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Learning to Backcountry Ski

So you’ve decided you want to become a backcountry skier? Here at 10Adventures, our team is dedicated to exploring the most beautiful places on earth and one of our favourite [...]

Backcountry By John S. November 6, 2020

Southern Patagonia Icefield Expedition

The Southern Patagonian Icefield Expedition is not a regular multi-day hike. Less than 200 people per year take on this challenging route, which climbs up onto the third largest icefield [...]

Backcountry By Lisa Germany July 23, 2019

How to Poop in the Outdoors on a Backpacking Trip

Thinking you’re going to hold your poop for an entire backpacking trip? Sounds uncomfortable! But we get it. Excreting in the backcountry can be awkward the first few times, but [...]

Backcountry By Emma Schroeder May 3, 2018

Trail Etiquette When Exploring the Backcountry

Have you ever wondered about the general rules of a hiking trail? What if you see a horse rider? Do they have the right of way? What about when you’re [...]

Backcountry By Emma Schroeder April 25, 2018

The Best Banff National Park Backcountry Campgrounds

One of the best ways to experience Banff National Park is to get away from the roads and crowds and go backpacking. The question is – which backcountry campgrounds are [...]