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    A Comprehensive Accommodations Guide for the Tour du Mont Blanc

    10 Best Treks in France

    By Kelsey Krahn10 Best Hikes

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    France ranks at the top of the list of the most-visited countries in the world—and for good reason. Not only do travellers flock here for wine, culture, and architectural wonders lining cobblestone streets, they come here to dip into nature. Thanks to the Alps lining its backdrop, France boasts some of the most memorable hiking adventures in the world! Want to embark on a long-distance walk and explore another side of this beloved country? Sift through the ten best treks in France below and find an adventure that suits your walking style.

    Trekking in France

    Find a range of long-distance walking adventures carved all over France. The most popular alpine trekking hub is Chamonix, a platform for the Tour du Mont Blanc and the Walker’s Haute Route. Not into hiking mountain slopes? Head to Normandy to walk the GR 21, an otherworldly coastal adventure with limestone cliffs and salted sea air. When researching your ideal walking route in France, you’ll also discover routes covering various distances. For example, anyone seeking the ultimate long-distance exploration will want to look into the GR 10. There are dozens of incredible tours in France you can choose from, but this article allows you to sift through the ten best treks in France below and find an adventure that suits your walking style.

    Find your ideal trekking route below, or explore a range of trekking tours in France. Below are our Top 10 Treks in France!

    10 Best Treks France

    1. Tour du Mont Blanc

    It would be strange to kick off the ten best treks in France with any hike other than the incredible Tour du Mont Blanc. Marvel at the European Alps as you walk through three countries flanking the towering Mont Blanc Massif. Pass through France, Italy, and Switzerland for the ultimate border-hopping hiking experience! Most trekkers aim to traverse 15.0 km a day, but don’t worry; the mesmerizing peaks, vibrant meadows, and hanging glaciers will keep you entertained. Explore all the different options for a guided or self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc.
    Location: Starts and ends in Les Houches
    Distance: 170.0 km
    Time: 8-11 days
    When to do: June-September


    2. GR 10: French Pyrenees

    Traverse the rugged, uninterrupted Pyrenees, a lofty mountain range dividing France and Spain. The GR 10 traverses the French Pyrnees, connecting the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast. Start your route exploring lush landscapes, followed by a more rugged middle section. Then, revel in the blue skies mirroring the Mediterranean hues as you approach the end. Most people walk from Hendaye, the Atlantic side, towards the Mediterranean, Banyuls. Find your perfect vacation in one of these Tours in the French Pyrenees.
    Location: Hendaye to Banyuls-sur-Mer
    Distance: 1,100.0 km
    Time: 45-60 days
    When to do: July-September


    3. GR 49 From Saint-Raphael to Rougon

    Don’t let the 100.0 km distance fool you into thinking this long-distance hike will be a simple walk in the park! The GR49 is one of the more challenging adventures on this list due to its steep gradient. En route, discover epic natural scenery, such as the Saint-Cassien Lake in the Var and Verdon Regional Natural Park. Most hikers generally complete this route in six stages! Want to find your next vacation on a trip like this one, then have a look at walking vacations in Southern France.
    Location: Saint-Raphael to Rougon
    Distance: 100.0 km
    Time: 6 days
    When to do: April-October


    4. GR 21 Littoral de Normandie

    Discover the scenic white cliffs jetting over the sea along the fantasy-like beaches of Normandy on GR 21. Fun fact: in 2019, the French voted this long-distance route as the best in France! Perhaps the blend of a more accessible hiking path with the unique beachfront scenery towering along the Alabaster Coast skyrocketed this trek to first place.

