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    Best Places to Travel in July

    Best Places to Travel in July

    By Kelsey KrahnDestinations

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    Want to pack your bags and explore another part of the world this summer? Want a lake to dip into? Salty air to bask in? Fresh mountain air? Unforgettable safari experiences? All while revelling in a brand new culture? Our list of best places in July covers a variety of destinations all over the globe. Keep reading for some much-needed (and deserved) summer travel inspiration!

    The best places to travel in July by continent

    Determining the best places to travel in July can be tricky due to summer temperature spikes and heightened crowds flocking to popular destinations. It’s the time of year that travellers hop to places they’ve always wanted to go—and these destinations are often spots thousands of others have had circled on their maps for years.

    Western Europe morphs into a tourism melting pot, where different accents and languages bounce off the architectural wonders lining cobblestone streets.

    North America also becomes a popular travel point, especially commonly cold spots basking in the sizzling summer heat, such as Canada and the national parks in the United States.

    Meanwhile, while the rest of the world seeks lakes and oceans to dip into, the southern hemisphere experiences a temperature drop as they venture deeper into their winter, making it ideal for visiting these countries during an alternative time of year.

    It’s challenging to nail down one spot worth visiting in the summer. First, you need to ask yourself: do you want to escape the crowds? Do you not care about venturing to busy, popular places? Do you want to explore a more natural setting? Do you want to view wildlife? Do you want to go to the ocean? Read on to find out which continents and countries are the best to travel to in July.

    Best places to travel to in Europe in July

    July is a popular time to visit Europe. You’ll find a collection of tourists from around the world flocking to major cities in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and England. Still, some other destinations might have smaller crowds, although the temperatures might be just as hot.

    Dalmatian Islands, Croatia

    Who doesn’t want to be near water when the sun comes out? The Dalmatian Islands in Croatia are an ideal area to rock your swimsuit and enjoy daily dips in the transparent, bright blue Adriatic Sea. You can go hiking, kayaking, swimming and tap into all the outdoor adventures that the snow or colder temperatures prevent you from doing. Some important islands to explore are Brac, Hvar, and Korcula. And since you’re nearby, you can’t skip out on checking out Dubrovnik, the set of King’s Landing from Game of Thrones on the mainland.

    Where to Fly Into: Split International Airport (Resnik Airport)
    Average July Temperature on the Dalmatian Islands, Croatia: 30 °C
    Favourite Tour on the Dalmatian Islands, Croatia: Hike and Kayak the Dalmatian Islands

    Dalmatian Islands

    Reykjavik, Iceland

    Fly into Reykjavik before jetting off to explore the roaring waterfalls, icebergs washing ashore, and other mystical natural wonders spanning Iceland. We chose to visit Iceland in July over August because the chance of rain falling decreases ever so slightly in July. However, the average temperature remains the same. If you’re looking for an incredible outdoorsy escape, Iceland is your go-to destination.

    Where to Fly Into: Keflavik International Airport
    Average July Temperature in Reykjavik, Iceland: 14 °C
    Favourite Tour in Iceland: Self-Guided Laugavegur Trekking Tour


    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Increase your chance of strolling Edinburgh’s cobblestone streets in sunny weather, but don’t expect empty streets in the summer. The clouds giving way to warmer days invite crowds from all over! However, the flock of humans won’t diminish the storied fairytale beauty lining this city. And whenever you crave nature, you might as well head out to the Highlands to marvel at lochs, bag a Munro, or walk paths embedded with historical tales.

    Where to Fly Into: Edinburgh Airport
    Average July Temperature in Edinburgh, Scotland: 19 °C
    Favourite Tour in Edinburgh, Scotland: Self-guided West Highland Way Walking Tour


    Best places to in Asia

    Disclaimer: It’s best to visit most places in Asia between September to May, as June, July, and August often come with monsoons or extremely high, humid temperatures, depending on where you’re going.

    Bali, Indonesia

    Want a fusion of sea and adventure? Head to Bali for a perfect combination of beach lounging, sea adventures, sunrise hikes, total relaxation, flavourful meals, and culture. You can also go on biking adventures, visit a monkey sanctuary, check out temples, make jewelry, and visit traditional villages. The most popular places in Bali are Ubud, Kuta, and Denpasar. If you’re looking for a postcard image of vacation, it’s Bali.

