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    Best Treks in the Alps

    Best Treks in the Alps

    By Kelsey Krahn10 Best Hikes

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    Want to go on a traditional trekking adventure brimmed with snow-capped mountains, secluded trails, vibrant meadows, and gravel-stone paths? The Alps have hosted willing and daring hikers for a very long time. Thanks to its vast coverage, it's a popular destination for Europeans and international travellers, standing lustfully in the backdrop of France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria (and Slovenia, Liechtenstein). It's easy to pop into the mountains to view a lake, go on a day hike, ski, or mountain bike, but one of the best ways to revel in the natural surroundings is to go on a multi-day trek.

    Trekking in the Alps

    Before trekking in the Alps, it's vital to know that snow can linger late into June and may unpredictably shower the green meadows into July! But, at lower altitudes, you'll feel the true sizzle of the European summer sun, making it hard to know what to pack for your trek.

    It's best to bring lightweight layers to support all weather conditions. If you're hanging out on trails closer to cityscapes and away from the snow-capped peaks, you won't need to be as strategic with what to stuff into your bag.

    As you can predict, it's best to hike during the summer! Most of our treks below suggest going from June to September, but even June might be too early for some places due to slippery, stubborn snow.

    Lastly, thanks to the popularity of the mountain range, most trails are well-marked. Do we still recommend studying your route and downloading a GPS before you set foot on the path? 100 percent!

    With all that said, take a look at some of our favourite trekking routes in the Alps below.

    Best Treks in the Alps

    Tour du Mont Blanc, France

    Let's kick off our best treks in the Alps article with the well-known and arguably one of the most incredible multi-day hikes on the planet: Tour du Mont Blanc. On this trek, you'll traverse France, Italy, and Switzerland, passing glaciers, meadows, and peaks. Your legs will hurt as you travel approximately 15.0 km a day, but your eyes feasting on the delicious scenery will force you to forget all about your tired limbs. One thing to note: the Tour du Mont Blanc doesn't climb the Mont Blanc Massif but circumnavigates it!
    Location: Starts and ends in Les Houches
    Distance: 170.0 km
    Time: 8-11 days
    When to do: June-September


    Alta Via 1, Italy

    Seeking drama? Turn off the reality shows on Netflix and instead lace up your boats and head to the Dolomites, where the dramatic scenery will sweep you into another world. If you're new to trekking, the Alta Via 1 is a great route! First, the natural highlights—alpine lakes, grassy valleys contrasted with rocky slopes, and peaks on peaks—make for an epic first multi-day venture deep into the mountains. Second, you won't have to worry about too many underfoot technicalities. And third, like most hikes in the Alps, the trail is easy to follow!

    Side note: If you’d prefer following an expert for your first time, check this guided tour out.
    Location: Lago di Braies to La Pissa Bus Stop (Val Cordevole)
    Distance: 120.0 km
    Time: 8-10 days
    When to do: June 15 to late September

    Alta Via 1

    The Eagle Walk, Austria

    The Eagle Walk will win over anyone searching for rugged mountain scenery accentuated by lustful greenery and long-winded, challenging daily excursions. This walk isn't an in-and-out adventure, either. Spanning 413km, you can conquer one of two sections—or both if you're one of the brave ones. One section traverses 24 stages, while the other tackles nine. The total kilometres across both sections amounts to 413!
    Location: St. Johann to St. Christoph am Arlberg
    Distance: 413.0 km
    Time: 24-33 days
    When to do: Mid-June to end of August

    Eagle's Walk

    Matterhorn Trek, Switzerland

    Why go up the Matterhorn when you can spend 145km orbiting the iconic peak, admiring it every step of the journey? But the Matterhorn won't be all that intoxicates your gaze on this rustic trek. Cross glaciers and drop your jaw at other lofty peaks! You'll also cross into Italy, allowing you to enjoy the lip-smacking, world-famous Italian cuisine.
    Location: Begins and ends in Zermatt, Switzerland
    Distance: 145.0 km
    Time: 8-10 days
    When to do: June to September


    Trans-Alpine Crossing, Germany to Italy

    Tackle Germany to Italy on this entertaining route! The Trans-Alpine Crossing makes it easy to lose yourself in the whirls and hums of nature, thanks to the inspiring, ever-changing scenery. Discover lakes, valleys, mountain views, forests, and alpine meadows, with a fusion of storied history throughout.
    Location: Gmund, Germany to Sterzing, Italy
    Distance: 110.0 km
    Time: 7 days
    When to do: June to September


    Walker’s Haute Route, France to Switzerland

    The upside of trekking through Switzerland? It's stunning. The downside? The cost. Prices soar once you set foot on Swiss soil! Note that the Walker's Haute Route starts from France but travels mainly in Switzerland. So be prepared to drop some cash! But there's always the option to take public transport or alternative routes if you need more money or time to complete some sections!
    Location: Chamonix, France, to Zermatt, Switzerland
    Distance: 213.0 km
    Time: 10 to 12 days
    When to do: Mid-July to mid-September


    Stubai High Trail, Austria

    The epic Stubai High Trail crosses the Alps along a strenuous trail not meant for the faint of heart or even the eager beginner. Naturally, the rewards come in spades throughout this incredible journey: quintessential stunning outdoorsy scenery and warm meals at the eight huts along the way.
    Location: Starkenburger Hütte to Innsbrucker Hütte
    Distance: 78.0 km
    Time: 7 days
    When to do: July to September


    Alta Via 2, Italy

    What's the difference between Alta Via 1 and Alta Via 2? If you want a more challenging route, set foot on Alta Via 2. Expect to crunch in around 12,500 m of ascent into your two-week journey! Alta Via 2 traverses south of Aosta Valley, cutting through the ever-so-memorable Gran Paradiso National Park.
    Location: Bressanone (Brixen) to Croce d’Aune
    Distance: 160.0 km
    Time: 11-14 days
    When to do: mid-June to September

    Alta Via 2

    GR 57 Tour du Mont Thabor, France

    Only a handful of people want to spend their yearly two-week vacation on a trek! But five days? That seems more reasonable! The Tour du Mont Thabor trek is an excellent route for anyone with limited time. On this route, you'll steer away from the crowds and trek through a wild, secluded landscape, where the unspoiled scenery of the French Alps brings a type of peace you can't find along the more popular routes.
    Location: Starts and ends in Nevache
    Distance: 85.0 km
    Time: 5 days
    When to do: June to October

    Mont Thabor

    Kesch Trek, Switzerland

    The Kesch Trek in Switzerland is a fantastic multi-day trek for beginners! And don't worry about the shortened days on the trail compared to the rest of the hikes on this list, as the Kesch Trek has a knack for packing a grande punch. Experience the archetypal imagery of the Alps in just four unforgettable days. While this multi-day excursion is suitable for beginners, it's important to note that it still poses challenges, such as the tough ascent on day 3! The weather can also cause slick, dangerous conditions, so check the weather before you go.
    Location: Flüela Pass bus stop to Bergün
    Distance: 59.0 km
    Time: 4 days
    When to do: mid-June to September

    Kesch Trek

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