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    Best Places to Travel in April

    Best Places to Travel in April

    By Alex ToddDestinations

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    The best places to travel in April fit into a wide variety of categories, from warm and sunny destinations in the Mediterranean to popular hotspots that experience a tourism dip in the spring. Read on to discover the best places to travel in April — who knows, you might just find your next dream holiday!

    If you look at a list of the best places to travel in April, one thing quickly becomes clear: people still tend to favour destinations that have comfortable weather and are yet to experience the influx of tourists that generally comes with the summer travel season. Whether it is popular coastal regions like California and the Mediterranean, or the islands of Southeast Asia, people still tend to lean towards the heat even after the cold of winter has begun to subside.

    That isn’t to say that there aren’t plenty of cool weather destinations on this list of the best places to travel in April, far from it. The tulip fields of the Netherlands and the picturesque landscapes of Pakistan’s Hunza Valley are great examples of destinations that are perfect for spring travel. Rather, the number of warm weather destinations outweighs them simply because people often look forward to seasonal change, especially if they live in a region dominated by cold, snowy winters and rainy spring seasons.

    Whether you find yourself looking to escape dreary weather or simply want to beat the rush at the beginning of the tourist season, the below list should serve as a great starting point to plan an amazing April travel experience.

    The Best Places to Travel in April by Continent

    When looking at the best places to travel in April by continent, it’s easy to see how regional weather conditions play a role in the popularity of certain destinations. For example, destinations around the Mediterranean are far more popular during the spring months than those in Northern Europe, largely due to the warmer temperatures in that region. With that being said, we’ve tried to provide a bit of variation when it comes to which destinations are the best places to travel in April; however, there will be some common themes present in each continent.

    Best Places to Travel in Europe

    Europe is a travel hotspot no matter the time of year, so it only makes sense that April is no different. Below you will find a few of the best places to travel in Europe, most of which are centered around the sunny coastlines of the Mediterranean Sea. While this list certainly takes advantage of the warmer weather, there are plenty of other European destinations that will provide an incredible travel experience filled with cultural festivals and unique experiences found nowhere else on earth.

    From the renowned walking routes in Galicia to the warm weather of Andalusia and the Canary Islands, Spain is an incredible destination to travel to this April.

    Best Place to Visit in April: La Palma
    Where to Fly Into: La Palma (SPC)
    Average April Temperature in Palma, Spain: 19℃
    Favourite Tour in La Palma, Spain: Best of La Palma Walking Tour

    A perennial favourite of travellers the world over, Italy is home to a number of amazing destinations that can be enjoyed in April, such as Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, and Cinque Terre.

    Best Place to Visit: Sicily
    Where to Fly Into: Palermo (PMO), Catania (CTA)
    Average April Temperature in Sicily, Italy: 14℃
    Favourite Tour in Sicily, Italy: Magna Via Francigena Walking Tour

    A seemingly endless supply of sunsoaked islands means that Greece is always a summer travel hotspot, so why not beat the tourism rush and explore the Aegean at the very end of the off-season?!

    Best Place to Visit: Crete
    Where to Fly Into: Heraklion (HER), Chania (CHQ)
    Average April Temperature in Crete, Greece: 17℃
    Favourite Tour in Crete, Greece: Crete Coast to Coast Tour

    Much like neighbouring Spain, Portugal has a wonderful maritime climate that is perfectly suited to spring exploration.

    Best Place to Visit: Madeira
    Where to Fly Into: Madeira (FNC)
    Average April Temperature in Madeira, Portugal: 18℃
    Favourite Tour in Madeira, Portugal: Madeira Walking Tour

    Fields upon fields of dazzling tulips and world famous museums makes the NEtherlands an excellent travel destination for anyone interested in culture and natural beauty.

    Best Place to Visit: Holland
    Where to Fly Into: Schiphol (AMS)
    Average April Temperature in Holland, The Netherlands: 10℃
    Favourite Tour in Holland, The Netherlands: Pearls of Holland Cycling Tour

    Looking for a Mediterranean adventure that is off the beaten path and features incredible weather? Then the Aegean Coast of Türkiye is the place to be this April!

    Best Place to Visit: Aegean Coast
    Where to Fly Into: Antalya (AYT), Dalaman (DLM)
    Average April Temperature on the Aegean Coast, Türkiye: 18℃
    Favourite Tour in Aegean Coast, Türkiye: The Seven Capes Trek


    Best Places to Travel in Asia

    When it comes to the best places to travel in Asia during April, there is a good mixture of warm and cool weather destinations waiting to be explored. Whether you are looking to explore the tropical islands of Indonesia and Malaysia or head into the heart of the continent for a trekking adventure in the mountains of Pakistan and Nepal, there is no shortage of incredible adventures to be experienced.

    Featuring little rainfall and plenty of sunny, warm weather days, April in Malaysia is the perfect time to enjoy a beach holiday or to get out and experience the breathtaking landscapes of well-known destinations like Borneo.