    Where to Fly Into: Denpasar International Airport
    Average July Temperature in Bali, Indonesia: 26.5°C
    Favourite Tour in Bali, Indonesia: Bali and Komodo Islands Tour


    Best Places to Travel in North America

    Take advantage of the weather heating beautiful locations across North America, places often drenched in the cold during winter.

    Yukon, Canada

    Marvel at classic Canadian scenery in the northern Yukon, where the sun never sets in the summer months. Want to go on a well-lit exploration at 2am? Lace-up your shoes, and enjoy the sunlight! Yukon is a postcard image for adventure. Go canoeing on wild rivers carved between mountainscapes, hike among jagged, rocky peaks in Tombstone Territorial Park, and spend evenings camping under the stars. It’s well worth visiting Dawson’s City, the once boomtown during the Klondike Gold Rush.

    Where to Fly Into: Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport
    Average July Temperature in Whitehorse, Yukon: 21°C
    Favourite Tour in Whitehorse, Yukon: Big Salmon River Canoe Tour


    Acadia National Park, Maine, USA

    The United States boasts a range of outstanding national parks. Acadia National Park in Maine offers travellers an ideal outdoorsy escape, where you can spend the day relaxing at Sand Beach, Echo Lake Beach, or LakeWood Pond. Outside of swimming, you can go hiking and discover hidden natural gems packing a punch all over the national park. One viewpoint to marvel at is the mighty Thunder Hole, an inlet that invites waves to explode against the flanking rock faces, perpetuating sea foam to rain down.

    Where to Fly Into: Boston Logan International Airport or Bangor International Airport
    Average July Temperature in Acadia National Park: 25°C
    Favourite Tour in Acadia National Park, Maine, USA: Acadia National Park Hiking Tour


    Alaska, United States

    Soak in the (almost) everlasting sun during the summer months in Alaska! In August, the sunlight starts to fade and cooler temperatures remind of autumn upcoming, making July the optimal time to bask in the wild, uninterrupted scenery spanning this state. It’s also best to hike during July when there’s less likely a chance of encountering snow patches en route.

    You can’t go wrong with visiting Anchorage, Denali National Park, Kenai Fjord National Park, or Skagway, where the gold rush legacy lives on. You’ll encounter national beauty anywhere you go in Alaska, such as sweeping glaciers, snow-capped mountains, rushing rivers, and wildlife thriving in their natural habitat.

    Where to Fly Into: Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
    Average July Temperature in Yellowstone NP: 19.5°C
    Favourite Tour in Alaska, USA: The Great Alaska Adventure


    Best Places to Travel in Africa

    When visiting Africa in July, research the dry, not-so-hot season to know the best time to go!


    Enjoy the mountainous, hilly scenery, creating the optimal lush setting for gorillas, various species, and flora to flourish in Rwanda. Most people visit this East African country to admire the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, lions, elephants, etc., roaming and thriving in natural habitats. It's best to visit the gorillas and trek in July during the dry season when it's not crazy hot.

    Where to Fly Into: Kigali International Airport
    Average July Temperature in Kigali, Rwanda: 27°C
    Favourite Tour in Rwanda: Thousand Hills Safari Tour



    If we could describe Ugandan explorations in one word, it would be "fun." (And adventurous.) Ride a dugout canoe in the swimmable hidden gem, Lake Bunyonyi, or watch for lions on a safari in Murchison Falls. And then, take your trip to Uganda to the next level with a visit to Bwindi Forest to spot the mountain gorillas. A great time to visit Uganda is July, during the dry season!

    Where to Fly Into: Entebbe International Airport
    Average July Temperature in Entebbe, Uganda: 27°C
    Favourite Tour in Rwanda: Best of Uganda Safari Tour


    Travel Opportunities During Other Months

    Warm summer weather in many places around the world means that July is a great time of year to get away, even if you have to compete with other travellers. But what if you can’t find the time to get away during the peak of summer? 10Adventures offers a wide range of incredible adventure tours to fit your travel style no matter the time of year; allowing you to plan, execute, and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

    Not able to make travel plans this July? Keep an eye out for next month’s list of the best places to travel in August, or take a look at our articles from previous months to get some travel inspiration:

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