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Calgary Hikes

Calgary hikes are an amazing way to experience both the city and the surrounding landscape, as there are so many options that are easily accessible.

When it comes to hiking in Calgary, the Rocky Mountains often comes top of mind, but why not take a pause to discover all Calgary has to offer in ways of urban and nature trails within the city? Calgary hikes are perfect for a quick day adventure, so strap on your boots and head out to explore all that the city has to offer!

Calgary hikes utilize a wide variety of walking trails, and with good public transport you can explore many of these trails without a car. Best of all, even when you’re within Calgary, it feels like you’re out in the countryside, whether walking along the rim of Cranston Ridge, through the bottoms of valleys at Fish Creek Ranch and yes—even with views of the far-off Rocky Mountains at Nose Hill.

The landscape of Calgary is ever changing, that’s part of what makes it such an epic city for hiking. From tall, shady alpine forests to the sweeping, willowy grasslands to wetlands teeming with wildlife and birds flying overhead, Calgary’s hiking scene really does have it all. Better yet, there is a trail available for every fitness level, whether you’ve never hiked a day in your life or if you’re basically a mountaineer by trade. Calgary hikes really are a great experience, and we hope that you take the time to explore every winding path the city has to offer.

To help you get on your way for your next hike in Calgary, we’ve compiled a list of all our favourite spots across the city. We like to think we’ve got the 4-1-1 to help you tackle any hike and leave you raving about the heart of Canada’s West Coast.

The 10 Greatest Hikes in Calgary

When hiking in Calgary, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Within a quick drive, you’ll have access to blooming meadows, craggy hills, lush river valleys and ever-green forests. No matter what kind of trail you’re looking for, be it family-friendly, challenging, or an ideal day trip, Calgary hikes have it all. If you’re looking to get off the beaten path and explore the great outdoors in your own backyard, we’re rounded-up the 10 most epic hikes in and around Calgary.

  • Bow River Pathway North: Set out on a local hiking adventure with the little ones at this urban trail. Find winding dirt pathways that snake up a ridge offering panoramic views over the city of Calgary and passes through both Bowmont Park and Dale Hodges Park.
  • Fish Creek Ranch and Parkland Ridge: Hang with the local wildlife—beavers and birds—at Canada’s largest urban park. With endless dirt trails and pathways to explore, you can visit this trail each season for a completely different experience.
  • Nose Hill: This hike will get you sweating in the best way possible. Gradually make your way up the hill to take in the vista below, showcasing the Rocky Mountains, Bow River Valley and the vast plains off in the distance.
  • Glenbow Ranch: Grab your cowboy hat and set off to discover this active cattle ranch. This trail gets hilly, making for a fun hike with great views, topped off with a zig zag climb up a coulee at the end.
  • Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation: Take in the rolling foothills of the Rocky Mountains with stunning vantage points at this conservation area. Here, find quiet solitude among the crickets, where it’s easy to forget you’re not far from the city.
  • Lafarge Meadows: Get up close and personal to the locals--- moose, owls, osprey and red-necked grebes—at these engineered wetlands. Take a refreshing dip in the Bow River and then continue on the trail, passing pristine, manicured gold courses.
  • West Fish Creek: Bordered on three sides by the city, the West Fish Creek hiking trail feels like an oasis in the middle of an urban jungle. Grab your net and head down to the creek to spot tadpoles, then enjoy the gentle paths of the park before indulging in a picnic lunch waterside.
  • Bow River Downtown: For the ultimate urban Calgary hikes experience, set out on a walk through the downtown core of the city. Enjoy the beautiful, lush parks within the city, take in the sights at the Crescent Heights Lookout Point and stop for coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.
  • Cranston Ridge: Discover a challenging hike, starting off in the bottom of a valley where the babbling Bow River flows. Pace yourself as you ascend the Cranston Ridge and brave the elevation change. Then, marvel at the stately homes in Riverstone as you pass through peaceful local parks.
  • Inglewood Bird Sanctuary: Find an astonishing 270 species of birds to observe in this wildlife nature reserve. Grab the whole family and explore the wide-open grasslands in this picturesque park.

