Best hikes near Bend
Best hikes near Bend


Region in Oregon, United States
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Bend is one of America’s great outdoor cities, famous not only for the variety of outdoor pursuits you can do, but also the stunning views and nice weather. Located on the eastern end of the Cascade Range, along the famous Deschutes River, the beautiful high desert landscape of Bend will keep you coming back again and again.

Bend is one of those towns that you visit and think “why don’t I live here?”. Bend has it all and is a great place for a relaxing vacation with tons of outdoor activities nearby. Even better, the weather is near perfect – never too hot nor too cold. Most days are sunny and moderate, though the nights can be cool.

Winter sees great downhill skiing at the nearby Mt. Bachelor, the 6th largest ski resort in North America. Skiing this volcano is an incredible experience, offering trails on almost half of the mountain. Nearby to Bend there is also superb backcountry skiing, snowshoeing and of course cross-country skiing.

Summer is when we think Bend really shines, with incredible mountain biking, climbing, rafting and hiking. Our favorite hikes include a trip to Belknap Crater or the stunning Green Lakes.

Finally, staying in Bend allows visitors to enjoy a range of excellent hotels, restaurants and a surprising number of breweries. There’s even a Bend Ale Trail you can explore in town!

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