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    Hikes in Squamish

    Region in British Columbia, Canada

    Squamish is a great base for hiking near Vancouver. Set out on one of the countless hiking trails that will take you through and along ancient alpine forests, vast mountain terrain, verdant rainforests, crystal-clear lakes and peaceful, bubbling rivers.

    Accessible to anyone with a good pair of shoes and an excitement for the outdoors, there is nothing quite like hiking in Squamish. With so much to do outdoors, hiking is actually one of the most overlooked adventure option in the area, but those who tackle a Squamish trail know the magic this part of the Coast Mountains can hold. Start with an easier walk, meandering around the Squamish waterfront before setting your sights on the more challenging terrain: Smoke Bluffs, Murrin Provincial Park and the Sea to Sky Gondola hikes. Though everyone will tell you, you simply can’t miss the crown jewel—The Stawamus Chief. Home to multiple incredible peaks, the uphill journey is tough, but rewarding. There is truly something for everyone in Squamish, regardless of skill-level and ability.

    Squamish hikes can be accessed within one-hour from Vancouver, making for an easy half-day trip or for the more adventurous hiker, plenty of options for multi-day trips. Surrounded by multiple scenic waterfalls, the Squamish area can sometimes feel as if you are miles away from civilization, only to discover a lodge at the top of the mountain. With endless delights in store, Squamish is one of British Columbia’s premier hiking destinations.

    Tighten up those hiking boots and prepare to hike the trails in beautiful Squamish. Need some guidance on where to get started? Explore our hiking route guides below for the 4-1-1 on anything and everything Squamish related.

    The 10 Greatest Hikes in Squamish

    Offering plenty of easy trails and gondola options, Squamish is extremely skill-level friendly and also a great option for young families. While summer may be the peak time to experience the most epic hikes in Squamish, all-seasons offer spectacular views and ever-changing colours.

    If travelling with small children, skip the uphill hikes and hop on the Sea to Sky gondola for stunning views over the Squamish valley, all the way out to the lake. This saves on energy (and your knees!), while providing a little extra fun for the little ones. This is also a great options for inexperienced hikers, who can get a feel for the terrain once at the top.

    But those who want a challenge can certainly find one in the Squamish area. The Watersprite Lake hike will take you out into backcountry for a grueling uphill hike, but you’ll be rewarded with a picture-perfect lake straight out of a postcard. Or, Opal Cone offers an equally challenging hike, set on a cinder cone volcano that will have you feeling like you’ve landed on another planet.

    • The Chief: The Chief hike is a popular trail for good reason. It has easy access, and remarkable views. The hike is short in distance, but still challenging.
    • Elfin Lakes: The Elfin Lakes hike is a long day-hike, but a gentle grade to the lake makes it doable. The lake is scenic, with incredible views of nearby mountains.
    • Watersprite Lake: The Watersprite Lake hike brings you to a lake that looks straight out of a postcard. It is a popular trail, but access is limited due to the forest service road into the trailhead.
    • Opal Cone: The Opal Cone hike explores a cinder cone volcano, which feels like a different planet as you summit to the top to take in views of The Gargoyles, Columnar Peak and Pyramid Mountain.
    • Crooked Falls: he Crooked Falls hike is accessed along a forest service road, and is accessible for much of the year. You can view the falls from the front, and also have a unique view of the falls from the side.
    • Sea to Summit Trail: The Sea to Summit hike takes you to the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola - from there you can enjoy a beer at the lodge and enjoy the easy ride down.
    • Murrin Park: The Murrin Park hike offers a small network of trails and an easy, short hike. You are able to access a few viewpoints with great views of Howe Sound. There is also a small lake you can enjoy at the trailhead.
    • Al’s Habrich Ridge: The Al’s Habrich Ridge hike is accessed from the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola. From the ridge, you have views of Sky Pilot Mountain, Howe Sound, and The Stawamus Chief.
    • Squamish Smoke Bluffs: The Squamish Smoke Bluffs hike is located in a popular park for rock climbing and hiking, with several nice lookouts, where you can see Squamish and Howe Sound.
    • Tunnel Bluffs: The Tunnel Bluffs hike has become one of the most popular hikes in the Sea to Sky area over the last five years. This moderate trail takes you to an incredible lookout over Howe Sound.

    When Is The Best Time To Hike In Squamish

    Hiking in Squamish is something that definitely require a bit of planning to ensure good weather conditions. The entire hiking season is considered from late March until late October, but like with most things, there is a peak season—which is the height of summer.

