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    Panorama from the Paradise Valley Circuit hike in Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta

    Lake Louise Deals this Winter

    By Lynn WWinter

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    Do you want to take a dream trip to the Canadian Rockies this winter? Are you put off by the high cost of accommodations? Thinking about a weekend getaway but turned off when you see the rates on Expedia? We hear you. Prices keep rising and a trip to the spectacular Canadian Rockies becomes unachievable. What can a traveller do?

    Book an adventure tour in the Canadian Rockies

    Book an adventure tour in the Canadian Rockies

    The Lake Louise deals are incredible in winter, and we routinely get rooms for around $120 / night in Lake Louise – at hotels we like!

    Well, we’ve got our 10Adventures crew covered. We’re sharing our Insider Tips that we’ve cultivated over the past decade of savings options for the Canadian Rockies for the 2019/2020 winter season.

    We are sharing savings up to 45% on regular hotel rates, beating what you can find on Expedia or Check-out important details of these programs at the end of this document.

    View from the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel

    View from the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel

    Keep reading to find the best deals for a trip to Lake Louise!

    Why go to Lake Louise in winter?

    Stunning beauty and almost no crowds. Think near deserted ski hills (especially mid-week) and other incredible activities like winter hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and dog-sledding, this can be an incredible winter trip for you.

    Yes, we love Lake Louise in summer. But do you know what? We actually prefer it in winter! It’s not as crowded and sometimes you have whole places to yourself. It also feels like there is more to do. Consider that within 5 minutes of Lake Louise village you can downhill ski, cross-country ski, snowshoe, ice skate, go for a dog-sled or horse-drawn sleigh ride. Heck, you can even hike or ice climb! There are also incredible deals to be had in Lake Louise in the winter.

    Lake Louise Plus Cards

    The best and easiest way to save money at Lake Louise is with the Ski Lake Louise Plus Cards.  Sure, they cost $109, but they can save you thousands on your vacation.

    Lake Louise Plus Cards give you free lift tickets on your 1st, 4th, and 7th visit with the card. That’s 3 free days of skiing, plus 20% lift tickets on all paid visits. Card holders also get discounted rentals and lessons, as well as great deals on dining and lodging in the area. The lodging and dining discounts are so great that it’s worth buying the card for these deals alone! Save up to 45% on participating hotels, restaurants and attractions.

    Similar discount cards are available for resorts nearby. Check out the Sunshine Super Card for Sunshine in Banff, and the Marmot Escape Card for Marmot Basin in Jasper. Click here for more ways to save on winter vacations in Banff or Jasper.

    The Lake Louise Plus Card gets you 10-45% of a dozen other accommodations, and 10-20% off over a dozen restaurants. This card has such awesome potential that if you’re thinking of making a trip out here for a long weekend this is a must.

    Insider Tip: Lake Louise Plus Cards can be bought online until December 31 each year. But don’t fret if you missed out, you can usually find cards on Kijiji or one of the many Facebook groups in Alberta throughout the year, with people selling (or more often giving away) their cards once they’ve used the free ski days.

    Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

    We love the Chateau Lake Louise. Though the rooms are a step down from the Banff Springs Hotel, the location makes up for it. It’s also very expensive, and usually outside of our budget. Well, let’s change that!

    To begin with, there is a discount for residents of Alberta and BC (promotion code PRE9). They will demand to see a drivers licence as proof of residency. But this 30% off discount eclipses what you can find on Expedia.

    Sledding on Lake Louise Shoreline is cheap with insider deals

    Sledding on Lake Louise Shoreline is cheap with insider deals

    But, if you’re not satisfied with 30%, then buy your Ski Lake Louise Plus Cards (only available until December 31st each year) so you can get access to rates up to 45% off. We like the $189 / room rate for midweek (it’s $209 / night on weekends). While there are blackout dates, this is a great deal. Use the PSKI code to book online and prepared to show your Louise Plus card when you check in.

    Kids 5 and under eat free, if they're 6-12 then it's 50% off!

    But the best part for families is a little-known perk: kids eat free! Kind of. Registered guests who are age 5 and under eat free from the children’s menu. Children ages 6-12 can choose from the children’s menu, or any item on the regular menu in a child-sized portion for 50% off the regular price. This deal isn’t at every restaurant at the hotel, so confirm with the concierge before making your reservations.

