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    10 Best Treks in the Mediterranean

    10 Best Treks in the Mediterranean

    By Kelsey KrahnDestinations

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    The Mediterranean boasts some of the world's most beautiful, bucket-list countries: France, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, and Morocco, to name a few. Most countries fuse historical, stunning architecture with a bright blue seascape to create an unforgettable setting. And guess what? You can explore most of these gorgeous regions on foot—and by on foot, we mean via epic long-distance treks! Some hikes wind deep into the mountains, while other adventures hug the sea. Not sure where to meander? Take a look at the ten best treks in the Mediterranean below!

    Trekking in the Med

    For anyone looking to complete a long distance walking adventure, the Mediterranean offers an ease of accessibility that is hard to find in other parts of the world. Although many of the treks on this list can be found in remote regions, they are still relatively accessible from larger European cities, which makes trekking in the Mediterranean a great option for anyone who wants to undertake a long distance adventure without spending several days (or weeks) getting to the starting point.

    10 Best Treks in the Mediterranean

    1. Lycian Way, Turkey

    Looking for an adventure that neatly integrates crumbling history, rural scenery, and the Mediterranean seascape? Look no further than the Lycian Way, Turkey. This long-distance adventure will take you through quiet, desolate areas, followed by bustling tourist hot spots. You'll see it all!

    Be prepared to wild camp along the way, as it might be a while before you reach another town offering accommodation. The bigger tourist towns may have designated campgrounds, hotels, etc. Considering a trip to Turkey, explore these great trekking tours in Turkey for your next vacation.

    Location: Travels from Ölüdeniz to Geyikbayırı
    Distance: 540.0 km
    When to do: February to May or September to November—the heat climbs to blistering levels in the summer.

    Lycian Way

    2. Cyprus Section of E4 European Long Distance Path

    The E4 starts in Spain and travels a crazy distance before reaching Cyprus, a spectacular section of the trail that is certainly worth experiencing. While the massive trail linking the island's airports in Larnaca and Pafos traverses 640.0 km, the one part that is worth doing, especially if you're in more of a time crunch, is the last section of the E4 that heads from Pafos. Pass by seaside areas like Agios Kononas Beach, quaint villages, and more!

    Location: Location depends on where you decide to start your trek
    Distance: 640.0 km
    When to do: March to May or October to December


    3. Cinque Terre, Italy

    Cinque Terre is spectacular, 5 secluded villages that at one point were only accessible by sea or by walking between the villages.  This is a wonderful place to explore on foot, with incredible views and charming towns.  But Cinque Terre by itself doesn't technically fall into the trek category, more of a dayhike. However if you explore the towns along the coastal region you can create an incredible trekking tour in Cinque Terre, where you explore the region over 5-10 days. Or just find a wonderful walking tour in Italy, let’s face it, the whole country is stunning and the food and wine is out of this world!

    Location: Riomaggiore, Italy
    Distance: 120.0 km
    When to do: March to June or September to October

    Cinque Terre

    4. Epirus Trail, Greece

    Looking for a more mountainous walking adventure in one of the Mediterranean countries? Consider the Epirus Trail in Greece, where you will walk along old paths flanked by history, culture, and unforgettable scenery.

    En route, you'll pass mountain settlements, monasteries, old forests, North Pindos National Park, Vikos-Aoos Geopark, and Metsovo, Konitsa and Pramanta, three big towns, to name a few points of interest. Go beyond a beach holiday for your next trip to Greece! Check out these incredible Greek walking tours and spend your days exploring on foot. But don’t forget to find time for a dip in the sea, a great meal in a taverna, and a glass of wine under the stars!

    Location: You can start anywhere in the Zagori region
    Distance: 370.0 km
    When to do: April to October

    Epirus Trail

    5. GR-51, France

    Thanks to some notable attractions, France ranks as the most visited country in the world. You know which ones we're talking about: the ever-so-romantic Paris, the mountainous scenery in Chamonix, the seascape in Provence, and the list goes on. The bottom line is that you won't grow bored in France. Plus, you could always look into a long-distance walking adventure, like the GR-51, when you think you need more things to do.

    If you aren't ready to traverse the entire GR-51, you could always do the shorter Marseille Coastal Path. Spend around five days revelling in the seaside views throughout 80.0 km+. You'll start from Bandol and follow the GR-51 most of the way, besides two sections along the yellow trail.

    France is a spectacular destination for an adventure holiday. For your next trip consider one of these walking tours in France, where you can spend your days exploring the countryside, mountains, or coast. Then gorge on incredible french cuisine and delicious wine once your days walk is complete!

