Open details for Lion Gulch Trail

      Lion Gulch Trail

      10.1 km
      419 m

      Don’t worry, this trail isn’t as scary as it seems. The Lion Gulch Hike is a scenic adventure through the Roosevelt National Forest. Climb up the rocky terrain, along a babbling creek and up to the historic homestead. History buffs and outdoor enthusiasts alike will enjoy this trail.

      User Ratings
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      Open details for Second Creek Trail

      Second Creek Trail

      8.7 km
      447 m

      The Second Creek Trail is an epic adventure for the whole family. Travel up the woodland path, past aspen groves, through meadows and up to a scenic overlook at the Broome Hut, all before ascending the summit. Get in your daily movement and blow off some steam as you ascend the gradual grade to the peaks.

      User Ratings
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      Open details for Rolling Creek via Colorado Trail

      Rolling Creek via Colorado Trail

      20.8 km
      1,210 m

      Hike into the Lost Creek Wilderness along the Rolling Creek via Colorado Trail. Travel through diverse terrain and get out of your comfort zone as you navigate the technical path. Trek the Rolling Creek via Colorado Trail as a lengthy day-hike or an epic backpacking adventure. Either way we guarantee you will enjoy the stunning journey.

      User Ratings
      No Reviews
      Open details for Rosalie Trail via Tanglewood

      Rosalie Trail via Tanglewood

      9.5 km
      337 m

      The Rosalie Trail via Tanglewood adventure is reserved for the intrepid spirits. This primitive trail will guide you through the dense woodlands to an overlook of Deer Creek. Immerse yourself in nature and let that adventurous sense attempt to navigate the unmarked trail. Though primitive, this route is unforgettably beautiful.

      User Ratings
      No Reviews
      Open details for Rosalie Trail

      Rosalie Trail

      18.5 km
      1,145 m

      The Rosalie Trail is reserved for experienced and adventurous hikers. Travel from the east end of the Mount Evans Wilderness all the way over the west. Trek through the diverse terrain as you hike the trail nestled between some of the most impressive snow-capped Front-Range peaks. This epic adventure will reward you with new scenery every step of the way as you hike through a mountain saddle.

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