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    10 Best Places to Travel this Autumn

    10 Best Places to Travel this Autumn

    By Kelsey KrahnDestinations

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    When autumn rolls around, the routine begins to fall back into place, people settle into their familiar pre-summer schedule, and the fading summer heat welcomes sweaters at night. It’s always fun to breathe in the sweet autumn air decorated with a spread of golden hues. But know what’s even better than settling into a routine? Booking a flight and exploring new places, thanks to lower prices, mild but still warm temperatures, easier-to-book accommodation, and the best part: fewer crowds. So where should you travel in autumn? Read on to find our list of the ten best places to travel this autumn.

    The 10 Best Places to Travel this Autumn Ranked

    Looking for the ultimate time to go abroad? We highly recommend booking a plane ticket for autumn—September, October, and early November make for an excellent time to travel, especially if classic popular cities sit high on your must-visit list. For example, avoiding Paris, Amsterdam, or any major European city might be best during the peak season (summer). You’ll find fewer crowds and more accommodation options in autumn! However, other cool spots, such as Hanoi in Vietnam or Kananaskis in Canada, are tailor-made for fall travel!

    Istanbul, Turkey

    #1 in best places to travel this autumn

    Avoid the humid heat in the summer and the possibility of snow in winter by visiting Istanbul in autumn! Find historical monuments and architecture harking to ancient times, influenced by Asia and Europe. Fun fact: Istanbul sprawls across Asia and Europe, only separated by the Bosphorus Strait. If you want a lively, entertaining cultural experience jam-packed with historical sights, Istanbul will readily grant that wish!

    Favourite tour in Turkey: Once you’ve had your fill of the city, you can check out another part of the country through an adventure tour, such as the Seven Capes Trek. Flights from Istanbul to Dalaman Airport aren’t costly!


    Hanoi, Vietnam

    #2 in best places to travel this autumn

    Avoid monsoon season and crazy, insane heat plaguing late spring, and visit Hanoi, Vietnam, in autumn. You might experience the tail end of monsoon season in September, but the temperatures are more welcoming! In winter, the weather can drop to a shivering cold that hurts your bones, so if you’re a rugged Canadian or from somewhere higher in the northern hemisphere, you might be able to handle the chilly temperatures in winter. However, autumn is the best time to visit. Hanoi offers an eventful, exciting nightlife and superb cuisine, and Old Quarter and the French Quarter make for fun daytime explorations. Watch out for the flock of mopeds and motorbikes when you go!

    Favourite tour in Hanoi, Vietnam: Natural Wonders of North Vietnam Tour


    Cusco, Peru

    #3 in best places to travel this autumn

    Cusco, Peru, is the ultimate platform for day trips and nearby adventures. You might spend some time exploring the city, but natural sights like Rainbow Mountain or Incan ruins make for unforgettable day trips. And there’s the most famous ancient site: Machu Picchu. You could spend ten nights in Cusco and never run out of things to do! Travelling here in September or October keeps you dry compared to rainy days from November to April.

    Favourite tour in Cusco, Peru: Machu Picchu and the Highlights of Cusco

    Patagonia, Argentina

    #4 in best places to travel this autumn

    There are only a handful of places worth visiting in November, and Patagonia is a tremendous late-autumn location! Going to Patagonia in October or November lets you relish in a medley of spring colours highlighting the landscape. If we could describe Patagonia in a few words, we would say: stunning adventure wonderland.

    Favourite tour in Patagonia, Argentina: Patagonia Guided Hiking Tour


    Cairns, Australia

    #5 in best places to travel this autumn

    Those wanting to avoid the excruciating heat plaguing Queensland in Australia's summer (the northern hemisphere's winter) should consider booking a flight to this exciting destination in early autumn—September or the start of October. Australia's winter may be fading, but the temperatures remain relatively warm. Why go to Cairns? Well, it's the best place to access the Great Barrier Reef and home to Daintree National Park.

    Note: avoiding swimming in the ocean from November to May is recommended due to dangerous ocean wildlife flocking closer to shore. You might see some children running around in stingray suits. When I was younger, I lived in Mackay, Queensland, for one year; my family and I had to wear stingray suits and swim in a caged-off area. We felt like superheroes!

    Favourite tour in Cairns, Australia: Queensland Wildlife Photography Tour


    Paphos, Cyprus

    #6 in best places to travel this autumn

    Expect blissful temperatures between 26-29 degrees Celsius in Paphos, Cyprus, ideal weather that will make you want to spend hours in the transparent, bright blue sea without getting ravished by the sun. It's common for zero precipitation in September, three days of rain in October, and five in November. Find a range of attractions in this fun island town, where crumbling history meets a shimmering coastline!

    Favourite tour in Paphos, Cyprus: Cyprus Active Self-Drive Tour


    Marrakech, Morocco

    #7 in best places to travel this autumn

    Heading to Marrakech in September is highly recommended to avoid the blistering summer heat and the colder winter temperatures. You might still experience some remaining humidity, so pack light clothes. On the plus side, crowds have dissipated, making it easier to navigate the city. Despite the dwindling number of people, booking any tours you want to do in advance is still essential. Marrakech is a must-visit location for an epic fusion of shopping, culture, and incredible architecture.

    Favourite tour in Marrakech, Morocco: Villages, Valleys, and Toubkal Trek


    Nazareth, Israel

    #8 in best places to travel this autumn

    Nazareth boasts several noteworthy things: Israel's largest Arab city, Jesus spent his boyhood here, and a fascinating old city. Travel experts suggest visiting Nazareth in September when the crowds remain small—this is one of the least visited months of the year! The weather spans from 16°C to 29°C during autumn, making it a pleasant time to pop by and enjoy Nazareth's rich, fascinating history and architecture. Side note: in late November, you'll see the Christmas decoration elevating the Israeli city to a new level of vibrantness.

    Favourite tour in Galilee, Israel: Hiking the Jesus Trail Tour


    Zion National Park, United States

    #9 in best places to travel this autumn

    The United States won the lottery regarding national parks with fascinating geography—and Zion National Park ranks high as one of the best national parks in America. The paths carved through the floor of the massive canyon, around 610 m deep, make for an epic, memorable adventure. Hiking in Zion National Park feels otherworldly! However, the incredible natural beauty attracts crowds in the summer. Therefore, we suggest popping by in September or October when you can relish the landscape in quieter moments and explore before winter closures.

    Favourite tour in Zion National Park: Best of the American West Hiking Tour


    Kananaskis, Alberta

    #10 in best places to travel this autumn

    Kananaskis, Alberta, is a remarkable spot to visit in the summer or late spring. Still, autumn brings a natural phenomenon that everyone deserves to see once in their lifetime: larch trees. These trees colour the landscape auburn, creating a magical scenery. Photographers love this time of year! Unfortunately, the hikes with larch trees attract crowds, but they are so beautiful that you won't notice the collection of people also admiring the enchanting spectacle.

    Favourite tour in Kananaskis, Alberta: Rocky Mountain Self-Drive Tour


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