    Location: The full-length GR-51 starts near Menton and ends in Marseille
    Distance: Just over 500.0 km
    When to do: April to June or September


    6. Blue Trail, Croatia

    Croatia boasts uninterrupted beauty, especially along the coast, where the bright blue sea attracts visitors year-round. Most people would only think to drop by Croatia for a hiking adventure, but if you want an unreal long-distance experience, consider the Blue Trail in Croatia. The Blue Trail traverses Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania. It starts in Koper, Slovenia, and ends in Shkodër, Albania.

    You'll find a wide range of hiking sections along the Blue Trail in Croatia, but the route officially begins when you cross the border from Slovenia to Croatia in Rakitovec and ends in Dubrovnik. Some highlights along the trail in Croatia include Krka National Park, Učka Nature Park, Zrmanja River, Pelješac peninsula, and so much more.

    Croatia is becoming a popular tourist destination, meaning bigger crowds. Escape the crowds on one of these walking holidays in Croatia, and see a part of Croatia that many tourists don’t get to experience.

    Location: Rakitovec to Dubrovnik
    Distance: Depends on where you decide to start—completing the entire route in Croatia will likely take more than a month, so you can always choose a section to complete if you're short on time.
    When to do: May or September

    Blue Trail

    7. St. Paul Trail, Turkey

    Discover stunning landscapes and remote villages while following St. Paul's faded footprints on the trail of the same name. Expect wild, untouched scenery instead of coastal bliss along this remote route, where a more rural setting replaces bustling tourist spots. If you're craving seaside views and more frequented areas on your Turkish trek, the Lycian Way might suit your fancy a bit more. But remember that there's something magical about exploring a country's unspoiled backyard!

    Turkey is such a diverse country. Incredible beaches, big mountains, coastal walking paths, history, food, and more.  Find your next adventure on one of these walking tours in Turkey.

    Location: Aspendos or Perge to Yalvaç
    Distance: 500.0 km
    When to do: April to July or September to November

    St Paul

    8. GR20 in Corsica, France

    Ready to tackle one of Europe's most (if not the most) challenging hikes? Lace up your hiking boots and head to Corsica, a French island on the Mediterranean Sea, to traverse the GR20. We recommend that only the most experienced tackle this intense, rewarding route. Expect tricky terrain, snow, and slippery conditions underfoot paired with steep climbs packed into a short number of kilometres. Highlights include secret lakes tucked high in the mountains, sea vistas, and the reward of 360 views after breathtaking climbs.

    Ahh Corsica. Home of Napoleon, and great walking holidays! A rugged island in the middle of the Mediterranean, with incredible food and wine. Find your next adventure in one of these walking holidays in Corsica.

    Location: Calenzana to Conca
    Distance: 180.0 km
    When to do: June to October


    9. El Camí de Cavalls – GR223, Spain

    Spend 10 to 15 days meandering as close to the coast as possible as you circumnavigate Menorca, a Spanish island, on the El Camí de Cavalls – GR223. Prepare to marvel at the bright blue seascape and other natural wonders: S'Albufera, a wetland brimming with birds, and the picturesque sandy cove, Cala Turqueta. The GR223 spans 20 sections, making picking and choosing your starting point easy. However, it's a bucket-list-worthy feat to complete the entire route! Want to go on an adventure in Spain, check out these wonderful walking holidays in Spain.

    Location: This route starts and finishes in Maó
    Distance: 186.0 km
    When to do: April, May, October, and November

    El Cami De Cavalls

    10. Israel National Trail

    Think you can muscle through 14.0 km-30.0 km a day, with a few rest days sprinkled in there? If so, book off 6 to 8 weeks of work and train for the ultimate trekking adventure: the Israel National Trail (INT). The INT carves through Israel, taking you on rugged paths, coastal voyages, and breathtaking climbs. Sound intense? Fear not! Ladders and handrails ease the overall difficulty in the more strenuous sections. Expect beachy areas, craters, the desert, lush and hilly landscapes, panoramic viewpoints, and rich culture! Find an exciting adventure holiday in Israel, combining history, food, and some stunning destinations!

    Location: Kibbutz Dan to Eilat
    Distance: 950.0 km
    When to do: March to May or November to December

    Israel National Trail

    Best Treks Around the World

    Looking to experience some of the World’s best treks, but don’t want to travel to the Mediterranean? Check out the rest of the articles in our Best Treks series, where we highlight all of the best treks around the world to help you plan your upcoming long-distance adventures!




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