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      Displaying 18 of 18 tours

      Open details for Italian and Swiss Lakes Cycling Tour

      Italian Lakes

      Italian and Swiss Lakes Cycling Tour

      The Italian and Swiss lake country is full of world-class routes, and what better way to take in the staggering natural beauty of this region than by bike? This guided cycling tour takes you around several gorgeous lakes and into ancient towns filled with stunning architecture.

      Road Bike
      8 days from $3,195USDDetails
      Open details for Guided Tour du Mont Blanc

      Tour du Mont Blanc

      Guided Tour du Mont Blanc

      The Tour du Mont Blanc is an epic trek taking you through France, Italy and Switzerland, all the while providing stunning views of the Mont Blanc Massif. This guided Tour du Mont Blanc allows you to forget the hassle of planning and join a guide and a group of moderate trekkers on a wonderful trekking journey.

      10 days from $3,425USDDetails
      Open details for Guided Grand Alps E-Bike Tour

      French Alps

      Guided Grand Alps E-Bike Tour

      You don’t need to be a mountaineer to get to know the highest peaks in the Alps. On this trip, you’ll get close to the mountain giants with e-bikes, cable cars, and the famous Swiss Glacier Express. Start in the Savoy Alps with a panoramic bike route and views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. And cable cars will take you over towers of ice and crevasses to the romantic Italian Aosta Valley. Here, you can bike in breathtaking mountain scenery to the next highlight: With a cable car, you will pass the legendary Matterhorn and float into Switzerland to Zermatt. There you will explore the wild sources of the river Rhine by bike and Glacier Express. The destination of the journey is the Rhaetian capital Chur in Switzerland.

      8 days from $5,175USDDetails
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      Switzerland General Information

      Where to go in Switzerland

      For your Swiss adventure, explore must-visit destinations for an unforgettable experience. Venture into the Swiss Alps for mountain vistas and iconic peaks like the Eiger and Jungfrau in the Bernese Oberland. The Lake Geneva region offers a mix of culture and nature with its vineyards and lake views, while Zermatt's Matterhorn provides the quintessential Alpine adventure.

      What to do in Switzerland

      Switzerland, a haven for adventure enthusiasts, presents diverse activities all year. Apart from famous skiing and snowboarding, it boasts top-notch hiking, mountain biking, and paragliding for stunning aerial views. For something different, embark on a glacier trek or ride the Glacier Express, capturing the essence of alpine beauty.

      When to go to Switzerland

      Switzerland welcomes visitors all year round, with each season painting the country in a different hue. Summer is ideal for hiking and enjoying the lakes, while winter transforms the land into a premier skiing destination. Spring and autumn are perfect for those seeking fewer crowds and the chance to witness the beauty of the Alps in transition.

      Top 5 adventures in Switzerland

      1. Trekking the Haute Route - A challenging hike from Chamonix, France, to Zermatt, Switzerland.
      2. Tour du Mont Blanc - A renowned multi-day hike circling the Mont Blanc massif, traversing parts of Switzerland, Italy, and France, offering some of the most spectacular alpine scenery.
      3. Via Rhona cycling - A long-distance cycling route that follows the RhĂ´ne River, including stretches through Switzerland, offering picturesque views and a diverse cycling experience.
      4. Riding the Glacier Express - Journey through the heart of the Swiss Alps on this iconic train ride, connecting Zermatt and St. Moritz.
      5. Kayaking on Lake Geneva - Paddle on the tranquil waters with stunning views of the surrounding vineyards and mountains.

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