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Choosing the best hikes in Canada is no easy task. The country is enormous, and full of great hiking. The best hikes in Canada take you through swathes of untouched mountains, forests and valleys to beautiful mountain peaks and pristine turquoise lakes. The best hiking in Canada is in the western provinces of Alberta, British Columbia as well as the Northern Yukon Territory.

Canada has protected much of their most beautiful land and hikes through National and Provincial Parks. This means that hikers have some of the most pristine nature on earth to explore as they hike through the Canadian Rockies, the interior of BC and the BC Coast mountains. Seeing game is also common as you hike in Canada.

The best hikes in Canada take you through towns like Banff, Lake Louise, Waterton, Canmore, Jasper and Whistler. The National Parks are enormous, and away from the towns there is almost no development – just you, a hiking trail and beauty. While most people know these world famous National Parks, there are still hiking areas that are mostly known only to locals, like Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island or the Kananaskis series of Provincial Parks south of Banff.

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