Bend, Oregon takes mountain biking seriously, and is considered the Best Mountain Bike Town in the U.S. Bend isn’t just a great place for expert riders, there are trails for every level of rider. Whether you are looking for flowy cross-country or technical, fast downhills, Bend has got the trail for you.

We love mountain biking in Oregon and have provided you with our pick of the 10 best mountain bike trails near Bend below.

(20.1km, 221m, 2.5-3.5h)

Scenery from McKenzie River mountain biking trail in Bend, Oregon

Our first trail is a little more than an hour and a half drive from Bend, but well worth the effort. The McKenzie River bike trail is considered by the experts to be the best single-track MTB trail in North America. The ride is thrilling and the scenery is great with rain forests and rock formations. This is high on the list of the best mountain biking near Bend for all riders.

(19.8km, 191m, 2.5-3.5h)

Scenery on Tiddlywinks MTB trail in Bend, Oregon

If you can’t choose your favorite terrain, Tiddlywinks may be the best mountain biking trail for you. It is more for experienced riders because some technical skills will be needed for the tabletop jumps and man-made berms, but it has a flowy downhill, a short climb and cross-country riding.

(5.7km, 129m, 0.5-1.5h)

Biking the Whoops Loop near Bend

This “A-Line” trail is famous in Bend for a great downhill ride. The Lower Whoops Trail is a popular MTB ride and you will not be alone. First, you climb a logging road so you can huck the berms and tabletops on your ride downhill. This is one of best MTB trails near Bend for all-day fun.

(21.9km, 151m, 3-4h)

Tyler’s Traverse mountain biking route

Locals and visitors love Tyler’s Traverse because it requires more technical skill than is needed for a classic downhill run. You will have several flowy downhills, but Tyler’s Traverse offers some of the best mountain biking near Bend with many more rock gardens than any other trail. One of the classic mountain bike rides near Bend.

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(12.4km, 321m, 2.5-3.5h)

Smith Rock Summit mountain biking trail in Bend, Oregon

There is a good reason Smith Rock State Park is popular for bikers and hikers. It has some of the best scenery of any mountain biking trail in Oregon, with the Crooked River and majestic granite cliffs along the trail. Because of its popularity, you will meet hikers on the way, but they won’t interfere with your great ride on this trail loop.

(10.0km, 205m, 0.5-1.5h)

Phil's MTB trail in Bend, Oregon

If you are a beginner and want to hone your skills, Phil’s Trail is one of the best MTB trails near Bend for you. This is a one-way ride that requires a variety of skills, but most of the trail is a slow descent. You will encounter some fast sections as well as small rock gardens and one or two small jumps on this great mountain biking Oregon trail.

(30.8km, 230m, 4-5h)

Scenery of Peterson Ridge biking trail in Bend, Oregon

If you take the whole Peterson Ridge Trail system, it’s a long ride, but the trails are in the form of a ladder so you can cut across and reduce the time. It’s also a good mountain biking trail near Bend for families who want to practice for XC riding.

(21.8km, 111m, 2.5-3.5h)

Suttle Tie and Loop mountain biking trail

Another good ride near Bend, the Suttle Tie and Loop takes you around Suttle Lake through some beautiful scenery. This is a fun ride, and popular with beginners.

(8.6km, 184m, 1-1.5h)

Mountain Biking trail near Bend

A relatively empty trail as it is mostly uphill, Ben’s Trail is short and good practice for ascents. It does have some short downhill runs, and can be accessed from Phil’s Trail.

(10.1km, 4m, 1-1.5h)

Scenery on Kent's mountain biking trail near Bend, Oregon

This is a short ride that takes off from Phil’s Trailhead and offers some of the best mountain biking near Bend. You can add Kent’s Trail to Phil’s Trail. If you get tired of climbing, this is a fun descent.