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    8 Best Treks in Italy

    8 Best Treks in Italy

    By Kelsey KrahnDestinations

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    Most travellers and vacationers flock to Italy for its notorious big cities: Florence, Rome, and Venice, where hustling, bustling culture meets crumbling, ancient history. And don’t even get us started on the cuisine and wine! But what if we told you you could explore more remote areas of Italy, meandered by fewer crowds than the popular tourist cities? Don’t get us wrong; you’ll still pass through some famed metropolises and dabble in Italy’s rich, historical culture! Trekking through Italy is an ideal way to experience all the significant aspects of the country at a slower pace.

    Trekking in Italy

    Italy boasts a diverse range of treks. Want remote and rugged? Give the Alta Via Trek or hut-to-hut adventure in the Dolomites a try. Dial it back with a breezy seaside trek in Cinque Terre. You can complete this route in half a day, but why not spend a few days soaking up the five villages overlooking the sea? Some treks in Italy might keep you on foot for almost a year—the Grand Italian Trail, for example—while other routes only have you hiking for a few days.

    Which type of adventure fits your trekking style? Take a look at eight of the best treks in Italy below.

    8 Best Treks in Italy

    1. Grand Italian Trail

    Let's begin our list of Italy's eight best long-distance treks with a grandiose adventure: the Grand Italian Trail. This bucket-list-worthy trek travels more than 6,000km through Italy, bypassing some extraordinary imagery en route. Travel through the ever-imposing Dolomites and Gran Paradiso National Park. On top of that, you'll discover Mount Etna, the most active and tallest volcano in Europe. Then, enjoy the less-crowded, natural beauty flanking Abruzzo. Expect a beautiful fusion of Italian culture and spectacular scenery as you trek through the country!

    Location: Lazzaretto - Chiesa del Buon Cammino
    Distance: 6,166.0 km
    Time: Around 350 days
    When to do: Between May and October

    Grand Italian Trail

    2. Cinque Terre

    Regarding distance travelled, Cinque Terre opposes the Grand Italian Trail, as it only takes a few hours to hike from village to village. But you can stretch your time over a few days. Why not spend as much time as possible soaking up the five villages speckled by the seaside? If you want to explore the entire route in one day, you can always spend more time meandering the 120km trail network spanning the area.

    Location: Riomaggiore to ​​Monterosso
    Distance: 11.0 km, but it’s normal to stretch it over a few days
    When to do: March to June or September to October

    Cinque Terre

    3. Tratturo Magno

    Travel through the Gran Sasso mountains, where low-hanging mist can't help but highlight these mountains' true height and grandeur. After marvelling at the never-ending natural wonders speckling central Italy, head to the farmland in Tavoliere delle Puglie. This long-distance trek always impresses, thanks to the history and uninterrupted beauty along the path.

    Location: L’Aquila to Foggia
    Distance: 244.0 km
    Time: 10 days
    When to do: May to October

    Tratturo Magno

    4. Via degli Dei (Path of Gods)

    Walk through the shadows of ancient history on the iconic Via degli Dei (Path of Gods). Some sections hark back to 187 BC! Hikers can expect a natural blend of Italian culture—such as through Bologna, punctuated with the final destination, Florence—and history. Overall, the Via degli Dei ranks as a moderately challenging adventure, making it accessible to most, but worth training and preparing for!

    Location: Bologna to Florence
    Distance: 125.0 km
    Time: 5 days
    When to do: April to June or September to November

    Via Degli Dei

    5. St Francis Way

    Want to traverse Italy's "green heart"? The St Francis Way awaits! While the trail is 520km, you can also look into completing one of the four stages instead. For example, you can stick with stage one and go from Florence to Sansepolcro—travelling 138km instead of 520km. The first stage captures the wonder of Italy's lush, rolling countryside. The following two sections take you deeper into the country, introducing walkers to ancient hilltop villages and vineyards. Dip back into a more hustling, bustling civilization during the final stage, ultimately leading you to one of the most significant cities in the world: Rome.

    Location: Florence to Rome
    Distance: 520.0 km
    Time: 28+ days
    When to do: May to October

    St Francis Way

    6. Alta Via 1

    The dramatic scenery sweeping the Dolomites possesses the power to lure and inspire any avid hiker. You won't grow bored meandering by alpine lakes, layers of peaks, and grassy valleys hugged by jagged slopes. And one of the best ways to soak in the mesmerizing highlights is to trek the challenging Alta Via 1. Newbie trekkers will also enjoy this route, thanks to the limited technicalities underfoot. The trail is also well-marked!

    Location: Lago di Braies to La Pissa Bus Stop (Val Cordevole)
    Distance: 120.0 km
    Time: 8-10 days
    When to do: June 15 to late September

    Alta Via

    7. Tre Cime di Lavaredo

    Explore one of the prettier sights in the rugged Dolomites on a brief three-day trekking adventure: Tre Cime di Lavaredo, three iconic rocky peaks reaching for the sky. Most do a day-hike version, but why not extend your time on the trail and go on a hut-to-hut adventure? Each day, you will wind along the path for 6-12.5km. You could also squeeze the three days in two if you're short on time!

    Location: Rifugio Piano Fiscalina/Fischleinbodenhütte car park
    Distance: 27.0 km
    Time: 8-10 days
    When to do: June 15 to late September

    Tre Cime

    8. The Mining Trail of Saint Barbara

    Revel in over eight thousand years of stories spanning this path. Miners travelled this trail way back in the day, and now it has been revamped! Walk past old mine towns and cultural delights tucked by natural wonders along this impactful long-distance trek.

    Don't expect to walk through dry conditions for the entire journey! You'll also pass by gorgeous water beauties, such as the 5 Faraglioni and the Sugar Loaf and the Waterfalls of Sa Spendula.

    Location: Iglesias, Italy
    Distance: 498.7 km
    Time: Around 30 days
    When to do: Year-round, but it might be best to avoid during the hot summer months

    Mining Trail

    Adventure Tours in Italy

    Have any of the above long-distance treks in Italy piqued your interest? If you aren’t sure where to start the planning process, why not leave it to the professionals? From the dramatic terrain of the Dolomites to the seaside landscapes of Sicily and everything in between, we have plenty of amazing adventure tours available throughout the whole of Italy. Get ready to discover your next Italian adventure!

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