    The hiking trails are beautiful and bursting with wildflowers during July, August and September, but be forewarned the trails can be very crowded with kids out on summer holiday. Generally speaking, September and October are the loveliest times to visit with less busy trails, cooler temperatures and beautiful fall foliage in peak leaf-pepping season.

    During the winter and even into spring, the snow can stick around up on the mountains making for dangerous and unsafe hiking conditions. Always check before you leave, be prepared and dressed appropriately.

    How to Plan a Trip to Squamish

    Thinking of booking your next vacation in Squamish, but don’t know where to start? No sweat! We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide to planning a trip to Squamish. We share all our insider knowledge on where to stay, eat and play. And of course, the local’s guide to the best hikes in the Squamish area. All you have to do… is pack your bag.

    Frequently-Asked-Questions About Squamish

    Are there bears in the Squamish area?
    Yes, Squamish is located in a prime bear habitat. The bears here are active between March-December. Just be aware that there is an inherit risk while tramping through the woods. If you come prepared and are smart, you will be fine. There have been no recent incidents in this area to report of.
    Will I need hiking boots for the trails in Squamish?
    The Squamish trails can be a bit rooty and there’s lots of uphill (and downhill), so having proper footwear with ankle support will be a huge advantage to have out on the trails. Find our guide to choosing the right hiking boots for you here.
    How long does it take to hike the Chief in Squamish?
    The Chief is probably the most popular hiking trail in the area. So give yourself some extra time to battle all the people trying to conquer this hike as well. In general, it can be done in 90 minutes to reach peak 1 (which is as far as most people go), add on an additional hour for the next two peaks, which we think are the highlight.

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    Best Hikes in Squamish

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      Open details for Anif Peak

      Anif Peak

      17.2 km
      1,364 m

      The Anif Peak trail is a hiking route to the southeast of Squamish that will take you on a 17.2 km journey to the summit of Anif Peak and Mount Mulligan. Along the route you will experience a beautiful woodland setting and capture amazing mountain views. The terrain on this hike isn’t too challenging, which makes it a great option for anyone looking to build their way up to completing longer hiking routes without added difficulty.

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      Open details for Levette Lake Loop

      Levette Lake Loop

      11.0 km
      300 m

      The Levette Lake Loop is an 11.0 km hiking route north of Squamish that will take hikers through a densely forested area to the woodland shores of Levette Lake. Along the trail, hikers will be able to relax in the peaceful forest setting and take in views of the nearby mountains. This moderate hike offers great views and pleasant terrain for the casual hiker.

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      Open details for Demon Ridge Trail

      Demon Ridge Trail

      16.0 km
      975 m

      Hiking the Demon Ridge Trail is a difficult but rewarding experience that will take hikers up to some of the most scenic views in the Squamish Area. Along the trail you will traverse a variety of terrain, including dense forests, rocky trails, and sections of swamp, before reaching the top of Demon Ridge. From there, you will have awesome views overlooking nearby mountains and lakes.

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      Open details for Beth Lake

      Beth Lake

      17.2 km
      979 m

      The 17.2 km trek to Beth Lake will take hikers along an easy to navigate service road through the forest before splitting off onto the Beth Lake Trail on the approach to the picturesque waters of the lake. Once there, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the woodland landscape and take in scenic views of the rugged mountains that stand high above. This is a tough uphill climb that can be enjoyed by experienced hikers and those looking to build up to more difficult routes.

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      Open details for Slhanay Peak Trail

      Slhanay Peak Trail

      5.8 km
      633 m

      The Slhanay Peak Trail is a steep uphill climb near Squamish that will take hikers up a rugged peak for spectacular views over the surrounding area. Hikers will climb through the forest and visit Tony’s Lookout before continuing along the trail to reach the summit. Whether you are attempting this hike for the amazing views or to get a good workout in, this trail makes for a great half-day hiking option if you are in the Squamish area.

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      Open details for Mamquam Trail

      Mamquam Trail

      4.8 km
      258 m

      The Mamquam Trail is a 4.8 km hiking loop that can be found just east of Squamish. Mainly used as a mountain biking route, the trail offers some nice views of the Squamish Valley and its surrounding mountains. As it is a multi-use trail, remember to share the path and allow bikers or other hikers to safely pass.

