Family Adventures

Family Adventures

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Think back to your best family memories. What do you think about? Trips you took together or new places you explored are probably top of mind. If you want to create great memories for your family through travel, then you need to plan the right holiday for your family.

We’re here with plenty of tips to get out and explore the outdoors in a way that you and your whole family can enjoy! Kickstart your next vacation, day trip, or weekend getaway by checking out our collection of family adventures. We’ve laid out route guides and tours that suit all ages, so take a look and know that whether you’re wanting to book a tour or seeking planning resources, we’ve got you covered.

Family Adventure Tours: Travel with your Family and Inspire the Next Generation of Adventurers

Family adventures are a subset of regular travel. These family adventures are designed to provide an action-packed vacation, catering to all ages. Manageable adventures fill your days and kid-friendly accommodation sets you up for great nights.

Make memories that will last a lifetime for you and your family, while expanding your children's perspective of the world on an unforgettable adventure together. Scouring the family section could lead you to your family’s new favourite vacation!

Why Plan a Family Adventure Tour for your Next Trip?


A family holiday can provide your children with a special kind of education, allowing them to learn and experience different cultures, food, languages and more. Children love learning, and a foreign country, or just a different environment, will keep them engaged for days on end.


As we age, many of us think back to the wonderful holidays we have had, and the holidays we had as children are often life-changing. Children are more likely to remember moments that were different or especially impactful, so even eating breakfast together can become a treasured moment if it was done somewhere completely new.

Family hiking trek hike with kids summit views

Family hiking trek hike with kids summit views

Family-Forward Design

The family adventure tours provided are tailored to meet the general needs of families on a vacation: limited travel time (how often have you heard “are we there yet?” on a road trip?), activities that will keep your kids entertained (say goodbye to “I’m bored”), and family-friendly accommodations where possible.

Less Stress

Travelling with your little ones adds more responsibility and makes planning more difficult. These guided and self-guided tours decrease the stress that comes with planning a trip by taking care of lodging, meals, transportation, and activities. Let the pros figure it out so you can focus on your family!

Travelling as a family strengthens your bond as a unit and allows you to create lifelong memories together. Your children’s knowledge of the world expands, while you gain a new perspective through their eyes. On these family adventure tours, worry less about details like accommodation and food, and spend your time having new experiences. Go outside the box, leave your comfort zone, and choose an unforgettable adventure tour for your family knowing it’s already been planned out.

Catered to All Ages

These family adventures have all ages in mind. Got an adventurous 8 year old? Feed their enthusiasm with an activity they might never be able to try at home! Your teenagers always wanted to try surfing? Perfect, let the pros teach them. No matter the age range, our family tours aim to excite.

Simply check the difficulty rating to make sure the adventure tour is right for your family.

Excellent Value

These trips are designed to give you maximum value, offering authentic, experiential activities with locals and expert tour guides. Paying for the entire family holiday is no small responsibility, so we’re making sure you get your money’s worth.

Go Abroad on a Family-Friendly Pre-Planned Tour

So you want to take your family on an adventure abroad, now what? Check out the list of family-friendly tours below and find a trip that suits your vacation preferences and adventure style.

Best of Kenya and Tanzania Safari Tour: This adventure tour is one that your entire family will enjoy! Discover lions, elephants, rhinoceros, and more thriving in their natural habitat by day and relax in luxury tents and lodges by night. Learn about Kenyan and Tanzanian culture, too.

Best of Nepal Family Tour: Enjoy a range of activities—hikes, rafting, sightseeing—on this entertaining tour in Nepal! The best part is that it’s customizable, so you can tailor the activities to meet the ages and fitness level of your family.

Skiing snowboarding with the kids family ski trip in the mountains

Skiing snowboarding with the kids family ski trip in the mountains

Corsica Family Donkey Trek: Get to know France on a whole new level! Even young kids will enjoy this trekking tour in Corsica—they’ll love their donkey companions joining them as they wind to exciting views. The donkeys can help carry gear and give rides to tired kids, too.

Croatia Family Multisport Adventure: This tour is pure entertainment! Embark on a new adventure every day with your family—try out rafting, kayaking, hiking, ziplining, sailing—and bask in Croatia’s undeniably stunning natural beauty.

Family Adventure: Giants, Myths, and Legends Tour: Fall into a fantasy world on your explorations of Ireland’s Causeway Coast. Amid the adventurous excursions, you’ll discover Dunluce Castle and the Giant’s Causeway. The sights and attractions will undoubtedly open up your kids’ imaginations.

Ischia Family Tour: Parents and kids alike will have a great time on this family-friendly tour in Italy! You’ll get to snorkel above the remnants of an underwater city, check out the stunning La Mortella Gardens, go on a ropes course, and explore Aragon Castle. One of the highlights is that you’ll get to learn how to make pizza from a local!

Find more amazing family adventure tours

Family adventure guides: find the resources you need to plan a family adventure

We have some phenomenal guides and tips for families who want to plan their own adventures, whether you’re packing your car for a weekend getaway, looking for hikes while you stay in a mountainside town, or want to get out in nature for a couple of hours. There’s nothing like being deep in nature with your family.

Get Inspired with these Stories and Guides

The following blog posts provided detailed guides and information for family-friendly excursions around the world.

15 Easy Hikes around Vancouver for the Whole Family: Get outside and explore Vancouver and the surrounding region with your entire family! Discover enchanting waterfalls as you meander along paths with low elevation on one (or more) of these 15 easy hikes around Vancouver!

The Most Stunning Family Holiday Destinations for 2021: Update your passports and explore the world with your family in 2021. All you need to do is find a place ideal for all ages, where parents and kids alike can have a good time. To start the planning process, check out the Most Stunning Family Holiday Destinations for 2021.

A Guide to Planning A Ski Trip In The Canadian Rockies: Escape the winter blues and embrace the snowy mountainscape as a family. For an epic adventure, look no further than the Canadian Rockies, where world-class ski resorts, such as Fernie Alpine Resort, Panorama Mountain Resort, Lake Louise Ski Resort (and more) await.

Family winter hiking sightseeing in the snow mountains

Family winter hiking sightseeing in the snow mountains

Why You Should Plan a Family Ski Trip: Maybe Timmy will be more likely to shovel the driveway if he discovers he loves the snow? While you plan your ski trip, it’s helpful to consider what type of resort is best for your family, what the terrain is like, and what other activities are available in the resort. What’s cuter than your little one in a snowsuit? Nothing.

10 Best Family-Friendly & Easy Hikes in Banff National Park: Banff National Park contains a network of family-friendly hikes that offer phenomenal views. Without a doubt, your family will love hikes like Peyto Lake Viewpoint, Moraine Lake Hike, Johnston Canyon, and more.

10 Best Family Hikes near Calgary: You don’t have to travel far from Calgary to totally immerse yourself in nature! While there are plenty of challenging hikes in the Rockies, there is also a lengthy list of family-friendly explorations, including Quarry Lake, Troll Falls, and Elbow Lake.

Family Trip in the Rockies: The Canadian Rockies is just as impressive for adults as it is for little ones. Discover which place suits your family’s adventure style out of Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, Canmore, and Kananaskis!

Canmore’s Best Family Vacation: Canmore boasts similar offerings to Banff: mountain town, quaint, attractive, but it’s a little quieter than the ever-so-popular Banff. Travelling here with your family is a great option if you want the mountains but not the crowds. Get to know the best way to enjoy your family vacation in Canmore!

Family adventures create some of the most memorable moments you can have with your kids. What’s funnier than Dad breaking out his 1980s snowsuit for a double black diamond? Get the gang and get out there!

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