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    Exploring Puglia: The Perfect Adventure in Italy

    Exploring Puglia: The Perfect Adventure in Italy

    By Claire GordonDestinations

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    For anyone looking to discover the natural beauty and rich culture that can be found in the Mediterranean, exploring Puglia is the perfect adventure in Italy. And while you could certainly travel to this southern Italian gem for an active holiday alone, it is best experienced with a bit of rest and relaxation tacked on the end so that you can truly get a taste for la dolce vita.

    Not sure how to go about it? Read on to hear from our friend Claire at Bookings For You and discover how you can pair your Italian adventure tour with a relaxing stay in a private villa.

    Puglia as an Adventure Destination

    Puglia’s shoreline makes up more than 10% of Italy’s total coast - 869.0 km - which is perfect for an Italian beach holiday destination. Located in the heel of Italy’s boot, Puglia is a stunning region, most famous for its hobbit-like trulli, turquoise seas, and beautiful rural landscapes that beckon those with a love of coastal landscapes.

    That said, there is also so much to enjoy away from the beach. Olive groves stretch for miles, interrupted only by stunning hilltop towns, steeped in history, where ancient Italian culture oozes from polished white walls and winding alleys. Needless to say, Puglia is the picture of Mediterranean charm, and should be high on your list of places to explore.

    Pedaling through Puglia’s olive groves or walking along its breathtaking coastline is a wonderful adventure. However, after a few days of adventuring, you might like to enjoy some luxury, rest and relaxation in a Bookings For You villa. For this reason,we’ve curated a list of combination holidays below that begin with a 10Adventures tour and are followed up by a stay in a perfect Puglia villa.

    Puglia Adventure Destination

    Adventure Tour and Villa Pairings

    Exploring Puglia by bike is a wonderful option. This way you can take in the stunning landscapes at your own pace and find hidden gems which you won’t find on four wheels. Tasting Puglia by Bike is an 8 day food tour beginning in Polignano a Mare, with multiple stops including Ostuni and Gallipoli. Adventurers will finish their ride in Lecce from which we would recommend a short trip back up the coast to enjoy Puglia’s pristine beaches and turquoise waters from the luxury of Villa Clementine. With direct access to the beach and a pool too, Villa Clementine’s contemporary architecture breathes light into every room with huge windows to take in the wonderful sea views.

    Our next option is a 6 Day Guided Cycling Tour, crisscrossing Puglia’s magnificent rural landscape and skirting some of its world-famous coastline. Adventurers will have the chance to cycle through Le Cesine Nature Reserve, Acaya and the Rauccio Natural Park. Beginning and ending in Lecce, we would again recommend Villa Clementine for time to relax and take in Puglia’s picture-perfect beaches. However, if you are looking for a more authentic Puglian experience, look no further than Trulli de Stelle. Set in the heart of some of Puglia's most beautiful countryside in the Val d'Itria, with an indoor and outdoor pool as well as a jacuzzi, it offers the ultimate in relaxation.

    Trulli de Stelle

    Trulli de Stelle

    Next, an 8 Day Cycling Tour, beginning in Polignano a Mare and ending in Lecce, which will leave you in awe at the beauty of Puglia. On day 3, adventurers will find themselves in Ostuni - Puglia’s postcard ‘white city’. Ostuni is a Bookings for You favourite and we find it difficult to choose between our wonderful selection of villas and trulli around Ostuni, as there really is something for everyone! We love Ostuni so much that we think that staying right in its centre is one of the highlights of any trip to Puglia. Here we have two options. The stunning Palazzo Ostuni is right in the heart of Ostuni. The design throughout this luxury villa is contemporary and modern. To top it off, on the roof, you will have a panoramic terrace with views of the city and a small swimming pool for guests' private use.

    Palazzo Ostuni

    Palazzo Ostuni

    Option two is our Ostuni B&B. Tucked in the iconic white walls of the city, this beautiful property boasts eight luxury and individually designed rooms, sleeping 16 guests in total. Available by room (or as an entire villa), it offers a truly luxurious experience, right in the heart of Ostuni. A selection of traditional local produce makes up a delicious Italian breakfast served daily between eight and ten in the morning. Each room is furnished with high-quality toiletries, a fridge and pod coffee machine. This kind of luxury can make tired legs quickly forget the miles they have cycled in the days before.

    While cycling around Puglia is a fantastic way to enjoy the region, there are of course some alternatives for adventurers to explore Italy’s southern gem. With 15 blue flag beaches, you can feel spoiled for choice when choosing a coastal destination for a holiday in Puglia. Choose this 7 Day Snorkeling Tour and you will explore both the eastern Adriatic and western Mediterranean coats. Snorkeling in Puglia opens a kaleidoscope of underwater colours and this tour takes adventurers through both the ‘Cave of Poetry’ and the Porto Selvaggio Reserve.

    After 7 days at sea, we would recommend moving inland to experience what Puglia has to offer away from the beach. Opting for a villa in the Val d’Itria gives a wonderful contrast to the time you will have spent enjoying the coast. Trulli Nicola is a newly constructed villa, furnished in a modern contemporary style and within walking distance of the outskirts of Ostuni. Whilst the exterior appears traditional in design, everything is brand new thereby combining the best of both worlds! The outside space is stunning. There is a large terrace with contemporary 'wood effect' tiles that sit alongside beautifully kept lawns. Perfectly presented flower beds line the pool area and there are mature olive trees cleverly lit at night. For al fresco dining, a stone table and benches are positioned under a large covered pergola.

    Taking a walking tour is another marvelous way to enjoy Puglia’s magic. The Bookings For You team has long been a fan of taking our time when we travel and a walking tour is the ultimate slow travel indulgence. Enjoying this 10 Adventures 8 Day Walking Tour is a wonderful way to explore Puglia’s southern coast and marvel at the rugged cliffs and crystalline waters which are so iconically Puglian. From the tour’s end point Lecce, we recommend traveling north to Val d’Itrea where you will be spoiled for choice with Bookings For You villas in which to rest your legs! For smaller groups or couples we recommend La Casa Picola or Apartment Carovigno, while for larger groups Villa Olive or Villa Vista Mare are a perfect choice. For ultimate luxury, consider The Residence. This magnificent villa sleeps up to 16 guests, has a private pool and even its own wine cellar from which guests can try a host of local Puglian wines.

    Villa Vistamare

    Villa Vistamare

    Italian Adventures Near Puglia

    Whichever way you decide to adventure around Puglia, we have no doubt that it will be a wonderful experience. Prepare to fall in love with this part of Italy because it really will take your breath away!

    If you are after a different experience in this beautiful corner of the Mediterranean, you can explore all of the 10Adventures tours in Southern Italy, as well as any nearby Bookings For You Puglia Villas. Both of our teams are always on hand to help you plan your trip, where adventure and luxury can be the perfect partners.

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