Choosing an adventure suited for the entire family can be a daunting task. You know you need to choose a hike that ensures little tears and complaints and maximum fun, which can be a deceivingly hard thing to do. So we want to make this entire ordeal of planning a family outing a little easier.

Below, you’ll find 15 family-friendly hikes that give a montage of outstanding views; some have magical waterfalls, others enchanting forests, and some unveil valley vistas from up high. The mild elevation levels, short distances, and fun scenery will hopefully entertain everyone. If not, just pack a bunch of snacks, and everyone will be happy!

Read on for the 15 best easy hikes for the whole family below.

Gold Creek Falls Hike
Gold Creek Falls Hike

1. Gold Creek Falls

Gold Creek Falls is the perfect hike for families (even those with strollers), those wanting a soothing (not crazy challenging) outdoor getaway, or for campers at Golden Ears Provincial Park. The scenic rainforest surrounding the trail forces you to get lost in the natural sounds and imagery playing before your eyes. You’ll undoubtedly fall in love with the ever-so mighty Gold Creek Falls! Oh, and bring your swimsuit. If you’re here during the summer, you’ll definitely want to splash around in the water.

Where? Golden Ears Provincial Park, East of Vancouver
Length: 3.7mi
Time: 1.5-2 hours
Elevation: 344ft
Distance from Vancouver: 1.5 hours
Getting there: Go on Highway #1 (east) and take exit #44. Continue driving straight until you have to turn right for Lougheed Highway. Drive over the Pitt River Bridge and head towards Maple Ridge. Soon, you’ll reach an intersection for Lougheed Highway and Dewdney Trunk Road. Turn left and drive until you reach 232nd Street. Take a left here and after a kilometre, turn right (just after a small park). Continue along Fern Avenue until you arrive at the last parking lot.

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Lost Lake Hike
Lost Lake Hike

2. Lost Lake Hike

Head to Whistler Village for this mesmerizing route! Meander through the ever-so stunning West Coast rainforest (or you can take the gravel path). After a short, pleasant stroll, you’ll reach the quaint Lost Lake. Enjoy a picnic at one of the tables set along the lake and a swim before you walk back.

Where? Whistler
Length: 3.2mi
Time: 1-2 hours
Elevation: 394ft
Distance from Vancouver: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Getting there: Go to Whistler Village and park in one of the public parking lots. Head to parking lot 5, and you’ll notice signs for Lost Lake. Start your hike here.

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Murrin Park Hike
Murrin Park Hike

3. Murrin Park Hike

Breathe in lovely views of Howe Sound without putting in too much effort! Murrin Provincial Park packs a punch for outdoor adventure: hiking, fishing, swimming, and rock climbing. You will reach rocks that require you to use a rope to climb on this hike, making this route more suitable for older children! The loop ends at Browning Lake, so bring your swimsuit along and enjoy a refreshing post-walk dip.

Where? Murrin Provincial Park, Squamish
Length: 1.6mi
Time: 45 minutes-1 hour
Elevation: 394ft
Distance from Vancouver: 45 minutes
Getting there: Hop in your car and drive towards Squamish along the Sea to Sky Highway. You’ll turn shortly after Britannia Beach. Notice signs for Murrin Provincial Park. Turn left into the parking lot. Browning Lake will be on your left as well!

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Jug Island Hike
Jug Island Hike

4. Jug Island Hike

Bask in the fresh-scented air swirling around the cedar forest as you walk by two enticing bays: Belcarra and Bedwell. Their glimmering waters will beg you to jump in, so don’t forget your swimsuit! The Jug Island Hike is an excellent half-day activity.

Where? Belcarra Regional Park, East of Vancouver
Length: 3.3mi
Time: 1.5-2.5 hours
Elevation: 712ft
Distance from Vancouver: 1 hour
Getting there: Follow East Hastings Street from Downtown Vancouver to Highway 7A towards Port Moody. Take a left on Loco Road and continue until you turn right on 1st Ave. This road turns into Bedwell Bay Road. Continue driving along this road until you reach the parking lot that’s on your left.

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Widgeon Falls Hike
Widgeon Falls Hike

5. Widgeon Falls Hike

The Widgeon Falls Hike is slightly different from the other walks mentioned on this list: it requires you to hop in a canoe or kayak and paddle to the trailhead. This added element elevates this family-friendly adventure from spellbinding to epic, don’t you think?

