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    Best Places to Travel in August

    Best Places to Travel in August

    By Kelsey KrahnDestinations

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    Add a little flavour to the lingering summer days, perfumed with barbeque smells and sunscreen, with a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit! Below is a list of the best places to travel in August. Whether you’re looking to go places typically freezing during other months of the year, chasing 24-hour sunlight, natural scenery, or vibrant cities, we’ve got you covered. Look below, and choose your ideal place to visit in August!

    The best places to travel in August by continent

    August boasts a pressure to soak in the remaining sunny summer days, and nothing alleviates stress more than an adventure! Unfortunately, not everywhere in the world is ideal to visit during August.

    For example, winter conditions take over South America and Oceania, while most of Asia doesn’t boast the best temperatures during July and August. However, if you’re keen on heading that way, we recommend checking out Bali, a destination we discuss in our best places to travel in July article.

    Meanwhile, in Europe, the temperature is unbearable at times. Still, some destinations maintain a moderate, comfortable temperature, such as the Lake District in England, or why not go on the ultimate adventure and explore Greenland?

    North America is also a great spot to visit during the summer, as temperatures finally settle into a bearable state in places like Alaska in the United States and the Canadian Rockies in Canada.

    And the dry season in eastern and southern African countries pulls wild animals to water sources, making it easy to spot lions, giraffes, zebras, elephants, and more.

    So where do you want to go? Read on for inspiration on where to travel in August!

    Best places to travel to in Europe in August

    Budapest, Hungary

    Budapest, Hungary, might be landlocked, but it’s a bumping, exciting place come the summer months (and year-round, for that matter). Explore architectural beauties during the day and watch the city morph into a magical debauchery at night. Temperatures can spike to a high, unbearable level some days, but the colder, rainy temperatures throughout the rest of the year make August a surefire time for sunny-friendly days. Just be sure to use sunscreen!

    Where to Fly Into: Budapest International Airport
    Average August Temperature in Budapest, Hungary: 17-28 °C
    Favourite Tour in Budapest, Hungary: Danube River Guided Bike and River Cruise


    Alta Via 1 from Lago di Braies, Italy

    Ditch the typical city-hopping European holiday, and head into the mountains for wild scenery replete with lakes, jagged peaks, green trees crawling up mountain slopes, and vibrant meadows. The Alta Via 1 meanders through the impressive Dolomites, where sweeping scenery inspires, and the well-marked, not-too-technical path attracts beginner trekkers. The route spans 120.0 km, taking most hikers eight to 10 days to complete. Trekking in August limits your chances of encountering any lingering summer or early-autumn snow.

    Where to Fly Into: The route starts at the stunning natural lake in the Dolomites, Lago di Braies. The nearest airport is Bolzano Airport, around 60.0 km away.
    Average August Temperature in Lago di Braies, Italy: 20°C
    Favourite Tour for Alta Via 1, Italy: Trek the Dolomites Alta Via 1 Trail

    Alta Via

    Salzburg, Austria

    “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” Why, by going to Salzburg, of course! Walk in the same footsteps as Maria (aka Julie Andrews) in Salzburg, the Sound of Music city. Salzburg brims with romantic charm, an enchantment only elevated by the bustle of the cobblestone old town, birds-eye views from the hills overlooking the city, and epic day trips nearby.

    Salzburg makes a great spot to drop your bags, set up base, and head out on various daytime adventures. One spot worth visiting is the incredible Hallstatt. Marvel at the colourful homes terraced along a mountainous slope while a lake of the same name shimmers below.

    If you’re a Sound of Music fan, it’s worth hopping on a train to Werfen to see the Do-Re-Mi meadow. And the mountainous Innsbruck is only around 2 hours away via public transport, making it another worthwhile day trip from Salzburg. Vienna is also approximately 2.5 hours away by train!

    Where to Fly Into: Salzburg Airport W. A. Mozart
    Average August Temperature in Salzburg, Austria: 25 °C
    Favourite Tour in Salzburg, Austria: Salzburg and the Ten Lakes Cycling Tour



    Iceland might be on your travel radar, Alaska in the States, Yukon in Canada, but Greenland?! Greenland is your go-to destination if you want rural, wild, and uninterrupted explorations where few footsteps have meandered. Find solace when discovering the glaciers, rivers, fjords, and lakes, accentuating the country’s natural, fascinating culture. The scenery spanning Greenland reminds you of how nature thrives when relatively untouched by humans. One of the best ways to explore Greenland is via trekking and camping. Everyone will be so impressed when you say, “I went to Greenland in August!”

    Where to Fly Into: Kulusuk, Greenland (KUS)—most flights go from Iceland to Greenland
    Average August Temperature in Kulusuk, Greenland: 10°C
    Favourite Tour in Greenland: Trekking in East Greenland Tour


    Samos, Greece

    Looking for the ultimate smooth sand, beach-laying getaway? Samos, Greece, brims with exceptional beaches, hemmed by the bright blue Aegean Sea. Start your trip in Vathy, the island’s bustling capital that faces the coastline, while hills fill the backdrop.