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      Open details for Panorama Trail

      Panorama Trail

      Very Easy
      1.8 km
      44 m

      The Panorama Trail is a quick 1.8 km loop trail at the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish that takes hikers along a forested route to some scenic lookouts over the Squamish Valley. Along the trail, hikers will cross a bridge before arriving at viewing decks where they can look out over the beautiful waters of Howe Sound and the Stawamus Chief. This trail is an easy way to catch some amazing views of the granite dome that is an iconic part of Squamish.

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      Open details for Wonderland Lake Loop

      Wonderland Lake Loop

      Very Easy
      1.4 km
      31 m

      The Wonderland Lake Loop is a short trail that sets out from the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola and takes hikers along a forested trail to experience the charming waters of Wonderland Lake. From here, you can meander along the serene trails to escape the crowds near the gondola area and reconnect with nature. Made up of easy terrain and only a brief section of incline, this trail is suitable for hikers of all ages and skill levels.

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      Open details for Logger’s Creek Nature Trail

      Logger’s Creek Nature Trail

      Very Easy
      2.1 km
      8 m

      Hike along the Logger’s Creek Nature Trail to experience the peaceful forests that make Squamish such a scenic town. Along this 2.1 km trail, you will find sensitive wildlife habitats, such as frog breeding ponds, and a variety of local vegetation that is densely populated throughout the area. This is an easy trail that families will enjoy, allowing young children to explore nature without getting into any trouble.

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      Open details for Jack’s Trail to DeBeck’s Hill

      Jack’s Trail to DeBeck’s Hill

      8.7 km
      361 m

      Jack’s Trail to DeBeck’s Hill is a scenic 8.7km hiking route through the forests of Alice Lake Provincial Park that leads hikers on an uphill loop around DeBeck’s Hill. Along the trail you will be able to experience some of the woodland wildlife around Squamish and see some awesome sights, such as the majestic mountains of the nearby Tantalus Range. After completing the trek, hikers can also take advantage of nearby Alice Lake for a quick dip to cool off.

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      Open details for Skyline Ridge Trail

      Skyline Ridge Trail

      Very Hard
      20.1 km
      1,566 m

      The Skyline Ridge Trail is a challenging 20.1 km uphill hiking route near Squamish that sets out from Stawamus Chief Provincial Park and climbs along an undulating ridge to provide amazing views over the expanse of Howe Sound, as well as the nearby granite monolith known as “The Chief”. This trail has a good variation in its terrain and an elevation gain of 1,566 m, making it a difficult but rewarding climb. This hiking route is perfect for those who like to push themselves while out on the trail.

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      Open details for Mount Crumpit Trail

      Mount Crumpit Trail

      4.7 km
      263 m

      If you are into short hikes that will get your heart pumping and also have amazing mountain views, then the Mount Crumpit Trail should definitely be on your radar. This 4.7 km route in Squamish traverses some steep and rocky sections of trail that can be a bit hard to identify due to a lack of trail markers, making a GPS or trail map a necessity. Hikers that succeed in making their way along the trail will be rewarded with awesome views of the Stawamus Chief, Howe Sound, and the nearby Tantalus Range.

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      Open details for Coho Park Trail

      Coho Park Trail

      Very Easy
      2.7 km
      60 m

      The Coho Park Trail is a short 2.7 km hiking route that takes hikers through a beautiful stretch of temperate rainforest in Squamish. The hike travels along well-maintained trails and contains minimal changes in elevation, making it suitable for hikers of all ages and skill levels. Along the trail, you will experience the diverse vegetation of the Squamish area and have views of nearby mountains, as well as the charming valley.

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      Open details for Shannon Basin Loop

      Shannon Basin Loop

      9.5 km
      330 m

      The Shannon Basin Loop is a 9.5 km lollipop trail near Squamish, BC, that sets out from the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola and travels through the forest. As you make your way through the scenic woodland landscape, you will have access to several viewpoints that overlook Howe Sound, and you will be able to see mountain tops peeking through the tree cover. If you find yourself atop the Sea to Sky Gondola, then the Shannon Basin Loop is a great trail to spend a few hours exploring the dense forests near Squamish.

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      Open details for Four Lakes Trail

      Four Lakes Trail

      6.5 km
      145 m

      The Four Lakes Trail is a 7.2 km hiking route that travels through Alice Lake Provincial Park on a loop to viewpoints over Stump, Fawn, Edith, and Alice lakes. Hikers along the trail will experience the peaceful atmosphere of the forests around Squamish as they gaze out over the calming waters of the lakes. This route is easily accessible from the Alice Lake Campground and connects to a strong network of trails in the area.

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