Canada is a beautiful country with some of the most epic hiking trails heading through untouched backcountry. It is the second largest country in the world by landmass, with nearly 4 million square miles of land. Forests cover half of the land in Canada, which makes for some of the best backpacking in the world.

Backpacking in Canada is a bit different from Europe. Your party is often alone, the nearest road is where you left your car and there are no friendly mountain huts with hot food and cold drinks. Instead, you get untouched wilderness the way the wild places have been for thousands of years. Animals are abundant, views unspoiled and the tranquility extreme.

Here at we’ve spent a lot of time hiking in the Canadian wilds. Here is a comprehensive list of the 10 best backpacking trails in Western Canada.


Lake O'Hara

Lake O’Hara is in the Yoho National Park in British Columbia and is not really a full-fledged backpack. This area has restricted access, with only guests to a historic mountain lodge and a backcountry campground getting transport by bus on an 11.0km road.

The reason for this limited access is the stunning beauty of the area. If you can get a reservation plan on 2-3 nights here minimum. This pristine sky blue Lake O’Hara lays in a valley surrounded by spruce trees and the jagged snow-capped mountain tops of the Canadian Rockies. There are many great options, such as heading up to Lake MacArthur or taking a 3.2km stroll around lake O’Hara. The highlight is the All Souls route and the stunning views as you explore the mountains around the lake.


Vermilion River

The Rockwall Trail is a scenic trail in Kootenay National Park located in beautiful British Columbia. This trail extends 54.7km (one way) through the Canadian Rockies. This hike is the most beautiful section of Canada’s infamous Great Divide Trail. The highlight of this trail is the 29.0km section of nearly unbroken limestone that tops out at over 3353m. Most people complete this hike in 3-5 days, depending on their experience and weather conditions. The trailheads for this hike are 12.9km apart, so once you exit the park you can hitchhike back to your car, or hike the 12.9km back. Be warned though, this is a tougher trail than it looks and is often hit by inclement weather. If you get good weather then this is an epic trip!


Mount Assiniboine

Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park is home to one of the most renowned mountains in all the world. This is often called the Matterhorn of Canada, because of it’s unique pyramid shape. Mount Assiniboine tops out at 3618m and is the highest peak in the southern Continental Ranges. This 59.5km trail starts at the Mount Shark trailhead and heads to Lake Magog. Camp here or stay at the exquisite Mount Assiniboine Lodge and explore the wonderful hikes nearby, such as Wonder Pass, Marvel Lake or Sunburst Lake. The way out can be even more spectacular if you chose to hike out via Sunshine Ski Hill. This route passes over the stunning Citadel Pass. Upon reaching Sunshine Meadows you can hike or bus the remaining trail to the parking lot. Note that doing this route will require a second car to act as a shuttle. This hike will take roughly 3-6 days to complete.


Beautiful Vistas outside Chilkoot Trail

The Chilkoot trail is the same route that 49ers used during the gold rush, starting in Alaska and crossing the border to British Columbia. This 53.1km hike is a one-way destination, that starts in Skagway, and ends in Bennett Lake. Once you’ve reached Bennett Lake, you can hop on the White Pass and Yukon Railway and ride the train to the nearest town. This 5-day hike requires a lot of planning, and a permit is required during the busy months from June to August.


Rocky beach on West Coast Trail

The famous West Coast Trail is in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of British Columbia. This entire 75.6km route runs along the rainforest coast of Vancouver Island. The recommended route for this hike is to start in Pachena Bay and hike south to Gordon River. The southern half of this hike is more strenuous, so it’s easier to hike at the end when your pack is lighter. Most people complete this hike in 4-6 days depending on how leisurely they hike. Permits are available each year on April 1st, as well as same day permits to fill available spaces.


Currator Lake at Jasper Skyline

The Skyline Trail is located along the Maligne range of the Canadian Rockies in Jasper National Park. This stunning 45.1km hike will take 3 days to complete (it has been done in one-long day for those who can’t spare 3 days). There are six campsites located along the route, so you can leisurely walk the route and take in the mountain top views. The second day of hiking is the best section of the route with an 17.7km stretch of trail that is above the tree line. Along this trail, you will find meadows of green grass and snow-capped ridges that drop down into desolate brown and grey valleys with bright blue alpine lakes.


Berg lake Trail

Mount Robson Provincial Park is home to the Berg Lake Trail, which is one of the most traveled Canadian trails with over 4,000 visitors each year. It is 20.9km to Lake Berg from the trailhead, and an additional 11.3km to Snowbirds Pass if you are up for an additional day hike. The hike is typically done is 3 days if you include the hike to Snowbirds Pass. At the Berg Lake campground, you will have a perfect view of Mount Robson’s Emperor face and the turquoise water with small icebergs floating by.


Glacial Lake

The Skoki region has a stunning historical backcountry log cabin as well as a backcountry campground and is a great backpack to explore a stunning corner of Banff National Park. This lodge can only be accessed by hiking, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing the 11.3km trail from Lake Louise. This route leads past pristine lakes has lovely glacial blue waters that lead into a grassy meadow and thriving forest before reaching the grey snow-covered mountains in the distance. It will take a day to reach the lodge or campground. From there you have enormous possibilities of exploring nearby trails, mountains and lakes.


Panorama Ridge

Panorama Ridge takes you through the Garibaldi Provincial Park to give you 360-degree mountain top views of alpine lakes and the surrounding terrain. The most beautiful route through the park will take you through Garibaldi Lake, Black Tusk, and end along Panorama Ridge. This hike is 51.5km and will take you 3-5 days to complete depending on how many side journeys you want to take. Along the way, you will see the most beautiful views of Western Red Cedars and Evergreen trees dotting the valleys below, wildflowers brightening green meadows, the volcanic black rock of Black Tusk, and snow contrasting greyish brown ranges of the Canadian Rockies.


Minnewanka Lakeside

This is a favorite for rookie backpackers and people who want to get away for a night or two. Located just a short drive from the town of Banff, this short, relatively flat trail leads along Lake Minnewanka. A two-hour walk gives you the the solitude and wonderful views of the lake and mountains that surround it. Even better, if you do this midweek you’ll probably have the entire place to yourself. We’ve even used this backpack as a great date-night!