The Canmore / Kananaskis region has a wide variety of hikes – ranging from expert level to family-friendly and all that’s in between. The trails in this region are also well suited to intermediate level hikers thanks to Highway #40 and the Smith Dorrien Trail, both high-elevation roads that make up for much of the heavy elevation gain.


(15.0km, 450m, 4-6h)

Avalanche Peak trail is one of 10 best Canmore hikes

The hike to Burstall Pass is an iconic Canmore route for good reason – it’s stunning! Although a great trail for intermediates, those with energy can scramble up Snow Peak for one of the best views in the Rockies. And in autumn, the sights of the larches are incredible!


(9.3km, 320m, 1.5-3h)

Chester Lake trail is one of 10 best Canmore hikes

The hike to Chester Lake is a great family route in Canmore, complete with a stunning alpine meadow and glistening lake nestled among towering peaks. The walk is perfect for multiple seasons, as a snowshoe or ski tour in winter, or to see the larches change color in autumn. The trail is closed from May to late-June each year to prevent trail damage.


(7.3km, 740m, 4-5.5h)

Kings Creek Ridge hike is one of 10 best Canmore hikes

The hike up King Creek Ridge is spectacular – offering the chance to get up close with the spectacular Opal Range, views of Mount Wintour and the valley of the Kananaskis Lakes. Although this is a very steep hike in Canmore, it’s absolutely worth it for adventurous, fit hikers.


(14.6km, 685m, 5-7h)

Buller Pass trail is one of 10 best Canmore hikes

The hike to Buller Pass is one of the most spectacular in Canmore. It’s perfect for intermediate hikers, and despite the region still recovering from a forest fire, there are beautiful views and wildflowers throughout the trail. Once above treeline enjoy stunning views all the way to the pass!


(16.5km, 295m, 4-5.5h)

Upper Kananaskis Lake trail is one of 10 best Canmore hikes

The hike around Upper Kananaskis Lake offers tremendous views, varied terrain and limited elevation gain – a great trail for all levels of hikers. This is also an especially good option for shoulder season in Canmore, when the route will be less crowded.


(11.7km, 750m, 5-6h)

Wasootch Ridge trail is one of 10 best Canmore hikes

Wasootch Ridge is an easy choice as one of the best hikes near Canmore. Once you are up on the ridgeline, the valley feels isolated, with no other sounds or trails visible. This is a great day out!


(16.0km, 1380m, 7-9h)

Centennial Pass and Mount Allan Summit trail is one of 10 best Canmore hikes

The Centennial Pass and Mount Allan Summit is the highest maintained trail in the Canadian Rockies. It’s a true pinnacle with great views and a nice alpine hike along the way. Bring lots of water as you’re exposed most of the day. The Trail is closed from April to late-June each year.


(5.3km, 885m, 3-5h)

Ha Ling Peak hike is one of 10 best Canmore hikes

Add to your hike up to Ha Ling Peak with the exciting trails to Miners Peak and the Three Humps. This popular walk is a great way to feel like a mountaineer only 20 minutes from Canmore.


(4.0km, 185m, 1-2h)

Grassi Lakes trail is one of 10 best Canmore hikes

The Grassi Lake hike is an ideal route in Canmore for beginners, families unaccustomed to hiking in the mountains, or ones with smaller children. It includes a pair of cozy, crystal clear lakes surrounded by impressive rock faces.


(11.8km, 60m, 1-4h)

Bow River Trail is one of 10 best Canmore hikes

Walking along the Bow River is one of the best family-friendly trails in Canmore, and a great way to explore the Bow Valley and Bow River. Start in Downtown Canmore and wander up or down river, with great views and a fine path. Great hike for those with strollers.