    Deer Lodge

    Deer Lodge is a historical lodge just down the street from the Chateau. Your Lake Louise Plus Card opens up $119-dollar rooms at the Deer Lodge. We love Deer Lodge, but we know many people are disappointed because it’s an old, creaky hotel and the rooms can be small. We love the rustic charm, so different from the 99% of other hotels that are all the same. The restaurant is great, and you can walk five minutes to the Chateau. You need to call the hotel (1-800-661-1595) to get the rate and present your Lake Louise Plus Card when you check-in.

    Lake Louise Inn

    The Lake Louise Inn is a great budget-friendly hotel in Lake Louise Village. Use your Lake Louise Plus card to get 20% off available room rates. We love the condos and suites here. You need to call the hotel (1-800-661-9237) or use the Promo Code Season Pass on their website to get the rate and present your Lake Louise Plus Card when you check-in.

    Baker Creek Mountain Resort

    Most locals don’t know about Baker Creek Mountain Resort. Tucked away on the 1A highway (Bow Valley Parkway), fifteen minutes from Lake Louise, this area doesn’t see much traffic in winter. That’s a great benefit for you, as Baker Creek is a wonderful place to stay, with cute cabins that ooze Canadiana. You can get 15% off room rates using your Lake Louise Plus Card. You need to call the hotel (1-403-522-3761) to get the rate and present your card when you check in.

    Emerald Lake Lodge

    What an isolated gem Emerald Lake Lodge is! Tucked away on Emerald Lake, we love the tranquility here. There are no TV’s, no cell-phone, just fresh mountain air, log fires and great food.

    While this area is overrun with tourists in the summer, winter sees incredible peace and some of the best deals in the Rockies.

    You can get a room for $149 / night Sunday-Thursday using your Lake Louise Plus Card. You need to call the hotel (1-800-663-6336) to get the rate and present your Lake Louise Plus Card when you check in.

    Visit Emerald Lake cheaper with Lake Louise insider deals this winter

    Visit Emerald Lake cheaper with Lake Louise insider deals this winter

    Truffle Pigs Bistro & Lodge

    Most people don’t know about Field, and even fewer know about Truffle Pigs Bistro & Lodge. Field is located fifteen minutes west of Lake Louise. This charming little railway town is actually in Yoho National Park. There isn’t much here, but it’s a great base to explore and commute into Lake Louise. We love the casual and comfy lodge and the Bistro is one of our favorite places to eat in the Rockies. Get 20% off room rates midweek and save 10% on food with a Lake Louise Plus Card. You need to call the hotel (1-250-343-6303) to get this rate and present your card when you check in.


    Lake Louise has the most family-friendly HI hostel we’ve seen. Not only do they have lots of family rooms for rent, but there’s also a play room for kids, games, a TV room, library, and a campfire pit. It’s often the cheapest option for families, and it has enough charm and character to make it special and memorable.

    Book an adventure tour in the Canadian Rockies

    Book an adventure tour in the Canadian Rockies

    The Important Details

    In the spirit of full disclosure, many of these discounts are designed around winter trips, the traditional off-season for places like Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper. Luckily for us, some of these winter discounts will also work in summer, spring and autumn as well, especially if you book them during the winter season.

    For all of the deals we are sharing, the rates are typically for the lowest room category and two people sharing mid-week, outside of major holidays. The rates are excluding any taxes or service fees you need to pay

    To get these rates you need to book directly with the hotels, usually on the phone but occasionally we also provide the promo code. Be aware that there are blackout dates around major holidays and that these deals do often sell-out. In addition, rates are typically even more discounted mid-week (Sunday – Thursday) so consider that when planning your trips.

    Finally, you will need proof of residency (drivers’ licence) for some rates, while those for the Sunshine Super Card, Louise Plus Card and the Marmot Escape Card will require you to show your card at check-in. Don’t try and book these rates if you don’t qualify, you will be disappointed, they always check when the rates are this good.

    We here at Inc and our associated websites and personnel have no involvement or responsibility for any promotions listed in this document. We make no guarantee of the rates listed, warranty of the properties, nor do we have any liability, involvement or responsibility for your booking. The hotels themselves can change the rates at any time. By using this information, you accept our Terms of Use.

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