    Best Place to Visit: Borneo
    Where to Fly Into: Kuching (KCH)
    Average April Temperature in Borneo, Malaysia: 28℃
    Favourite Tour in Borneo, Malaysia: Ultimate 9-Day Borneo Wildlife Bike Safari

    The snow capped mountains and blossoming valleys of Pakistan provide the perfect contrasting backdrop for an amazing travel experience in April. Why fight the tourism influx of Nepal in spring when you can experience scenery that is just as beautiful with way less foot traffic?!

    Best Place to Visit: Hunza Valley
    Where to Fly Into: Islamabad (ISB)
    Average April Temperature in Hunza Valley, Pakistan: 1℃
    Favourite Tour in Hunza Valley, Pakistan: Explore Hunza Valley Tour

    One of the most vibrant times to visit the country, April in Japan is an incredible travel experience for any adventure enthusiast who enjoys the blossoming beauty of spring. Rather than heading to the main island of Honshu, why not try exploring an alternate destination like Kyushu to experience the natural beauty that can be found off the beaten path?!

    Best Place to Visit: Kyushu
    Where to Fly Into: Aso Kumamoto (KMJ)
    Average April Temperature in Kyushu, Japan: 14℃
    Favourite Tour in Kyushu, Japan: Rural Kyushu Bike & Gourmet Tour

    Marking the beginning of the dry season, April is a fantastic time to visit Bali if you enjoy hot weather. Take note that April does fall within the peak tourism season for Bali, so you will likely encounter plenty of other tourists.

    Best Place to Visit: Bali
    Where to Fly Into: Denpasar (DPS)
    Average April Temperature in Bali, Indonesia: 27℃
    Favourite Tour in Bali, Indonesia: Bali and Komodo Islands Tour

    April in Vietnam marks the end of the peak season, allowing travellers to experience lower prices, pleasant weather, and bright sunny days. If you want to take in some of the impressive cultural displays of Vietnam, there are also a number of festivals that take place throughout the month, such as the Hung, Thay Pagoda, and Xen Xo Phon festivals.

    Best Place to Visit: All of it!
    Where to Fly Into: Tan Son Nhat (SGN)
    Average April Temperature in Vietnam: 28℃
    Favourite Tour in Vietnam: Vietnam Tropical Adventure Tour


    Best Places to Travel in Africa

    Africa is a vast continent with plenty of regional diversity, which means that there are a number of amazing countries to explore during the month of April. The dramatic mountains and sunny coastlines of Morocco will be front of mind for many travellers due to its easy access from Europe, but the southern parts of the continent offer some truly incredible experiences, with countries like South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe offering wildlife viewing opportunities that are unrivaled by any other place on earth.

    South Africa in April is arguably the best time of year to take in the country’s amazing variety of wildlife, from large mammals to countless birds. Cool and dry weather will see the green vegetation subside, making it easier to spot the dazzling array of animals in the wild.

    Best Place to Visit: Kruger National Park
    Where to Fly Into: Cape Town (CPT)
    Average April Temperature in Kruger National Park, South Africa: 23℃
    Favourite Tour in Kruger National Park, South Africa: The Kruger National Park Safari Tour

    If you are looking to experience the stunning array of wildlife that Botswana has to offer, then April just might be one of the better times to do it. During this time the dry weather conditions and warm temperatures will start to see tourist numbers grow, so it’s best to dive in before the peak season hits!

    Best Place to Visit: Chobe National Park
    Where to Fly Into: Gaborone (GBE)
    Average April Temperature in the Chobe National Park, Botswana: 22℃
    Favourite Tour in Chobe National Park, Botswana: Southern Africa Self-Drive Camping Tour

    April is a great time to experience Zimbabwe, as the country is just coming off of the rainy season. Lush vegetation and newly reopened national parks/game reserves means that landscape and wildlife viewing will be at their best during this month.

    Best Place to Visit: Matabeleland
    Where to Fly Into: Victoria Falls Airport (VFA)
    Average April Temperature in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe: 23℃
    Favourite Tour in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls and Zambezi River Tour

    Mozambique isn’t a destination that is at the top of many traveller’s bucket lists, but it certainly should be! April will see daily temperatures that regularly climb to 30℃, making it ideal to spend time lounging on the country’s beautiful beaches.

    Best Place to Visit: Maputo
    Where to Fly Into: Maputo Airport (MPM)
    Average April Temperature in Maputo, Mozambique: 23.5℃
    Favourite Tour in Maputo, Mozambique: Ultimate Southern Africa Adventure Tour

    Morocco is an incredible destination to travel to in April, as the snow will have largely receded from all but the highest peaks of the Atlas Mountains and temperatures will be quite warm. If you are looking to avoid the influx of tourists but still experience the stunning landscapes of Morocco, then April is the month to do it!

    Best Place to Visit: Atlas Mountains
    Where to Fly Into: Marrakesh (RAK)
    Average April Temperature in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco: 18℃
    Favourite Tour in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco: Atlas Valley & Sahara Desert Tour


    Best Places to Travel in South America

    April might mark the start of Autumn in the southern hemisphere, but don’t let that sway your decision to travel to South America if you are looking to experience pleasant weather! While some of the higher elevation regions like Argentine Patagonia and the Bolivian Altiplano will experience colder weather – which is excellent for trekking by the way – other low-lying or coastal areas, such as Peru’s Amazon, Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands, or Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast make for incredible warm weather holiday destinations.