When is the best time to hike in Calgary

Calgary is one of those rare places that is truly enjoyable all year round and part of what makes the city so great. For hiking, the summer months offer beautiful wildflower trails and bubbling creeks perfect for a quick dip. In the fall, watch as the leaves change colour and crunch beneath your feet. During the winter months, be sure to bring snowshoes and a warm hat, but don’t let the cold deter you! Step out and enjoy the winter wonderland that can befall Calgary. In the spring, watch as the world turns vivid green once more and enjoy those early days of warmer weather and quite trails. Calgary hikes are accessible year-round, so you might as well get out and enjoy them!

Hiking options near Calgary

In just over an hour you can find yourself in the spot most loved by locals—Kananaskis Country. Here, you can find breathtaking hikes far from the crowds that follow Jasper or Banff. Check out incredible hikes in Banff, or around Lake Louise or even on the beautiful Icefield Parkway. Hop on Highway 40 to reach some of the greatest Lake Louise in the Kananaskis, including Kananaskis Trail, Smith Dorrien and Bragg Creek.

How to plan a trip to Calgary

Need all the details on how to plan a trip to Calgary? We’ve got you covered. Check out our Planning a Trip to Calgary Guide, which has all the information on how to get here, when to visit, where to stay and even where to find the best grub in the city. Looking for a more exhilarating adventure in Alberta? Book one of these amazing adventure tours in the Canadian Rockies.

Other Activities in Calgary

Calgary hikes are a great way to explore both the urban and natural areas that make up the city, but what about other things to do? Calgary has many different outdoor activities on offer, but we think that road biking is one of the best. Check out this list of road biking routes in Calgary to discover your next cycling adventure.

Frequently asked questions about hiking in Calgary

Where can I hike in Calgary?

There are a lot of options both within and just outside Calgary, and we’ve shared route guides for our favourites to help get you started.

Do I need hiking boots for trails in Calgary?

Most of our favourite trails are relatively easy walks, so trail runners are all you need here!

Get an App for the trails

If you are worried about getting lost while out hiking or simply want to track your stats, you should really get an app for the trails. The 10Adventures trail app is a great resource that allows you to safely navigate the trails offline and track the stats of your hike, providing some peace of mind for your next hiking trip!

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Best Hikes in Calgary

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    Open details for Elliston Park Loop Trail

    Elliston Park Loop Trail

    Very Easy
    3.4 km
    69 m

    Hiking the Elliston Park Loop is a great way to enjoy the park with small kids or folks who are just looking for fresh air and a quick stroll. The park is the perfect place to stop and relax, enjoy a picnic, and walk around the area. This park is quiet and small and makes for an excellent stop.

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    Open details for Eagle Lake Trail

    Eagle Lake Trail

    Very Easy
    10.5 km
    122 m

    The hike to Eagle Lake is a great flat and easy trail to a remote lake. Eagle Lake is just outside of Calgary and sees much less traffic than some other inner-city trails. The trail is flat, which makes the distance more manageable. If you come at the right time of year, you will be greeted with plenty of wildflower blooms that brighten up the trail!

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    Open details for Griffith Woods Perimeter Loop

    Griffith Woods Perimeter Loop

    Very Easy
    6.9 km
    98 m

    Griffith Woods Park is located at the southwest edge of the city, making it feel like you have completely escaped. The park is full of intertwining trails and this route circles the entire park, offering a great overview of what the park has to offer. The trail is made up of easy, minimal elevation on a clear trail.

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    Open details for Nose Creek Park Loop

    Nose Creek Park Loop

    Very Easy
    6.0 km
    87 m

    The short and easy Nose Creek Park Loop Trail is a good trail for families looking for fresh air. This kid-friendly trail wraps around the park on easy, flat terrain. Avoid busy Nose Hill Park by heading to Nose Creek and exploring the water feature that runs through the less populated park.

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    Other Activities in Calgary

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