Where? Pinecone Burke Provincial Park, East of Vancouver
Length: 4.5mi
Time: 1.5-2.5 hours
Elevation: 650ft
Distance from Vancouver: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Getting there: Follow Highway 7 E (towards Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge). Cross the bridge and take a left onto Dewdney Trunk Road. Take another left onto Harris Road before turning right onto McNeil Road. And then turn left onto Rannie Road and continue along until you reach the parking lot by the docks. It costs $5 to park here overnight, but it’s free to park here during the day.

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Norvan Falls Hike
Norvan Falls Hike

6. Norvan Falls Hike

Long and steady wins the race! Well, that’s not the saying, but you probably get what I mean. The Norvan Falls hike may be 8.7mi, but it’s relatively flat, making for an enjoyable nature outing. Let Lynn Creek guide you, and the forest shade refresh you as you meander towards Norvan Falls! Spend some time marvelling at the towering waterfall before heading back along the same route you came.

Where? Lynn Headwaters Regional Park (North Shore)
Length: 8.7mi
Time: 4-6 hours
Elevation: 1283ft
Distance from Vancouver: 40 minutes
Getting there: Head towards Fern Street if you’re departing from North Vancouver. This road eventually merges into Lillooet Road. Take a slight to stay on Lillooet Road. Continue driving until you reach the Norvan Falls parking lot.

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Whytecliff Park Hike
Whytecliff Park Hike

7. Whytecliff Park Hike

This hike may be super short, but it’s easy to turn a visit to Whytecliff Park into a full day of fun. You can spend the day meandering beaches, picking up seashells by the seashore (cue the tongue twister: “she sells seashells…” ), and exploring the natural wonders spanning this park. Check the tide schedule before you go! If it’s low, you may be able to walk across to Whyte Island.

Where? Whytecliff Park, North Shore
Length: 0.6mi
Time: 0.5-1 hour
Elevation: 125ft
Distance from Vancouver: 45 minutes
Getting there: Head towards Horseshoe Bay. As the ferry terminal’s turnoff emerges into view, take the exit for Eagleridge Drive (#2). When you reach the roundabout, take the 1st exit, which takes you to the Marine Drive ramp. Take a left onto Marine Drive, and take the 1st exit at the roundabout. At the next roundabout, continue straight along Marine Drive. Drive until you reach the Whytecliff Park parking lot.

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Sawblade Falls Hike
Sawblade Falls Hike

8. Sawblade Falls Hike

Let the varied scenery entertain your family like a storybook. Pass by some small waterfalls and stroll through a woodland wonderland before you reach the main attraction. It’s best to bring older children on this hike since it’s quite long and one of the more difficult ones on this list.

Where? Pinecone Burke Provincial Park, East of Vancouver
Length: 5.8mi
Time: 2-3.5 hours
Elevation: 1093ft
Distance from Vancouver: 45 minutes
Getting there: Drive along the Lougheed Highway and when you reach Falcon Drive, go north. Take a right to turn onto Guildford Way. And then turn left on Pipeline Road. When you get to David Ave, go right. Shortly after, take a left on Coast Meridian Road. Turn right on Harper Road and continue along until you get to the end of the road and park your car along it.

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Steelhead Falls Hike
Steelhead Falls Hike

9. Steelhead Falls Hike

Not in the mood to do the Steelhead Falls Hike today, this month, or this season? Don’t worry. It’s not going anywhere. The low elevation makes it easy to do this hike year-round with your family—especially young families!

Where? Mission, East of Vancouver
Length: 1.2mi
Time: 0.5-1 hour
Elevation: 203ft
Distance from Vancouver: 1 hour and 20 minutes
Getting there: If you’re coming from Maple Ridge, take the Dewdney Trunk Road (east) until you reach Hayward Lake. You’ll find the parking lot to your right.

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Squamish Smoke Bluffs Hike
Squamish Smoke Bluffs Hike

10. Squamish Smoke Bluffs Hike

A hike and a playground in one? It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It’s safe to say that the Squamish Smoke Bluffs Hike caters to both parents and young kids. You get the views, and your kids get a space to play. It’s a win-win! You’ll find an abundance of trails snaking through Squamish Smoke Bluffs Park, making it easy to create your own adventure. However, if you want to follow an official guide, we suggest checking out some route details below!

(Do note that there are stairs on this hike, so it’s not stroller-appropriate.)