    Although temperatures will be cool in Bolivia’s highlands, April (especially towards the end of the month) is a great time to explore the country without the high volumes of tourists that can be present during the peak season.

    Best Place to Visit: Altiplano (High Plateau)
    Where to Fly Into: La Paz (LAP)
    Average April Temperature in the Altiplano, Bolivia: 10℃
    Favourite Tour in the Altiplano, Bolivia: Highlights of Bolivia Tour

    For those who love hot weather, April is certainly the best time to visit Costa Rica! Temperatures along the coast regularly approach the 40℃ mark during this month, so make sure to head into the more mountainous regions if you need an escape from the heat.

    Best Place to Visit: Puntarenas
    Where to Fly Into: San Jose (SJO)
    Average April Temperature in Puntarenas, Costa Rica: 27℃
    Favourite Tour in Puntarenas, Costa Rica: Costa Rica Family Adventure

    April is a fantastic month to visit Peru in general, as you can avoid the crowds of the dry season and the poor weather of the wet season. You’ll likely encounter an influx of tourists during Holy Week, but other than that it is an excellent time to experience all that Peru has to offer.

    Best Place to Visit: The Amazon
    Where to Fly Into: Cusco (CUZ)
    Average April Temperature in The Amazon, Peru: 20.6℃
    Favourite Tour in The Amazon, Peru: Amazon Rainforest Adventure Tour

    While the mountainous parts of Ecuador will be considerably colder in April, it is arguably the best time of year to visit the Galápagos Islands as you will experience warm temperatures and very little rainfall.

    Best Place to Visit: The Galápagos Islands
    Where to Fly Into: Quito (UIO)
    Average April Temperature in The Galápagos Islands: 27℃
    Favourite Tour in The Galápagos Islands, Ecuador: Biking the Galápagos Islands Tour

    As mentioned above, April marks the beginning of Autumn in the southern hemisphere, making it a fantastic time to set out on a trekking adventure in the beautiful region of Argentine Patagonia.

    Best Place to Visit: Patagonia
    Where to Fly Into: Buenos Aires (EZE), El Calafate (FTE)
    Average April Temperature in Patagonia, Argentina: 6℃
    Favourite Tour in Patagonia, Argentina: Hiking Patagonia on a Budget

    South America

    Best Places to Travel in North America

    When it comes to the best places to travel in North America, April travellers should look to the West Coast for favourable weather, rather than the cold and rainy conditions that will be present in much of the eastern half of the continent. Popular travel destinations for April include coastal areas like British Columbia, California, and the ever-popular island destination of Hawaii, as well as some of the desert states like Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.

    Visiting the Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s bucket list, but the crowds of tourists and extreme heat of summer can dampen the experience a bit. Try visiting in April when it is much cooler and there are far less people around!

    Best Place to Visit: Grand Canyon National Park
    Where to Fly Into: Phoenix (PHX)
    Average April Temperature in Arizona: 21℃
    Favourite Tour in Arizona: Winter in the American West Self-Drive Tour

    While Northern California and some of the more mountainous areas might be a little too cold for an April adventure, the sunny California coast at Point Reyes is the perfect destination for an outdoor experience.

    Best Place to Visit: Point Reyes
    Where to Fly Into: San Francisco (SFO)
    Average April Temperature in California: 16℃
    Favourite Tour in California: Point Reyes Hiking Tour

    Hawaii is one travel destination that just never seems to go out of style, so why not take advantage of the incredible weather April brings and make it the focus of your next holiday?!

    Best Place to Visit: The Big Island
    Where to Fly Into: Honolulu (HNL)
    Average April Temperature in Hawaii: 24℃
    Favourite Tour in Hawaii: California and Hawaii Multisport Self-Drive Tour

    A great combination of city life, coastal terrain, and a wild mountainous interior within driving distance makes British Columbia an excellent destination to explore this April.

    Best Place to Visit: Vancouver
    Where to Fly Into: Vancouver (YVR)
    Average April Temperature in Vancouver: 9℃
    Favourite Tour in British Columbia: Bella Coola Heli-Ski Adventure Tour

    If you’ve always wanted to explore Utah but thought that the heat of summer would be too much to handle, then April might just be your best bet to explore the breathtaking desert landscapes that can be found there.

    Best Place to Visit: Arches National Park
    Where to Fly Into: Salt Lake City (SLC)
    Average April Temperature in: 12℃
    Favourite Tour in Utah: Hiking the Canyonlands and Arches National Parks Tour

    North America

    Travel Opportunities During Other Months

    With warming weather and the promise of an amazing year of adventures ahead, April is a great time of year to get away and enjoy a variety of destinations. But what if you can’t find the time to get away and travel this spring? 10Adventures offers a wide range of incredible adventure tours to fit your travel style no matter the time of year; allowing you to plan, execute, and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

    Not planning on travelling this April? Keep an eye out for next month’s list of the best places to travel in May, or check out our articles from previous months to get some travel inspiration:

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