Canmore Hikes

Region in Alberta, Canada

There are some great hikes in and around Canmore. While often bypassed by tourists, Canmore has a great mix of family-friendly hikes as well as great, challenging hikes. Canmore is a local’s town, located just outside Banff National Park, and approximately 15 minutes drive from the town of Banff. We love the range of hikes near Canmore, and we have found the 10 Best hikes from the front-ranges and around the town of Canmore. These range from incredible ridge-walks, exciting summits and wonderful family-friendly strolls. You’re going to love these hikes!

Canmore is an old mining town surrounded by the stunning Canadian Rockies and lots of great hikes. We share a lot of family-friendly hikes here, as there are just so many great family-friendly hikes. Canmore is a great base for families, with lots of condos available for rent. We love the nearby hiking, and regularly hike directly from our door, a rare treat in Canada where most hikes require a drive.

#1. Heart Mountain Horseshoe (11.0km, 935m, 5-7h): This is a wonderful hiking trail near Canmore, and many Calgarians first summit and scramble. The views from the ridge are incredible!

#2. Wind Ridge (13.3km, 775m, 4-6h): This fun hike actually starts near Dead Man’s flats. While it’s a bit challenging for the first 15 minutes for route-finding, once you gain the ridge the views are stunning.

#3. Grassi Lakes (4.0km, 185m, 1-2h): This famous Canmore hike has to be one of the favourite hikes near Canmore for families. Offering an easy and challenging route, this is a great hike for the family.

#4. Ha Ling, Miner’s Peak and the Three Humps (5.3km, 885m, 3-5h): Ha Ling is an iconic Canmore hike. Rising above the town, this is a busy trail year-round. By taking in Miner’s Peak and the Three Humps make this hike even more special.

#5. Quarry Lake (3.0km, 15m, 1h): Quarry Lake is a Canmore secret, and hiking around this lake will keep you coming back again and again. Great for families, there are great views for such an easy trail.

#6. Main Street and the Canmore Engine Bridge (3.7km, 25m, 0.75-1.5h): Another local favourite hike for families. Stroll along the great shops of Canmore’s main street before walking along the Bow River to the Canmore Engine Bridge. End the hike in Riverside Park and enjoy a picnic. A great hike year-round.

#7. Lady MacDonald Tea House (8.6km, 905m, 4-6h): This is a popular hike that rises above Canmore. With great views, the hike to the Lady MacDonald has everything you want in a hike, but alas not a tea house, it was destroyed in 2013!

#8. Mt Yamnuska Circuit (11.0km, 935m, 5-6.5h): Don’t underestimate this great hike near Canmore. Hiking the circuit around Mount Yamnuska is a challenging hike, with the famous “Chain” that terrifies a fair number of hikers on this route!

#9. Bow River (11.8km, 60m, 1-4h): This wonderful hike takes you along the Bow River, between Three Sisters and Main Street in Canmore. With great views and well-maintained trails, this is a fun day out for families!

#10. Grotto Canyon (4.4km, 115m, 1.5-2.5h): The hike in Grotto Canyon is another family favourite hike near Canmore. While the famous pictographs are fading and hard to see, the family will enjoy hiking in this canyon.

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01. Heart Mountain Horseshoe

11.0km 935m 5-7h

Hiking the Heart Mountain Horseshoe is a wonderful hike near Canmore. Hiking the full Horseshoe gets you away from the…

02. Wind Ridge

13.3km 775m 4-6h

The hike up Wind Ridge, near Canmore, takes you away from the Bow Valley into the stunning West Wind Valley.…

03. Grassi Lakes Circuit

4.0km 185m 1-2h

The Grassi Lake hike is an ideal route in Canmore for beginners, families unaccustomed to hiking in the mountains, or…

04. Ha Ling Peak, Miners Peak & The Three Humps

5.3km 885m 3-5h

Add to your hike up to Ha Ling Peak with the exciting trails to Miners Peak and the Three Humps.…

05. Quarry Lake

3.0km 15m 1h

A hike around Quarry Lake is one of Canmore’s hidden gems. Not only is Quarry Lake a great place to…

06. Main Street, Bow River and the Rail Bridge

3.7km 25m 0.75-1.5h

This is one of Canmore’s best family-friendly walks, and a great hike to introduce somebody to Canmore! Starting along Main…

07. Lady MacDonald Tea House

8.6km 905m 4-6h

Hiking to the Lady MacDonald Tea House is a great hike in Canmore, but beware, you won’t get a Tea…

08. Mt. Yamnuska Circuit

11.0km 935m 5-6.5h

The hike around Mt. Yamnuska is one of Canmore’s favourite hikes. Hiking to Mt. Yamnuska has wonderful views and this…

09. Bow River Trail

11.8km 60m 1 - 4h

Walking along the Bow River is one of the best family-friendly trails in Canmore, and a great way to explore…

10. Grotto Canyon

4.4km 115m 1.5-2.5h

A hike through Grotto Canyon is a local’s favourite. Expect to see families and rock climbers as they hike along…