Where? Squamish Smoke Bluffs Park
Length: 2.2mi
Time: 1-2 hours
Elevation: 732ft
Distance from Vancouver: 1 hour
Getting there: Go to Squamish. Downtown, at the main intersection, take a right onto Loggers Lane. Follow this road until you get to a crosswalk. You’ll see a sign for Smoke Bluffs Park here. Turn right into the parking lot.

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Crooked Falls Hike
Crooked Falls Hike

11. Crooked Falls Hike

Disclaimer: this hike isn’t suitable for young kids, and may be best for families with teenagers! The elevation, and rocks and roots plaguing the trail can be hard on younger kids. But the falls at the end will grant you a memorable image of nature’s spectacularity.

Where? Squamish
Length: 3.7mi
Time: 3.5-4.5 hours
Elevation: 1913ft
Distance from Vancouver: 1.5 hours
Getting there: Head to Highway 99. Drive towards Squamish, and take a left on Squamish Valley Road. Continue for 15.5mi. Soon the trailhead will come into view. The last few kilometres will have you driving along a gravel road.

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Dog Mountain Hike
Dog Mountain Hike

12. Dog Mountain Hike

Short, but friggin’ fantastic! At the top, hikers will get rewarded with a collage of views. Just think of the vistas of the Lower Mainland, Mount Baker, Stanley Park, Fraser Valley, and the Strait of Georgia as easy-earned trophies. This hike doesn’t disappoint, and you and your older children will appreciate the spectacular image of the valley sprawled below!

Where? Mount Seymour Provincial Park (North Shore)
Length: 3.0mi
Time: 1-2.5 hours
Elevation: 787ft
Distance from Vancouver: 50 minutes
Getting there: Head to Highway #1. Take the Mount Seymour exit. Continue along Mount Seymour Parkway. You’ll eventually see a sign for Mount Seymour Road. Take a left and continue. Park at the ski hill in the northern section of the top parking lot.

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Crystal Falls Hike
Crystal Falls Hike

13. Crystal Falls Hike

Many of the hikes on this list unveil waterfall views, and the Crystal Falls Hike is no different. This low-key meander winds through a canopy of thick forest and has you creek-hopping at various points. It’s a fun hike that leads to a stunning waterfall!

Where? Coquitlam, East of Vancouver
Length: 3.5mi
Time: 1-1.5 hours
Elevation: 404ft
Distance from Vancouver: 45 minutes
Getting there: Drive along either the Barnet Highway or the Lougheed Highway and once in Coquitlam, go north on Pinetree Way. Continue by Town Centre Park and Douglas College and take a right on David Ave. Continue driving for another few minutes. Take a left on Shaughnessy Street. At Karley Crescent, you’ll be able to find parking.

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Capilano River Regional Park Hike
Capilano River Regional Park Hike

14. Capilano River Regional Park Hike

Let the glistening forest hues swallow you as you wind along one of Vancouver’s oldest parks: Capilano River Regional Park. Within the trails covering 16.2mi of this park, you’ll experience spellbinding natural wonders, such as the salmon hatchery, Capilano Canyon, the Cleveland Dam, and the Capilano River carving a path between lanes of sun-glistened trees. If you’re looking for a specific family-friendly trail in this spectacular park, we’ve got just the route for you! Take a look at the specifics below:

Where? Capilano River Regional Park, North Shore
Length: 2.1mi
Time: 0.5-1.5 hours
Elevation: 515ft
Distance from Vancouver: 30 minutes
Getting there: Go to Highway #1 and take exit #14. Follow along Capilano Road—it eventually becomes Nancy Green Way—past the Capilano Suspension Bridge. You’ll see clear signs for the Cleveland Dam; take a left into the parking lot here.

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Brandywine Falls Hike
Brandywine Falls Hike

15. Brandywine Falls Hike

A natural masterpiece, the Brandy Falls Hike is a magical gem that cascades for 70 metres and is only a short distance from the parking lot. The views of the Brandywine Falls transport you to a mystical place that will have you forgetting about the world hundreds of metres away! The wide and flat trail leading to the falls is tailor-made for first-time hikers, too.

Where? Brandywine Falls Provincial Park, Whistler
Length: 0.9mi
Time: 0.5-1 hour
Elevation: 115ft
Distance from Vancouver: 1 hour and 40 minutes
Getting there: Follow the Sea to Sky Highway from Whistler. You’ll eventually see a sign signalling a turnoff for Brandywine Falls. Take this. You’ll take a left into the parking lot! It can be busy, so try to leave early.

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