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    10 Best Places to Travel this Summer

    10 Best Places to Travel this Summer

    By Kelsey KrahnDestinations

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    The ten best places to travel this summer are primarily in northern destinations, such as Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and Scotland. Snowy winter landscapes often prevent travellers from flocking to these cold-ridden parts of the world, making it an ideal time to explore these landscapes when the sun spikes temperatures to bearable.

    The summer is the perfect time to hit up the beach and soak in the sea, but it’s also the ideal season to head on more rugged adventures that aren’t possible in the cooler months. Our ten best places to travel in summer fall in more northern destinations, where melting snow opens up ample opportunities to meander wild, beautiful areas of the world. But don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten about water lovers craving a salty dip in the sea! Sprinkled throughout our list, you’ll find some must-visit summer destinations from other areas of the world.

    Still trying to figure out where to go? Take a look at the ten best places to travel this summer below!

    The 10 Best Places to Travel this Summer Ranked


    #1 in Best Places to Travel this Summer

    It might seem random to kick off our ten best places to travel this summer list with the remote and untamed Greenland, but the natural beauty spanning this Arctic destination makes it a must-do when temperatures climb (slightly). Greenland will win your heart if you’re looking for a more rugged, adventurous summer spot with fjords, glaciers, rivers, lakes, and a glimpse of northern culture. How many people have you heard say, “I’ve been to Greenland!” You could be one of the rare few. Fly into Reykjavik in Iceland, and then head to Kulusuk, Greenland to kickstart your adventure!

    Favourite Tour in Greenland: Trekking the Icefjords of East Greenland Tour


    Bali, Indonesia

    #2 in Best Places to Travel this Summer

    Most people book flights to sunny Asian destinations from December to February, making summer an optimal time to visit this seaside dreamland. The dry season falls from May to October, too—and it’s not super crowded during this time of year. Bali is an epic area to relax on the beach, find roaring waterfalls (Nungnung Waterfall, to name one), or hike mountains to bask in a sunrise glow (Mount Batur).

    Favourite Tour in Bali, Indonesia: Bali and Komodo Islands Tour


    The Highlands, Scotland

    #3 in Best Places to Travel this Summer

    Want a reprieve from the heat burning up other destinations? Head to Scotland, where temperatures rarely climb over 25 degrees Celsius. It’s also an excellent time to go to the Highlands to bag Munros without falling over with heat exhaustion. Discover whispers of folklore embedded in lochs, crumbling castles, and paths travelled for thousands of years. Eager adventurers can tackle the 154km West Highland Way to truly revel in the uninterrupted wonders flanking this area of the world.

    Favourite Tour in the Highlands, Scotland: Self-guided 8-day West Highland Way Trek



    #4 in Best Places to Travel this Summer

    Iceland deserves to sit atop all travel bucket lists. If you’re someone who loves mighty waterfalls, uninterrupted natural landscapes, camping, natural geothermal baths, and lagoons, Iceland will fulfill all your summer vacation dreams. We can’t even begin to describe the jaw-dropping beauty tucked all over this country! For example, icebergs float ashore along the black sand on Diamond Beach, creating a glittery, otherworldly spectacle. There’s so much to see in Iceland!

    Favourite Tour in Iceland: Self-Guided Laugavegur Trekking Tour


    Canadian Rockies, Canada

    #5 in Best Places to Travel this Summer

    Canadians love to take advantage of summer—bring on the smoky BBQ smells, don shorts even when temperatures dip to the teens when the stars come out, and spend almost every minute of daylight outside. One of the best places to visit in Canada when temperatures reach a good warmth is the Canadian Rockies: Jasper National Park, Banff National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park, and Kootenay National Park, to name a few. Go rafting on wild rivers between jetting peaks (some still capped with snow), hike to secret lakes tucked in mountainscapes, or gaze at valley views from atop a summit.

    Favourite Tour in the Canadian Rockies: Rockies Classic Hiking Tour

    Canadian Rockies

    Yosemite National Park, United States

    #6 in Best Places to Travel this Summer

    Spice up your Californian adventure with the granite peaks and alpine lakes beautifying Yosemite National Park! It’s best to head to this popular national park in summer to avoid closed campgrounds and road and trail blocks. And who wouldn’t want to have all of Yosemite’s highlights at their fingertips? Some epic spots include the legendary, challenging Half Dome, the bang-for-your-buck, chilled-out Yosemite Valley Hike, the giant, ancient sequoia trees, and Yosemite Falls!

    Favourite Tour in Yosemite National Park: Alpine Lakes Backpacking Adventure



    #7 in Best Places to Travel this Summer

    Want a safari, sea, hikes, sandy beaches, fun culture, and natural hot springs? Tanzania has it all! The dry season spans July to September, opening up vast opportunities for beach lounging, animal gazing, and hiking. Some epic spots worth venturing:

    • Either book a tour and hike Kilimanjaro (or marvel at its massive height from down below)
    • Chemka Hot Springs, where you can also enjoy a view of Kilimanjaro en route the bumpy, sandy road
    • Zanzibar for white sandy beaches and quintessential island vibes
    • Morogoro for fun, local hikes and a thriving atmosphere

    Favourite Tour in Tanzania: 6-Day Mount Kilimanjaro on Umbwe Route


    Salzburg, Austria

    #8 in Best Places to Travel this Summer

    The hills are alive with the sound of music! Step one: rewatch the Sound of Music. Step two: visit Salzburg. There’s something romantic about meandering European cities in the summer, and Salzburg is no different. Spend time sipping wine and walking through the cobblestone old town, checking out the viewpoints of the city, and embarking on some epic day trips. Salzburg is a great launching platform for visiting nearby towns, such as Werfen, where you can check out the Sound of Music meadow, or Hallstatt, a town nestled along the lake embroidered with stacked quirky, colourful homes.

    Favourite Tour in Salzburg, Austria: Salzburg and the Ten Lakes Cycling Tour


    Split & Dubrovnik, Croatia

    #9 in Best Places to Travel this Summer

    Croatia’s coastline boasts bright blue shimmering hues, luring sweaty travellers to cool off in the salty, ultra-transparent watery bliss. Walk inland to seafront towns lined with history and unique architecture. The red-roofed buildings contrasted with the blue sea create a picturesque image in Split, whereas Dubrovnik earned its place on the map as the filming location for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones. Croatia is an excellent summer destination, thanks to the fairytale-like national parks (Plitvice National Park and Krka National Park) holding true to the bright blue water theme and a string of seaside towns, beaches, snorkel spots, and hiking opportunities.

    Favourite Tour in Croatia: Croatian Trekking from Split to Dubrovnik


    Lake District, England

    #10 in Best Places to Travel this Summer

    Bet against rainfall and soak up warmer weather at the Lakes! The glistening lakes, quaint villages, and pretty mountain views have inspired artists for centuries (including the one and only Taylor Swift), so why not add it to your summer travel list? If we could describe the Lakes in one word, it would be: charming. The gorgeous surroundings block daily stress and put your mind at ease—even when surrounded by locals and other visitors from all over the globe.

    Favourite Tour in Lake District, England: Lake District Walking Tour

    Lake District

    Travel opportunities for other seasons

    Summer may be an epic time to explore, but what if you are set on a spring adventure or want to enjoy snowy winter sports? We’ve got you covered! 10Adventures offers thousands of adventure tours to match your exploration style and the time of year you want to travel.

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