    Once you’ve explored the capital, head inland to escape the sun, where the forest satisfies with fresh, cool air. You’ll find around 250.0 km of trails worth exploring on Samos! And, of course, this island, just off the coast of Turkey, boasts a string of beaches, creating an ideal blend of sea, city, and forest vacation goers who crave variety on their trips abroad.

    Where to Fly Into: Samos International Airport
    Average August Temperature in Samos, Greece: 33°C
    Favourite Tour in Samos, Greece: Samos Walking Adventure


    Best Places to Travel to in North America

    Yosemite National Park, CA, United States

    Looking for a time when, on average, Yosemite National Park experiences zero days of rain? August is your go-to month to visit this world-renowned national park in sunny California. This adventure hub attracts hikers, climbers, water sports enthusiasts, backpackers, campers, bikers, and all adventures influenced by the wild. Summertime may be hot, but you’ll have better luck avoiding closures and roadblocks throughout the park.

    Be sure to pack sunscreen and get ready for some incredible ventures deep into California’s backyard, such as the highly challenging Clouds Rest Hike or Panama Trail, a hike we rank as one of the best in the United States!

    Where to Fly Into: Fresno-Yosemite International Airport
    Average August Temperature in Yosemite National Park, United States: 32°C
    Favourite Tour in Yosemite National Park: High Passes Backpacking Trip in Yosemite


    Montana, United States

    The United States promises epic road trips, no matter where you’re heading. One incredible road trip is from Yellowstone National Park to Glacier National Park, with monumental, Instagram-worthy shots en route. It’s a must to stamp both ends of your journey by exploring Yellowstone and Glacier National Park! Visit the wild west Butte, stop in Missoula for a kayaking adventure, and explore Kalispell and Whitefish on your travels.

    Where to Fly Into: Boston Logan International Airport or Bangor International Airport
    Average August Temperature in Yellowstone NP: 22°C
    Favourite Tour in Montana, USA Yellowstone, Tetons, Glacier Self-Drive Tour


    Canadian Rockies, Canada

    Escape the snow that blankets the mountains most of the year by lacing up your boots and hiking in August (or July is a good time, too!). Discover Canada’s famous glistening blue lakes tucked in mountainscapes or viewpoints with layers of peaks fading into the horizon on a hiking trip in the Canadian Rockies. To soak in the tremendous, wild scenery, we suggest flying into Calgary, Alberta, renting a car, and going on a road trip to Banff for Banff National Park, Jasper for Jasper National Park, or Radium for Kootenay National Park.

    Go backpacking, hiking, white water rafting, kayaking, camping, canoeing, scrambling, climbing, and another outdoor adventure!

    Where to Fly Into: Calgary International Airport (YYC)
    Average August Temperature in Canadian Rockies’ towns (Banff, Jasper, Radium): Around 21-26°C
    Favourite Tour in the Canadian Rockies: Rockies Classic Hiking Tour


    Best Places to Travel to in Africa

    Moshi, Tanzania

    Want to check trekking Kilimanjaro off your bucket list? August is a great time to do so. The warm, dry temperatures give way to clear skies and views. Kilimanjaro experiences similar weather year-round, thanks to its proximity to the equator, but some times of year experience fewer inches of rainfall than others. August and September tend to record the least precipitation throughout the year!

    After you hike, we recommend spending some time in Moshi. Go to Chemka Hot Springs, a lovely, warm natural pool of water nestled in greenery, or hit up Lake Chala for a refreshing dip. You can also visit nearby Arusha for a fun city outing.

    Where to Fly Into: Kilimanjaro International Airport
    Average August Temperature in Moshi, Tanzania: 26°C
    Favourite Tour in Moshi: 6-Day Mount Kilimanjaro on Umbwe Route


    Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana

    One of the best ways to explore Botswana and the rest of the south African region is through an overlander tour, where you can stop, set up camp, and enjoy an uninterrupted display of stars lighting the night sky.

    While exploring, taking advantage of the game reserves is a must, especially during August, when it's peak time for viewing wild animals. August falls in the dry season, so thirsty animals flock to water sources, making it easy to marvel at the animal kingdom. An excellent game reserve option is Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, where, on average, zero rainy days occur during the month. Plus, you’ll experience around 10 hours of sun! Be sure to pack a good hat, and don’t be afraid to load up on sunscreen.

    Where to Fly Into: Maun International Airport
    Average August Temperature in Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana: 30°C
    Favourite Tour in Botswana and the south African region: Southern Africa Self-Drive Camping Tour

    Which destination do you want to visit in August?


    Travel Opportunities During Other Months

    It’s always fun to explore in August when the weather spikes, but what if you can’t escape your job or daily schedule? Thankfully, you can travel during the 11 other months of the year! 10Adventures offers a vast selection of unforgettable adventure tours to suit your travel needs throughout the year.

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