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    Best Treks in Switzerland

    Best Treks in Switzerland

    By Alex Todd10 Best Hikes

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    The best treks in Switzerland will take you through dramatic mountain passes, serene alpine valleys, and charming little villages, leaving you in awe and wondering if there are any places on the planet that are better suited for a trekking adventure. So if you are looking to set out on a trekking adventure in one of the most picturesque alpine countries in the world, you are right where you need to be!

    Trekking in Switzerland

    Before you set out to explore the best treks in Switzerland, it’s important to understand the landscape and its climate. As much of Switzerland is situated firmly within the Alps, snow can often be found on higher elevation trails into late June, with the occasional snowfall as far out as July! At lower altitudes, the warm European summer sun will be out in full force. Needless to say, it can be hard to nail down your packing list when you don’t know what weather to expect.

    Opt for lightweight layers that cater to diverse weather conditions. When exploring trails near urban areas rather than snowy mountaintops, you can be less meticulous about choosing items to pack in your bag.

    As you’d likely guess, it's best to hike in Switzerland during the summer months. Most of our treks below suggest trekking from June to September, but as mentioned above, June can be a bit early for some higher elevation trails.

    Lastly, thanks to the rich history of hiking in Switzerland and the sports popularity with locals and foreigners alike, most trails are very well marked and maintained. But that doesn’t mean you should head out exploring without doing your research (or without a GPS)!

    Without further ado, here is our list of the 10 Best Treks in Switzerland:


    Tour du Mont Blanc

    While it is more of a French trek than a Swiss one, the iconic Tour du Mont Blanc does cross over into Swiss territory, meaning it has to make an appearance on this list! This trek takes you through France, Italy, and Switzerland, guiding you across glaciers, meadows, and peaks. While covering an average distance of around 15.0 km per day may leave your legs aching, the breathtaking scenery will help you overlook any fatigue. It's important to mention that the Tour du Mont Blanc doesn't ascend the Mont Blanc Massif; instead, it circumnavigates this majestic landmark!

    Location: Starts and ends in Les Houches
    Distance: 170.0 km
    Time: 8-11 days
    When to do: June-September

    Tour du Mont Blanc

    Walker’s Haute Route

    Exploring Switzerland on foot offers breathtaking landscapes, and the Walker’s Haute Route will surely deliver on that front! Keep in mind that while the Walker's Haute Route commences in France, it predominantly traverses Switzerland, necessitating a substantial budget when compared to other treks in neighbouring countries. However, if you find yourself short on funds or time for certain segments, consider opting for public transportation or alternative paths.

    Location: Chamonix, France, to Zermatt, Switzerland
    Distance: 213.0 km
    Time: 10-12 Days
    When to do: Mid-July to mid-September


    Matterhorn Trek

    Why make your way to the summit of the Matterhorn when you can trek around the iconic peak at a distance of 145.0 km, savoring its beauty at every step of the journey? While it is a stunning highlight to be sure, the Matterhorn won't be the sole captivating sight during this rustic trek. Traverse glaciers and marvel at other majestic peaks while on one of the best treks in Switzerland, while also crossing into Italy to indulge in the delectable, world-renowned Italian cuisine.

    Location: Begins and ends in Zermatt, Switzerland
    Distance: 145.0 km
    Time: 8-10 days
    When to do: June to September


    Via Alpina

    The Via Alpina hiking trail extends beyond Switzerland, encompassing five routes spanning approximately 5,000.0 km and connecting eight Alpine countries: France, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, and Liechtenstein. The Swiss (and Lichtenstein) portion of this epic trail traverses seven cantons and covers a distance of 390.0 km through some picturesque alpine landscapes, making it a must-do for long-distance hikers who want to experience one of the best treks in Switzerland - even if it extends beyond!