    The limestone cliffs beautifully complement the blue sea, grey pebble beaches, and lush greenery, painting this tremendous route! Want to go on a holiday in Northern France? Explore other stunning adventure tours in Northern and Central France and start planning your next vacation today!
    Location: Le Havre to Le Treport
    Distance: 187.0 km
    Time: 12 days
    When to do: April to October


    5. GR 70 Chemin de Stevenson

    Step into the pages of a fairytale on the romantic GR 70: Chemin de Stevenson. In 1878, Robert Louis Stevenson walked through Cévennes with Modestine, his donkey. He weaved through farmland, forests, valleys, and Mont Lozere. This charming trekking journey invites you to fall in love with nature and simpler pleasures! Spend your evenings basking in golden beams, followed by quiet hours in your tent or guesthouse in a quaint, rural setting. Maybe one of these walking tours in Southern France are perfect for your next walking holiday.
    Location: Le Puy-en-Velay (Haute-Loire) to Ales (Gard)
    Distance: 268.0 km
    Time: 12-15 days
    When to do: May to October


    6. GR 20 Corsica

    Craving a strenuous long-distance hiking experience? The GR20 in Corsica will suck the breath right out of your lungs! Some dub this 180.0 km adventure the most challenging trail in Europe, making it inevitable to train before setting foot on the path. Expect steep ascents over several kilometres and some technical terrain underfoot. Thankfully, the blood, sweat, and tears will fade once panoramic sea views spill into your sightline. You'll also find some reprieve in hidden lakes tucked below mountain slopes! Explore Corsica for your next vacation on one of these incredible trekking tours in Corsica.
    Location: Calenzana to Conca
    Distance: 180.0 km
    Time: 14 days
    When to do: June to September


    7. GR 51

    The GR51 travels away from the shimmering Mediterranean blues, carving through a more calm inland journey. Hikers should mentally prepare for the trail to launch into an ascent at the beginning. However, at the top, your lungs will relax as you admire the surrounding views for most of the journey (once in a while, you will dip back into the valley before returning up). The GR51 is an excellent way to ditch the tourists flocking to the area in the summer for a more secluded experience! This is one of a number of incredible tours in Southern France.
    Location: Menton to Marseille
    Distance: Just over 500.0 km
    Time: 30-35 days
    When to do: April to June or September


    8. Walker’s Haute Route

    The Walker’s Haute Route sets out from Chamonix, France, but spends much time traversing through Switzerland, which means elevated prices. Therefore, it’s best to budget beforehand, as the daily costs might drain your wallet. If you’re short on time or want to skip some sections, you can always walk alternative routes or take public transport. Expect wild scenery replete with soaring peaks and sloping valleys. This is a wonderful walking tour, if you want to explore similar tours check out trekking tours in the French Alps, or trekking tours in Switzerland.
    Location: Chamonix, France, to Zermatt, Switzerland
    Distance: 213.0 km
    Time: 10 to 12 days
    When to do: Mid-July to mid-September


    9. GR 57 Tour du Mont Thabor

    Only have a couple of days to spare? Consider tackling the GR 57 Tour du Mont Thabor, a challenging route that cuts through a more hidden, lesser-known area of the French Alps. The Tour du Mont Thabor attracts nature lovers seeking a more remote, less crowded hiking experience. You won’t find ski slopes or crowded tourist spots along this unspoiled route! Find your next vacation and check out other incredible tours in the French Alps.
    Location: Starts and ends in Nevache
    Distance: 85.0 km
    Time: 5 days
    When to do: June to October

    Mont Thabor

    10. Mare a Mare Sud

    Enjoy a taste of the sea and mountains on the Mare a Mare Sud long-distance walk. Most walkers complete the Mare a Mare Sud in five days, encountering quaint villages, streams, sea views, and bushland. You will meet some narrow, mountainous sections with slippery gravel underfoot, but, for the most part, the Mare a Mare Sud is a more chilled-out long-distance walk compared to most others on this list. Corsica is such a special destination, if you thinking of a trip, check out these magical tours in Corsica.
    Location: Porto-Vecchio to Propriano (Corsica)
    Distance: 77.0 km
    Time: 5 days
    When to do: April to October

    Mare A Mare

    Best Treks in the World

    Looking to explore some of the World’s best treks outside of France? Check out the rest of the articles in our Best Treks series, where we highlight all of the best treks around the world to help you plan your upcoming long-distance adventures!




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