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    How Much Does the Tour Du Mont Blanc Cost?

    How Much Does the Tour Du Mont Blanc Cost?

    By Kelsey KrahnDestinations

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    The Tour Du Mont Blanc winds through fairytale-like scenery while the Alps paint an enchanting background, elevating this storied trek to the top of several bucket lists. But crossing this incredible European Alps’ adventure off comes with a price tag. Ah yes, you’re probably thinking, “Yes we know we have to pay, but how much does the Tour du Mont Blanc cost?” This article carefully considers the price of accommodation, food, and transportation, granting a total of…read on to find out how much your trip might cost depending on your hiking style.

    Something to keep in mind when budgeting

    Explore the Mont Blanc Region by booking a tour

    Explore the Mont Blanc Region by booking a tour

    How you plan on completing the Tour du Mont Blanc will determine how much it costs. Are you seeking the authentic, outdoorsy, tenting under the stars experience? A rustic but slightly cozier refuge escape? Or a swankier private room—when able—extravaganza?

    Your eating habits will also influence your budget. Campers will have to pack their own meals, requiring some supermarket trips. Refuges often offer a half-board package, requiring you to cover snacks and breakfast. Those dining at restaurants in the alpine villages may require some more cash in their pockets. Then there’s alcohol on top of that! You’re bound to crave a glass of wine or two (or a bottle) and cold beer when you finally get to kick back at the end of a hiking day, so there’s always alcohol to consider as well.

    How much does accommodation cost on the Tour du Mont Blanc?

    With trails carving through quaint villages and ski resorts and the wild, undulating backyard of three different countries, it’s easy to find various accommodation options peppering the route. Check out our article on the accommodations along the Tour du Mont Blanc for more information on which type suits you best and what to book! However, the range of accommodations can alter how much you pay along your trek. Let’s take a look at some average prices:

    Camping: 0-29 EUR per night per solo camper. However, there are several rules and regulations when it comes to wild camping. Keep in mind that free camping comes with no facilities. The price also increases ever-so-slightly, almost doubling at each place for two campers.

    Refuges: Most refuges will include half-board, so this is considered when calculating the average nightly cost. Expect to pay anywhere from 40-70 EUR a night per person.

    Private rooms: Not interest in falling asleep to a cacophony of snores, shuffles, and faded music beats blasting through headphones? We understand. Unfortunately, comfort comes with a steep price of 150 EUR, but get this, the price is per couple, so if you’re with your partner or a friend, it may be nice to swap a refuge for a private room every so often.

    Let’s say you’re camping for 10 nights, the highest you’ll pay for accommodation is 290 EUR, but, when it comes down to it, camping averages around 10.5 EUR per night, so the lowest you might pay is 105 EUR a night.

    If you aren’t in the mood to plan your entire trip and sort out the budget for accommodation, booking a Tour du Mont Blanc adventure tour may be a great option. Why plan when you don’t need to, right?

    There are several rules and regulations when it comes to wild camping

    There are several rules and regulations when it comes to wild camping

    How much does food cost on the Tour du Mont Blanc?

    Think about eating raclette, fondue, tartiflette, pastries, bread, sausages, and fresh fruit at a cute coffee shop nestled in a narrow alley along cobblestone streets. Now imagine munching on this food amid or after a day of trekking? Appetizing isn’t it. Sounds like the best trekking food if you ask us!

    So when we don’t consider the half-board option offered at some refuges, food tends to cost around 30 EUR to 55 EUR a day.

    The lower end of this calculation considers a daily snack, supermarket or bakery meals for breakfast and lunch, and a cheaper dinner.

    Whereas the higher end has you relishing in an appetizer at dinner, a packaged lunch from the refuge, and fancier breakfast, maybe at a hotel, as well as snacks.

    Then, there’s alcohol on top of that. Most refuges charge 3-5 EUR for beer or a glass of wine. You could always buy some stuff at the supermarket if you have space in your bag and don’t mind the extra weight! It would be cheaper that way. Anyone else thinking about that delicious 2-3 EUR bottle of wine? Just me? Okay.

    Consider supermarket or bakery meals with coffee for breakfast and lunch

    Consider supermarket or bakery meals with coffee for breakfast and lunch

    How much does public transportation cost on the Tour du Mont Blanc?

    It’s tough to provide an average daily price for public transportation along the Tour du Mont Blanc and depends on your circumstances. Maybe you take transportation almost every day or maybe you take it once or twice! However, on average, cable cars and chairlifts cost between 10 EUR to 25 EUR a person, whereas you can usually take a bus or shuttle for under 10 EUR, with some being as cheap as 2 EUR. Remember that public transport may be tough to find outside of summer, so if you plan on using transportation assistance throughout the hike or want to hike with kids, consider scheduling your adventure. We cover more on other factors that may influence the best time to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc here.

    Explore the Mont Blanc Region by booking a tour

    Explore the Mont Blanc Region by booking a tour

    Now it’s your turn to do the work. First things first: decide which type of traveller you plan to be! Will you camp, book refuges, or private rooms? How will you eat? How many nights do you plan on going? Now calculate how much the Tour du Mont Blanc will cost! But before we sign off, note that you’ll likely pay for most things along the route with cash, a question we discuss among many others in our article on frequently asked questions about the Tour du Mont Blanc.

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