    Location: Vaduz to Montreux
    Distance: 390.0 km
    Time: 20 Days
    When to do: July-September

    Via Alpina

    Kesch Trek

    The Kesch Trek in Switzerland is an excellent choice for beginners seeking a captivating multi-day trek. Despite its shorter duration when compared to other hikes on this list, the Kesch Trek manages to deliver a remarkable experience. Immerse yourself in the quintessential beauty of the Alps over four unforgettable days. While this trek is designed for beginners, it's crucial to be aware of challenges, particularly the demanding ascent on day 3. Additionally, unpredictable weather conditions can create slippery and hazardous situations, so be sure to check the forecast before embarking on your adventure.

    Location: Flüela Pass bus stop to Bergün
    Distance: 59.0 km
    Time: 4 Days
    When to do: Mid-June to September

    Kesch Trek

    Engadin Panorama Trail

    Hiking enthusiasts on the Engadin Panorama Trail will find themselves enchanted by the tranquility of expansive meadows, the sparkling charm of pristine lakes, and the welcoming atmosphere of authentic Engadin villages. This gentle trek offers a delightful initiation into Swiss hiking, enabling participants to fully immerse in the natural splendor at their own pace.

    Location: The trailhead is located in Zernez
    Distance: 55.0 km
    Time: 4-5 Days
    When to do: July-September


    Bernese Oberland Traverse

    The Bernese Oberland Traverse is an extraordinary adventure that highlights some of the region's most well-known peaks, such as Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. Spanning approximately 110.0 km, the trek takes 8-10 days to finish and is truly one of the best treks in Switzerland. As you navigate through breathtaking glacial valleys, gaze out across snow-covered peaks, and find shelter in secluded mountain huts, you will experience both the unspoiled beauty and the technical challenges of high alpine terrain.

    Location: The trailhead is located in Meiringen
    Distance: 110.0 km
    Time: 8-10 Days
    When to do: July-September

    Bernese Oberland


    The Waldstätterweg is a long distance trek that is perfect for those who don’t want to over-exert themselves. The pathway traces the contours of Lake Lucerne, meandering along lakeside paths, mountain trails, and urban promenades. It also incorporates historical footpaths like the cliff path on Bürgenstock mountain. This trail hearkens back to the early days of Swiss tourism, and is a relatively laidback way to experience some incredible scenery. If you are just looking to start exploring some of the best treks in Switzerland, then this route is a good place to begin!

    Location: Brunnen to Rütli
    Distance: 115.0 km
    Time: 7 Days
    When to do: May to October


    Tour des Muverans

    For a multi-day adventure that is a bit off the beaten path, the Tour des Muverans stands out as a unique trekking experience. This four-day route that encircles the summit of the Grand Muveran will take you to six breathtaking mountain passes, three stunning alpine lakes, and will provide awe-inspiring vistas of renowned landmarks like Mont Blanc and the Dents du Midi - that sounds like it deserves to be on the list of best treks in Switzerland if you ask us! With the majority of the route situated above the tree line, the panoramic views of the snow-covered Swiss Alps make this hike truly exceptional.

    Location: The trek begins and ends at Derborence Lake
    Distance: 51.5 km
    Time: 4 Days
    When to do: Mid-June to mid September


    Jacobsweg/The Way of St. James (Rorschach to Einsiedeln)

    The Camino de Santiago, or the Way of St James, is one of the most popular and well-known walking routes in the World, with nearly every country in Europe having its own version of the trail that culminates in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. If you are looking to tackle the Swiss variant, the Jacobsweg will take you 645.0 km from Rorschach to Einsiedeln, although shorter versions can also be found if you can’t commit to a month-long adventure.

    Location: Rorschach to Einsiedeln
    Distance: 645.0 km
    Time: 35-40 days
    When to do: July-August


    Best Treks in the World

    Searching for other trekking adventures outside of the best treks in Switzerland? Discover the rest of our Best Treks series for highlights of all the best treks around the world. Who knows, they might just help you plan your upcoming long-distance adventure!




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